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Corner Cabinet Storage Solutions Make the Most of Your Available Space

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THIS is what I needed! Corner cabinet organizers so I don't need to stick my head in the cupboard to grab what I need!

Corner Cabinet Storage Solutions Help You Maximise Your Space

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Unless you have a galley kitchen you will be the proud owner of at least one, but probably more corner units.

When it comes to organizing a kitchen I sometimes wish that corner cabinets didn’t exist, because it’s so hard to know what to store in them. They look pretty spacious (especially if the you have an L-shaped cabinet) but then anything you put at the back is inaccessible unless you remove the stuff from the front of the shelf.

But luckily someone invented corner cabinet organizers, which are the perfect antidote to dead space at the back of your kitchen cabinets!

I’ve spent hours checking out the different corner cabinet storage solutions available and I’m sharing the best of them here with you (so you don’t have to do that bit of the hard work!).

I’m going to start with blind corner organizers because those cabinets are the most troublesome.
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 No more sticking your head in a cabinet to see what’s hidden around the corner!


Blind Corner Cabinet Organizers Help You Reach the Dead Space

I always say that base cabinet units are a pain in the butt, but there is one thing worse than a base cabinet, and that’s a blind corner cabinet.

Seriously, I have no idea who dreamt up these things but what is the point of having that cabinet space when you can’t get to anything you’ve stored there without emptying the rest of the cabinet first.

And then of course you have to stick half your body in the cabinet to reach whatever might be lurking around that corner!

I knew there had to be a better way to make use of that valuable storage space in my small kitchen so I spent some time researching the options for the best blind corner cabinet organizers.

I was actually surprised to find that there weren’t too many options available. I ended up whittling the list down to just two – because the other options just left so much wasted space.

Turn Your Blind Corner into a Mini Pantry

I love this option because it includes a maple wood caddy that you can use for storing pantry items, and then two shelves which are perfect for pans and casserole dishes, or boxes of cereal and snacks.

Omega National Maple Blind Corner CaddyWhen you pull out the mini pantry unit the shelves move too so you don’t have to get in the cabinet to reach things anymore!

It’s so clever because when you pull the caddy out the shelves slide out of the blind area so you really can use all of that cabinet space! It’s one of the reasons I prefer this solution instead of the Rev-a-Shelf Half Moon shelves because while those are easier to install you do lose a lot of cabinet space.

You can install it so that it opens to the left or the right so it doesn’t matter which way your blind corner cabinet faces. It does need to be next to another cabinet (or an empty wall) though, because if you have a range next to your corner unit you might have a problem with the pull out caddy bumping into the range handles which will stop it opening properly.

It’s pretty simple to install; ¬†just make sure you take the time to fit it properly, or get a contractor in to help you if you’re not very good at DIY!

This Blind Corner Organizer Works a Treat Next to a Range

If you prefer chrome over wood, or you do have a range next to your blind corner cabinet this slide out unit would be a better option for you.

Rev-A-Shelf - 5PSP-18-CR - 18 in. Blind Corner Cabinet Pull-Out Chrome 2-Tier Wire Basket OrganizerThis chrome organizer is suitable for blind cabinets next to a range.

When you pull out the first set of baskets the unit extends about three to four inches past the cabinet face which means if you have a range next to your cabinet this one will still work just as it is supposed to.

It can be fitted to the left or the right so it doesn’t matter which way your cabinet sits, and unlike the Omega mini pantry all four shelves in this organizer extend outside of the cabinet which means it’s easy to access everything.

It’s perfect for storing pots and pans, or cereals and snacks, but it’s not big enough for a rice cooker.

Some people have complained that there is a still an element of lost space at the far end of the cabinet, but it’s negligible in comparison to the usable space you gain from installing one of these units. Unless you prefer to keep emptying out half a cabinet and then practically climbing inside to reach into the blind spot!

Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet Shelves are Anything But Lazy!

If you’re lucky enough to have an L-shaped cabinet (instead of those really stupid blind corner units) then the best way to maximise the space is to use Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet Shelves.

You don’t want to use a round lazy susan though because you won’t be able to maximise the space in the cabinet, or close the doors. Instead you need the kidney shaped, or pie-cut shelves which are specifically made for kitchen corner cabinets.

If you are in the process of designing or building your kitchen then the easiest way to install your Lazy Susan system is while the cabinet is being built and before the countertop is installed. But don’t worry if you are standing in a completed kitchen wishing your corner unit was more usable because it is perfectly possible to install a Lazy Susan into an existing cabinet, it just takes a little more effort.

When it Comes to Lazy Susan Storage You Get What You Pay For

Kidney shaped Lazy Susan shelves are specifically designed for L-shaped corner cabinets and they do not attach to the cabinet door. The unit spins around a central pole so that you can access everything on the shelves easily, and then the L-shape of the shelf lines up with the L-shape of the unit so you can close the door again.

Lazy Daisy Banded Wood Kidney Shaped 2 Shelf Lazy Susan with HardwareLazy Daisy Banded Wood Kidney Shaped 2 Shelf Lazy Susan with Hardware

I looked at a few different kidney shaped shelves across a wide price range and the cheap Lazy Susan organizers used plastic attachments to hold the shelf to the pole, which cracked or broke after a period of time. After some searching I found this version which uses chrome hardware and is much more durable. It’s definitely a false economy to try and save money by buying cheap storage as it just isn’t built to last.

It comes in three different sizes and you need to make sure you select the one which is slightly smaller than your cabinet.

And yes you do lose some storage space (you are after all putting a round shelf in a square unit) but its so much better to actually be able to reach the items you have stored in your cabinet.

Pie-Cut Lazy Susan Gives You a Secret Revolving Door

If you have an easy reach corner cabinet where the door goes inside the cabinet you should consider a pie-cut Lazy Susan instead. They give you similar storage capacity to a kidney-shape Susan, but the shelves attach to the door, so as you open the door and turn it inside the cabinet the shelves turn giving you access to all of the the contents.

Rev-A-Shelf 6942-28-52 RAS Polymer 28 Pie-Cut Lazy Susan 2 Shelf Set, White by Rev-A-ShelfInstall a “secret rotating door” in your kitchen with this pie-cut lazy susan!

I love that the door doesn’t get in your way (because it’s inside the unit rather than outside) and it feels a bit like one of those rotating secret doors you see in movies!

These are trickier to install as you have to attach the unit to the door so it all needs to be lined up perfectly.

After trawling through reviews I decided this was the best pie-cut lazy susan because while the shelves are polymer plastic (making it very affordable) the hardware is all chrome so it’s still very durable.

Turn Your Corner Cabinet into a Recycling Centre

Where we live we have to separate our trash into paper, cardboard and plastic before they are collected and we always end up with lose items taking up valuable countertop space before we transfer them outside.

Kv Rotary Recycling Center With Out Door Hardware WhiteTurn your corner cabinet into a rotating recycling center

Our large corner cabinet is currently used for storing bulk supplies from Costco, but I think turning it into a rotating recycling centre is a much better use of the space!

This unit from Knape & Vogt is easy to install and has three large plastic bins which you can use to sort your recycling. I love how they include the sticky labels so you can remember what goes where.

When the bins are full you simply unhook them and take them outside to be emptied, then hook them back on the pole. Nice and easy!

It’s really easy to install too which is always a bonus.

And there you have it. Corner Cabinet Storage Solutions that turn your dead space into useable space!

THIS is what I needed! Corner cabinet organizers so I don

THIS is what I needed! Corner cabinet organizers so I don't need to stick my head in the cupboard to grab what I need!