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You’ll LOVE these Under Kitchen Sink Storage Solutions!

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Under Kitchen Sink Storage Solutions | Organize | Clutter Free | Minimalist Living | Homemaking

Under sink storage solutions to tame the chaos lurking under your sink!

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 Now we’ve finished organizing the kitchen sink it’s time to tackle the pesky cabinet underneath.

Don’t be embarrassed if your under sink cabinet is a chaotic jumble of cleaning products, bags, dusters and old smoke detectors… ask any one of your friends and I bet they’ll tell you that their cabinet is a cray mess too!

Don’t worry though because as always we have some clever under kitchen sink storage solutions to help get you back on the straight and narrow.

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 This under sink organizer fits around your pipes!


Step 1: Declutter

You knew I was going to say that right? Because it is how we start every single organizing task… by sorting through the jumbled mess and deciding what we need and what we don’t.

So empty out the cabinet. Every last thing needs to come out. And put it all up on a counter or even the kitchen table.

Now have a sort through and put like for like products together.

  • Dishwashing supplies – like brushes, cloths, sponges and dishwasher tablets
  • Kitchen cleaning supplies – like oven cleaner or stainless steel cleaner
  • General cleaning supplies – like polish, rubber gloves and rags
  • Laundry supplies – like detergent and fabric softener
  • Bags – trash, recycling and grocery

And now it’s all out in the open for you to see have a good sort through and throw away anything you don’t use.

You know that cleaning product that you saw advertised on TV which doesn’t really do the job properly, or that bottle of something which seems to have taken on a funny colour and you can’t actually remember what it’s supposed to be used for!

Step 2: Decide where it should live

Rubbermaid Commercial Deluxe Carry Cleaning Caddy, BlackStore your cleaning supplies in this handy caddy

The good thing about sorting all the cabinet contents into categories is you can decide what really needs to live under the sink.

Take for example your general cleaning supplies. Those are used for cleaning the other rooms in your home, so why do they need to be stored in the kitchen? If you have a closet in your hall (perhaps the one where the vacuum lives) think about storing those supplies there instead. Use a cleaning caddy to keep everything together so it’s easy to carry with you from room to room.

Whitmor 6208-5120 3 Tier Laundry CartThis narrow laundry cart is perfect for tight spaces

If you are lucky enough to have a separate area for your washer and dryer then it would make more sense to store your laundry supplies over there. If space is tight then try one of these narrow rolling carts.

If you found random bottles of toilet cleaner or other bathroom items under your kitchen sink put them to one side so you can make a home for them in the bathroom.

Everything you have left now needs to be containerised and given a rightful place under the sink!

Step 3: Now it’s time for the under kitchen sink storage solutions!

Honla 3-Pack Vinyl Shelf Liners for Kitchen Cabinets,Drawer,Refrigerator Lining,Easy to Cut,Non-Adhesive&Non-Slip Wire Shelving Papers Mats Rolls,12-Inch Wide x 5-Feet Long,Pink,Light Blue,Lime GreenLine your cabinets to protect from leaks and sticky messes

Since you have all kinds of plumbing and pipes under your sink there is every chance that you could one day experience a leak, so before you put anything back into the cabinet line it with a waterproof liner like this one.

This under sink storage unit fits around your pipes

If you don’t have any shelves in your under sink cabinet then an under sink storage unit like this one can help you make the most of the space by giving you two tiers to work with.

DecoBros Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer, SilverUnder sink storage unit expands to fit around your pipes

It expands width wise to fit inside your cabinet and can be anywhere between 15.5 inches and 25.2 inches wide.

The unit itself is 15 inches tall and you can adjust the height of that top shelf to suit your storage needs.

The shelves are steel wire panels that you rest over the rack so they can be fitted around your various pipes and even the bit that hangs down on the garbage disposal unit.

One thing I do need to point out is that if you expand it to the widest setting there aren’t quite enough panels to cover the top tier. In practice the best way to use this storage unit is to have it just wide enough so that you have a gap to clear your pipes and fit the shelves, but not necessarily fill the width of the cabinet. You can use the space at the side for another storage solution.

This under kitchen sink organizer has a handy sliding basket

DecoBros Stackable Under Sink Cabinet Sliding Basket Organizer Drawer,ChromeThis organizer has a handy sliding basket

Another way to maximise the storage in the cabinet and avoid the pipes is to use two or three of these sliding basket organizers.

