DIY Easter Wreaths {You can make this weekend!}

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You are going to love these DIY Easter wreaths. Make them in no time at all and they look better than the store bought ones!

LOVE these DIY Easter wreaths! So pretty!

DIY Easter Wreaths

There’s just something about a front door wreath that’s so welcoming, especially when it’s filled with the joys of Spring! Today I’m sharing some gorgeous (and easy to make) DIY Easter wreaths that you can use to decorate your door, or your mantel, or even the wall behind your desk!

1 | Simple DIY Spring Easter Wreath

Simple DIY Spring Easter WreathI love this wreath, it’s so simple and pretty, but the thing I love more is that it looks fabulous yet only takes 10 minutes to make!
Simple DIY Spring Easter Wreath by Details

2 | DIY Embroidery Hoop Easter Bunny

DIY Embroidery Hoop Easter BunnyFor a wreath with a difference check out this adorable Easter bunny made from embroidery hoops! So clever!
DIY Embroidery Hoop Easter Bunny by Design Improvised

3 | A Quick and Simple Easter Wreath

A Quick and Simple Easter WreathHere’s another simple idea that looks so effective! The great thing about this wreath is that you can remove the Easter elements and redecorate it so it lasts you all year round!
A Quick and Simple Easter Wreath by Sustain my Craft Habit

4 | Easter Themed Wreath Tutorial

Easter Themed Wreath TutorialIf you want more embellishments on your Easter wreath, and you need ways to use those plastic eggs, take a look at this fabulous design. It’s so light and bright and filled with Spring!
Easter Themed Wreath Tutorial by The Crafts World

5 | Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath

Rainbow Easter Egg WreathOh my goodness this might just be the prettiest Easter wreath I have ever seen! I LOVE the rainbow effect, and because those eggs are wrapped in paper rather than died this wreath will last for years to come!
Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath by The House that Lars Built

6 | Rustic Easter Egg Wreath

Rustic Easter Egg WreathHere’s another example of a wreath that puts those plastic eggs to good use! I love the rustic style as well as those pretty flowers!
Rustic Easter Egg Wreath by Meatloaf and Melodrama

7 | Last Minute Easter Wreath

Last Minute Easter WreathIf you’re reading this in April and Easter has totally snuck up on you this year you need to check out this tutorial, because this gorgeous wreath takes less than 15 minutes to make!
Last Minute Easter Wreath by Design Improvised

8 | Jewel Toned Easter Door Wreath

Jewel Toned Easter Door WreathOoh just look at the colours on that wreath! Wow! I love the jewel tones, it’s just so different and so striking!
Jewel Toned Easter Door Wreath by A Home for Design

9 | Bunny Boxwood Wreath

Bunny Boxwood WreathLet’s finish up our collection of DIY Easter wreaths with this stunning boxwood bunny! This is just what you need to decorate your mantel, and it is the perfect fit if you have farmhouse decor.
Bunny Boxwood Wreath by Simplicity in the South
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