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Don't start your summer fun without reading these summer safety tips - sun burn is no fun! Are your guns locked up away from your kids? How to cope with common childhood illnesses

Summer safety tips for kids

When the sun finally starts to shine we’re all eager to get out and enjoy the weather, but there are some steps we need to take to keep our families safe in the summertime. Get the tips >>>

Lock up your guns

When you think about child proofing your home do you think about safety gates, and drawer locks and keeping cleaning products and blind cords out of reach? What about guns? This month we’re bringing you a Public Service Announcement from Evolve about gun safety. Please don’t skip this one, even if you don’t have a gun at home are you sure your friends have locked theirs away before your kids go over for a visit? Read it here >>>

Coping with common illnesses

As much as would like to keep our children safe from all harm at some time in their childhood they are most probably going to fall ill. Here’s how to spot the most common of childhood illnesses, and what you need to do should your child fall ill. Read it here >>>

Family fun time

These ice activities for kids are perfect for staying cool in the summer! If the thought of travelling with toddlers secretly fills you with dread you will not want to miss these tips! Kids already complaining that they're bored? Try some of these outdoor activities to keep them out from under your feet!

Ice-tastic fun

What better way to keep the kids cool in the heat than to have fun with some ice (and ice cream) themed activities? I love the idea of excavating a giant ice cube to discover the dinosaurs, and as soon as I can make room in my freezer for a large bowl we’re going to give it a try! See the activities >>>

Top tips for travelling with toddlers

If you’re planning a family holiday but the thought of travelling with your toddlers secretly fills you with dread you won’t want to miss our top tips to make sure everyone stays sane! Get the tips >>>

Fun outdoor activities for kids

Are your kids already complaining that they’re bored? Need some ideas on activities to keep them entertained outside? Well we’ve rounded up 11 great ideas from scavenger hunts and geocaching to scissor practice and butterfly art. See the activities >>>

Healthy kid friendly recipes

Kid Friendly Grilled Chicken Recipes - Pin it for later I always have BBQ chicken leftovers and now I know just what to do with them!

Grilled chicken recipes

When it’s hot outside the last thing you want to be doing is cooking in the kitchen and heating up your house at the same time. So it’s time to get outside and grill your meals instead. We’ve rounded up five yummy grilled chicken recipes that the whole family will love. Get the recipes >>>

Leftover BBQ chicken recipes

To make your life even easier this summer make sure you grill up extra chicken so that you can use the leftovers in your meal planning for later in the week. We’ve rounded up 10 delicious recipes for you. Get the recipes >>>

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