They have a basket that slides out which is perfect for storing sponges, cloths and bottles of dish soap. And then a handy shelf on top for taller items like oven cleaner or spray bottles.

It’s also the perfect companion for the under sink unit we just looked at if you need something to fill a gap alongside that one.

They are really easy to install too, you just snap on the legs (no screws required) and it doesn’t need to be fixed to the shelf either.

Just be careful if you put something heavy in the drawer to put something heavy on the shelf too to act as a counter balance.

This slide out organizer is perfect for putting everything in easy reach

If you’re a fan of slide out cabinet organizers (because they save you from rummaging around on your hands and knees) the you will be delighted to know that you can get one for your sink cabinet too!

Household Essentials Undersink Sliding Organizer, Chrome, 12-InchThis slide out organizer maximises your cabinet space

This two-tier sliding organizer is designed to fit under your sink; the top shelf is narrower than the bottom leave room for your pipes or garbage disposal unit.

The bottom tier is 12 inches wide, the top shelf is 6 inches wide and the unit is 17 inches deep so you can maximise the storage space in that tricky cabinet. You can check the overall unit dimensions here to be sure it will fit your cabinet.

This organizer is super sturdy and the bottom shelf glides out really easily. The only downside (which seems to be common among most slide out organizers) is that it’s a little tricky to install. There isn’t a drilling template but you could make your own with a piece of card, or you can do the old fashioned method of putting it in place and using a sharp pencil to mark where the holes need to go in your cabinet bottom.

Click here for some photos of this slide out organizer in action!

Use one of these over the door organizers to make more space

You can make even more space in your cabinet by hanging an organizer over the door.

This is a great way to store your kitchen paper roll, plastic shopping bags, and even your dish soap and spare sponges. Just don’t overload the baskets or your door might start to pull away from the hinges!

mDesign Over the Cabinet Paper Towel Holder and Storage Shelf - ChromeHang your paper towel over the door
mDesign Over the Cabinet or Wall Mount Kitchen Storage Holder for Plastic and Garbage Bags - ChromeStore your plastic bags on the door
mDesign Over the Cabinet or Wall Mount Kitchen Storage Organizer Basket for Aluminum Foil, Sponges, Cleaning Supplies - 2-Tier, ChromeStore your dish soap in the door


Or attach some storage to the cabinet door

If you don’t want to hang an organizer over the door then you can make use of the space by attaching shelves to the door instead.

Rev-A-Shelf Door Storage Cabinet Organizer Tray SetThere are two shelves in this set and they attach to the door

This set has two shelves and you can either stack them one above the other on the same door, or if your sink cabinet has two doors then attach one shelf to each door. (Or you could get two packs and have four shelves!)

You can use them to store your dishwashing liquid, spray cleaning bottles, spare sponges and brushes. You can even fit a 60 count box of Finish gel pacs in there!

They are very durable and so easy to install that a 16 year old can do it!

Just two tips for installation.

Firstly you need to decide what you want to store in each tray, check that it fits, and then measure the door accordingly so that you have room to put things in and out of the trays (if you are installing them one above the other).

Secondly you need to take the time to pre drill the holes, otherwise you risk splitting the wood on your door!

Replace your plastic shopping bags to remove more clutter

Instead of trying to organize that mass of plastic carrier bags under your sink you could just replace them with something that’s more practical and easier to store (and better for the environment too)!

Trolley Bags Pack Of 4 with Insulated Cooler Bag - Eco Friendly Reusable Grocery Bags Perfect For Shopping Carts - Detachable, Foldable & Reusable!Declutter those plastic shopping bags and use reusable ones instead

My hubby bought us a set of these trolley bags about two years ago now, we use them every Saturday and they are still going strong.

They roll up so they’re easy to store in the trunk of the car, and you can fit a whole week’s worth of groceries in them (we feed a family of four and only use three of the four bags each week).

I have a little system at the store where refrigerator items go in one bag, freezer in another and then pantry items in the last bag, which makes it super easy to put the groceries away when we get home (even my four year old can manage it!)

You can see more pictures here.

And there you have it, 11 ways to organize the trickiest spot in your kitchen using some clever under kitchen sink storage solutions!

Under Kitchen Sink Storage Solutions | Organize | Clutter Free | Minimalist Living | Homemaking

Under Kitchen Sink Storage Solutions | Organize | Clutter Free | Minimalist Living | Homemaking