The Best Bread Making Machines for Healthy Cooking 2017

Home bread machines can help you cook healthy food at home

I bet that bread isn’t the first food item that comes to mind when you are thinking about how to cook healthy food at home. Besides, it takes so much time to to mix, knead, let it rise and bake the bread that its hard to think how we can fit all of that into our busy lives.

But with a bread machine, you can make home-baked breads quickly and easily and have the added advantage of making each loaf a healthy addition to your diet!


With a bread machine, you can skip the mixing, kneading and much of the waiting for the bread to rise before baking.

And new bread machines even have dough cycles which stop the dough from processing after the first cycle of rising. Which means you can then form the dough into shapes such as rolls, pizza crust or baguette loaves.

Want a gluten-free diet? Now, there are bread machines with gluten-free menu settings. You can use gluten free and organic baking ingredients that you couldn’t use with older models of bread machines.

There are also quick baking cycles which produce hot, ready-to-serve breads in a couple of hours. If you think you lack time to bake healthy loaves of bread, you may change your mind when checking out the new models of bread machines.

Today bread machines do everything for you except slicing and eating it and in such a limited amount of time that you’ll be amazed.

Bread machines are versatile, too. They’re not just for bread anymore, you can use them to make pizza dough, cakes and even jam!

Breads you make with a bread machine can include healthy herbs, spices, gluten-free and whole wheat flour and other additions that can help you enjoy your meals and know that you’re cooking healthy.

Of course you’ll also be saving money by using a bread machine to make your own bread at home. The cost of healthy loaves of bread in a supermarket has skyrocketed in the past few years and it at the same time the taste seems to have deteriorated.

Imagine giving you and your family healthy sandwiches made with the healthiest bread ingredients possible and baked in your own home. It doesn’t get any tastier or healthier than that right?

If the more expensive models are too high-tech or large for what you need, check out the smaller and less expensive models for your bread-making needs.

We’ve been scouring the consumer reports and buyer reviews to whittle down the list of best bread making machines to our top three for healthy cooking. They’re coming up next so keep reading!

The best bread making machines for baking healthy bread at home

One of the the first things you will learn when switching to a healthier eating lifestyle is to watch your bread intake.

You learn to watch what kinds of grains are used in the breads that you do eat.

And its sad but true that most of the breads you buy at the store are packed with ingredients that are just not good for you. Even the expensive loaves!

Bread Making Tip: You need to put the ingredients in the machine in the EXACT order stated in the recipe book to avoid the yeast activating too quickly!

The bread machine that turns your kitchen into a home bakery

The Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso (BB-PAC20) is SUPER easy to use; when you want to make a loaf of bread, you put the ingredients in, choose your setting and that’s it.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker with Gluten Free Menu settingYou can make everything from bread to cakes, jam and cinnamon rolls with this machine!

It bakes a rectangular (2lb) loaf of deliciously healthy bread and this machine has special settings to allow you to use organic or gluten free ingredients.

Zojirushi weren’t playing about when they called their bread making machine a “Home Bakery”. You can make so much more than just plain old bread in this kitchen appliance!

It can bake a cake, make additive free jam, bake a meatloaf and prepare doughs for your to make rolls, pizza bases, bagels and even pretzels and cinnamon rolls!

If you have kids they’ll love the large window on the top so they can peek inside and see the machine doing its bread making thing!

We love that it has two kneading blades in the bottom so that your large rectangular loaf is kneaded nice and evenly.

The digital controls are easy to use, and you can activate the delayed baking setting so that your loaf will be ready in up to 13 hours time. Just throw the ingredients in before you go to bed and wake up to freshly baked bread!

The best bread machine under $100

Oster CKSTBR9050 Expressbake Bread Maker, WhiteThe best bread making machine for under $100

If you can prepare bread at home, you can do it with ingredients that promote good health. The Oster Expressbake is one that will do all the work for you and results in delicious, healthy homemade bread.

Start by adding the basic ingredients you need for your loaf and the machine will let you know when its time to add any additional things in like pieces of fruit or nuts.

The bread maker does all the work for you like kneading the bread, making sure it rises and baking it so that you don’t have to anything after the initial preparation.

It can make a loaf of bread up to 2 pounds and it has 12 different bread settings. It can bake a basic loaf, French, whole wheat, sweet, quick bread, European, dough, bagel dough and even jam. You can also make pizza dough. We love that you can customize the type of crust you want by choosing one of the three settings the machine offers for that!

It has a 13 hour delay timer so that you can prepare the ingredients in the morning or the evening and then get on with life, coming home or waking up to the smell of fresh baked bread! Yum.

This bread making machine has an LCD display that allows you to follow the progress of the bread as it’s going through the different cycles which is handy if the smell is making you hungry and you want to know how long is left!

The best bread making machine under $80

We picked out the Cuisinart CBK-100 Bread Maker because it gives you the option to make three different sized loaves of bread. You can bake a one pound loaf, a one and a half pound loaf or a two pound loaf. This lets you bake just the right amount of bread for your family to eat on any given day so that you can always have fresh bread instead of waiting days to finish a previous loaf.

Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread MakerThe best bread maker for under $80

You can also choose the crust setting for your preference of light all the way to a darker crust if you prefer.

It has 11 different pre-programmed choices. This includes picking from basic bread, French or Italian, whole wheat, sweet bread, gluten free, packaged mixes, and quick or cake bread.

The machine also gives users the option to make just dough if you plan to cook it using a different cooking option besides the bread machine. This is great for making dinner rolls, let the machine do all of the hard work mixing and resting and rising the dough and then you can just form the rolls and pop them in the oven to bake.

The bread maker has a jam option as well as a bake only option that’s used to change the crust color or for baking other doughs.

There’s an LCD display so you can see where the machine is in the bread making process.

As with the Oster machine you can use the delay timer to set but hold off on baking for up to 13 hours in advance.

If you want to mix items like nuts or fruits into the process, the machine will give you the option to do that during one of the cycles.

We like that this machine has the option to keep your loaf warm once its finished cooking. Mmmm, nothing beats warm fresh bread after a long hard day!

Bread machine accessories

 Storage bags to keep your bread fresh for longer Foldable slice guide for perfectly even slices Serrated bread knife cuts evenly

Best bread machine recipes

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And there you have it. The best bread making machines for healthy cooking, as well the top rated recipe books to help you make yummy, healthy bread at home!

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There is nothing like waking up to freshly made bread - especially when you have a machine to do all the hard work!