Finally! This is just what I needed - helpful ideas to get my kids to go to sleep - and stay asleep!

How to Help Your Child Get More Sleep

Finally! This is just what I needed - helpful ideas to get my kids to go to sleep - and stay asleep!Make sure you save this post for later by hitting the button to save this to Pinterest.

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So many great tips for helping your kids get more sleep - click on the image to see them

Nobody really understands the value of sleep until they become a parent. And suddenly sleep is all you can think about.

Whether it’s how to get your child to nap, or how to get them to go to bed without a fuss, or how to stop them waking up at 2am every single day.

A good night’s sleep can sometimes feel as mythical as that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

Today we’ve been checking out what our fellow super moms have to say about their strategies for a better bedtime and a good night’s sleep.

Help Your Child Get More Sleep

1. Montessori Bedroom: Sleep Well

“The Montessori Method gives wonderful guidance on helping children sleep well based on research of natural sleep patterns. Good sleep is essential to good health yet many parents find themselves sleep deprived as they help a new baby adjust to the world around them. Setting up Montessori bedroom that is dedicated to helping the child be more independent in their sleep is the basis to every good day for the parent and the child.” – Child Led Life

2. 6 Ways to Help Your Baby or Toddler Stay Asleep At Night

“Some of these exhausted mothers had babies who were four months old, some were 4 years old! Their babies, toddlers and preschoolers were waking anywhere from one to three times per night — every night. I feel for these moms because a good night’s rest is so important for a busy mom — without it moms can get downright cranky. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers need well-rested nights too. If mom and baby are rested — everyone is a winner!” – Pint Sized Treasures

3. Helping Kids Sleep Through Travel

“By far my biggest concern when traveling with a toddler is how it will disrupt our normally wonderful sleep schedules. My girls and I both thrive on our predictable routine, and I’ve literally had nightmares about how a trip could ruin all of the happy sleep habits we’ve worked so hard to implement. I know some moms who are easy-going and flexible about naps and bedtimes. Not me! ” – Nate and Rachael

4. 5 Animal Yoga Poses to Help Your Child Sleep Better

“Yoga before bedtime is a miracle in our household! When our spirited and active preschooler is tired, she doesn’t get lethargic — she gets wired. Even though we follow the Four B’s nightly ritual (Bath, Brush teeth, Books, and Bed), that doesn’t always calm her down from her highly stimulating day.” – Kid’s Yoga Stories

5. 25 Tips to Help Your Kid Sleep Through the Night

“Isn’t better baby sleep the holy grail of parenting? And even better toddler or big kid sleep, too? Well this mama definitely does NOT have the answers. But I do have some awesome mama friends who love to share what works for them! Let’s hear what advice they have for getting your kids to sleep through the night…” – B-Inspired Mama

6. Aaah! Coping with Toddler Sleep Issues

“One of the things that can be most frustrating about baby and toddler sleep disturbances, is their inability to tell you what is causing the problem.” – Childhood 101

7. A Better Bedtime Routine

“Awesome update! This bedtime routine has now been working for us for 2 years. I couldn’t be happier. I hope you will find the same success getting the kids to go to bed and making bedtime a wonderful experience for everyone.” – A Mom with a Lesson Plan

8. Moms Sound Off on My Toddler Sleep Problems

“Real mom advice for solving my toddler sleep problems.” – B-Inspired Mama

9. Is Your Child Sleep Deprived?

“Children that don’t get enough sleep may not show any symptoms of sleep deprivation but most do. Many children who are over tired and sleepy will demonstrate increased whining, behavior problems, mood swings, hyperactivity, slower reaction times, learning difficulties, and weight problems.” – Kid’s Activities Blog

10. Kids waking up too early? Try this!

“When your kids are waking too early, it can make them tired, cranky and just not very happy kids. I put our kids to bed early, at 7:00 and I want them to sleep the full 12 hour, so I teach them to naturally sleep in a little later.” – Your Modern Family

2 thoughts on “How to Help Your Child Get More Sleep”

  1. I didn’t get much sleep when my son was little, I can tell you that for a fact. However, with time things change and it all seems a bit of a dream now 🙂 Great collection of tips. I like the animal yoga idea and the Montessori bedroom ideas are also very good.

  2. My youngest was a tough one when it came to sleeping, some of these tips would have come in really handy. What ended up working for us was moving his bedtime to a later time. Only by 30 minutes, but it seemed to do the trick. It happened by accident his first spring break, I noticed he wasn’t getting up in the middle of the night all school break long (he sleep walks) and the only things different, other than not going to school, was that I was letting him stay up a half hour later during the week.

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