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Home Coffee Station Ideas (#5 is perfect for small kitchens!)

How to set up your own home coffee station

If you are a coffee lover then one of the best things you can do when organizing your kitchen is set up a home coffee station. By having everything you need to prepare your coffee all in one place you’ll save yourself time in the morning. And you’ll probably save money too since you’ll be less likely to pick up take out coffee on the way to work if you’re running late!

There are so many ways you can set up a coffee bar at home, you can use your kitchen counter, a cabinet, a rolling cart or even have a coffee bar custom built!

Setting up a coffee bar on the counter

You probably have all your coffee making equipment and accessories on the counter and in a cabinet already. The key to creating a coffee station is to group all the items together.

So you might have your coffee machine out on the counter, and then in the cabinet above you can keep all your mugs, cups, spoons and of course coffee beans, grinds and other vital ingredients.

Setting up a coffee station on a rolling cart

If you have friends over for coffee regularly you might want to put all your coffee making necessities on a rolling cart instead of in a cabinet. Whether you wheel it over to your island or out into the living area you’ll have everything you need in easy reach. Your friends will be impressed too!

Home Coffee Bar Accessories

When you’re putting together your coffee bar don’t forget about the accessories.

Think about glass jars for storing coffee beans and sugar, a serving tray if you’re not having a trolley, and some pretty napkins. You might also want to add a milk frother, a bean grinder, and even some coffee art.

 Coffee Menu Know Your Coffee Premium Coffee Metal Tin Sign Heart Coffee Blends Tin Sign Coffee Makes Everything Possible Tin Sign

Home Coffee Recipe Books

If you’re going to have your very own coffee bar you’re going to want to impress your friends by serving up something other than your basic Americano right? These coffee recipe books will turn you into a Barista in no time!

 I Love Coffee! Over 100 Easy and Delicious Coffee Drinks Coffee Obsession The Home Barista: How to Bring Out the Best in Every Coffee Bean The Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee

Home Coffee Station Ideas

We had fun scouring the web gathering up some FABULOUS home coffee station ideas to inspire you. Check out the pictures below!

15. Add a chalkboard wall to your Coffee Bar

 Chalkboard wall decal Mug holder tree White cake stand Copper french press

14. Make everything match for a calm and co-ordinated start to your day

 Cream & Sugar Set Tea & Coffee Mugs Sip & Gulp Mug Set

13. If you have the room a sink and a fridge are perfect for your home coffee station!

12. A wooden cart is a great place to set up your coffee bar

11. Wire baskets are perfect for storing coffee pods and creamers

 Rustic wall shelves with rail Scoop fronted wire basket Coffee & Friends sign Keurig K-Cup coffeemaker

10. Don’t forget to decorate your coffee bar for the latest Holiday

9. Add a comfortable chair to your coffee area so you can sit and enjoy your cup of joe

8. If you have friends who love coffee you can never have too many mugs!

 Two tiered display baskets Seagrass storage baskets Mug holder

7. A vintage cabinet like this is the perfect mini station for non-coffee drinkers who have friends that do!

6. Take an old dresser and work some coffee magic!

5. Setting up a coffee bar in a small kitchen? This is a great solution

 Locking lid glass jars Cow shaped milk jug Serving tray

4. A blank wall is the perfect place for your home coffee station

3. Here’s another space saving idea for a home coffee bar

2. Add some coffee art and a fun milk jug to your coffee bar

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1. A coffee station on wheels lets you entertain friends away from the kitchen

 Cream cannisters Large clock Serving cart

Home Coffee Station Ideas | Pictures | Coffee Bar | Storage | Organization | Homemaking

Home Coffee Bar Ideas | Pictures | Coffee Bar | Storage | Organization | Homemaking

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