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Want a FREE Premium Starter Kit?

The Premium Starter Kit is such a great price and worth every cent. But if I could show you a way to get your Premium Starter Kit for free would you be interested?

Do you have 3 friends, family members or neighbours who are ready to embrace wellness and get started on their essential oils journey too?

What's included in the Premium Starter Kit?

Here’s how to get your Premium Starter Kit for FREE!

Step 1

First up you need to open your membership account with Young Living and order your Premium Starter Kit. If you’ve not done that already you can do that via this link.

Make sure you select Wholesale Member, fill in all the information, select the Premium Starter Kit and complete the checkout. At this stage you can skip the Essential Rewards sign up and come back to that later on.

Make sure you write down your account number as you’ll need it for the next step.

Step 2

Now go tell those three friends, relatives or neighbours about the essential oils and what they are doing for your family’s wellness.

It’s no different really than telling them about the great restaurant you ate at with your hubby on date night.

Well it is a little different, because Young Living will reward you for spreading the good word about how oils can improve all of our lives!

You have until the end of the month in which you enrolled to be reimbursed for the cost of your kit. Don’t worry though, Young Living will reward you month after month if you keep sharing your stories and having people sign up too. (You will need to spend a minimum of 50PV each month to keep receiving those bonuses.)

Step 3

When your friend is ready to get started and order their own kit give them the link below, but replace the XXXX with your account number.


They simply need to follow the same steps you did in Step 1 to order their own Premium Starter Kit.

Oh and you might also want to let them know that if they share their stories with their friends and have three people sign up they could get their kit for free too! Essential oils are all about sharing the love right!

I helped someone sign up, now what happens?

Yay you just made $50 for sharing Young Living with a friend! I bet that great restaurant you told them about didn’t reward you like that hey?

Sign up three people and you’ll make $150 which is enough to cover the cost of your kit!

Young Living will send you a cheque around the 20th of the following month so keep an eye out for the mail.

And just so you know, you don’t have to stop at three friends. Every time someone you sign up purchases a Premium Starter Kit to kick off their oily journey Young Living will reward you with another $50. So if you share your stories with your friends and family, and two of them sign up each month, that’s your oil order paid for!

NOTE: Just to avoid any confusion, the offers that I run on my site from time to time are for people who enrol directly with me (like you) so your friends are not eligible to receive those offers. If they would like the Quick Reference Guide for Essential Oils they can order a copy from Amazon here.

Disclaimer: I’m just adding a little note here to say please don’t sign up for your Premium Starter Kit unless you can afford that $150. Yes Young Living has an excellent referral programme as we have just set out here, but that does not mean you are guaranteed to sign up three people in your first month. It’s brilliant that you want to get started on your essential oils journey, but I’d hate for you to have to borrow from the grocery budget to do it!

I love signing people up and I want more!

If you are so passionate about your Essential Oils that you just can’t stop sharing your stories you should think about turning your passion into a business.

It’s so easy to get started and I’ll tell you all about it over here!