Never Lose Your Keys Again With this Beautiful DIY Tassel Keychain

This gorgeous tassel keychain is super simple to make once you’ve made your own loom from a bit of recycled cardboard! This is a great craft for kids and adults!

DIY Woven Tassel Keychain

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What you will make:

For this project you will see how to make a simple loom out of cardboard and then how to use it to make this gorgeous DIY woven tassel keychain!

This is a great craft choice for a homeschooling session as your child will learn how to make their own loom as well as how to weave.

I think these keychains would make fabulous homemade gifts for Christmas, or even a graduation gift for someone who is moving into their own place!

Which age group is this suitable for?

Tweens, teens and grownups

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