I never realised that using Essential Oils could make my workouts more effective!

Essential Oils + Exercise = An Energised and Happy Mom

I never realised that using Essential Oils could make my workouts more effective!Make sure you save this post for later by hitting the button to save this to Pinterest.

Getting a workout on a regular basis can be HARD especially when there never seems to be enough hours in the day and you’re exhausted just trying to keep the kiddos out of mischief and family life on track.

But whether you’re dragging yourself out of bed early in the morning to go for a run, or you’re psyching yourself up for a Zumba class at the end of a long hard day looking after the kids there is something you can do to make looking after your body just a little easier.

You can support your body with essential oils.

Essential oils are concentrated plant oils which are derived from plants, flowers, fruit, bark and other botanicals through a complex distillation process.

You can experience the therapeutic benefits of 100% pure concentrated oils by inhaling them, or by diluting in a carrier oil and applying them to your skin.

Keep reading to discover how essential oils can help you prepare for your workout, and help your body to recover afterwards.

Preparing for your workout

Look after your body before you start to work out by facilitating your breathing and preparing your muscles for prolonged activity.

Take a deep breath

You can help to open up your nasal passages by inhaling the Breathe Again(TM) blend.

1. Hold the bottle several inches away from the nose and take several deep breaths, between five and six breaths, retaining the last breath for one count.

2. Exhale slowly. Make the exhale a bit longer than the original inhalation.

Using essential oils in this way supports the respiratory system, improving the quality of breath and increasing blood flow in the body. It also improves mental acuity and sensory perceptions.

Warm up gently

Prepare your muscles by warming up gently, if your muscles feel sore from a previous workout you can gently rub a few drops of Peppermint essential oil onto the affected area to help soothe the minor discomfort.

You can prepare your body further by adding a shot of NingXia Nitro to your pre-workout glass of water. It’s an all-natural way to enhance your physical performance and it contains an ingredient called Bioenergy Riobose(R) which has been clinically proven to increase energy, accelerate recovery and reduce fatigue and muscle pain.

Recovering from your workout

After working out your muscles will be fatigued and essential oils can offset the severity of that post-workout discomfort as well as shorten recovery the period.

Provide relief to tired muscles

Using specially blended massage oils can help to soothe sore and tight muscles after your workout.

Ortho Sport massage oil has a high phenol content which has been used traditionally to produce a warming sensation and provide relief to tired muscles.

It’s the perfect post workout massage oil, and is best applied following a shower while the skin is damp and the pores are open to aid application and absorption of the oils.

If you generally experience some discomfort during the day following your workout you should carry a Deep Relief(TM) Roll-on with you to apply to sore and tight muscles whenever you feel discomfort.

Replenish your nutrients

Don’t forget your supplements to replenish your body’s resources.

Finish off your workout with a 2-oz shot of NingXia Red along with a True Source multivitamin to deliver a full-spectrum of bioactive vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your body.

Essential oils are powerful plant extracts. If you plan to use them, take the time to educate yourself regarding their uses and their dangers.