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Submit your craft to be featured at Just Bright Ideas

Blogging can be a lonely place without any readers, which is why we’d love to send some over to your place!

We are always on the look out for amazing DIY crafts to share with our readers and since there just aren’t enough hours in the day for us to find them all we’d love for you to tell us about your best posts in case we’ve missed them!

When we feature your craft as part of a collection you will get full credit and most importantly a link back to your post so our readers know where to read the full tutorial.

We’re always searching for craft tutorials and patterns in the following topics:

  • Jewellery making
  • Stationery
  • Bath & Body
  • Toys
  • Home Accessories
  • Garden Accessories
  • Crafts for Kids to Make
  • Crafts/DIYs to Make for Kids
  • Holiday Related Crafts

There are a few house rules and things you need to be aware of so have a read and then use the form at the end of the page to submit your posts for review.

Please Read Before Submitting

Please don’t submit the same tutorial more than once and please don’t submit more than two tutorials each month.

For seasonal or Holiday posts please submit them 2-3 months ahead of the season or Holiday.

If you are happy for us to select crafts from your blog then you can choose to have your blog added to our database. Whenever we are compiling a collection we search that database to find suitable posts to include.

The tutorial or pattern that you submit should be on your blog, your Etsy store or your YouTube channel.

If the tutorial or pattern is on your Etsy store we will use an affiliate link to link over.

Please do not submit links to completed products on Etsy, it must be a pattern or a kit that our readers can use to make something themselves.

The blog post and your blog must be family friendly.


Our collections are made up of a number of themed crafts with a single image from each blog post and a link over to the blog post or Etsy store for the tutorial/pattern. Youtube videos are embedded in the collection.

We will include one text-free “end product” photograph of yours in our post and this will be saved to our Pinterest boards and shared on our other social media channels (including Facebook) in order to promote our post.

That image could also be combined with other images in a collage for social media promotion.

Example of a collection

Example of a collection including Youtube videos and Etsy patterns

Not all submissions will be accepted

We’d love to be able to publish all submissions but unfortunately that’s not possible.

We can’t respond to your submission to let you know whether it’s been accepted or when it will be posted. You can either subscribe to our newsletter to see our latest posts, or set up a google alert for the name of your blog so you’ll get an email when anyone mentions your blog name.

If your blog post is featured then please help spread the word by pinning it, sharing it on Facebook or any of your other social media accounts. Don’t forget that eyeballs on our post will lead to eyeballs on yours!

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been crafting!

Submission Form

Please complete the form below to submit your craft for review. If for any reason the form isn’t working you can use this link to access it instead.