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19 DIY Personalized Keychains that Make the Very Best Gifts

These DIY personalized keychains make thoughtful gifts for all occasions. Everything from leather craft to beads and shrink film projects!

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These DIY personalized keychains make great gift ideas for kids, moms and dads.

DIY Personalized Keychains

Y’all are loving our DIY keychains series and I’ve had reader requests for personalized keychains so that’s exactly what we have for you today!

I found so many brilliant keychains you can put your name, or monogram initial on. There are kid friendly crafts in this list as well as DIY projects for you to make.

These keychains will make unique and thoughtful gifts for new graduates, Father’s Day, housewarming and even Christmas stocking stuffers!

These personalized DIY keychain crafts make thoughtful gifts for all occasions. Everything from leather craft to beads and shrink film projects!

1 | Easy DIY Personalized Photo Keychain Charms

Easy DIY Personalized Photo Keychain CharmsIf you’re looking for DIY photo keychains how about these? I love how you can make them in all different shapes and they would make wonderful gifts. Pop a wedding picture in for the new bride and groom when they get back from honeymoon, or a baby picture for grandma to carry on her keys?

Easy DIY Personalized Photo Keychain Charms by Rhythms of Play

2 | Monogram Key Chain

Monogram Key ChainOr how about a monogram keychain? If you love a Mod Podge craft this is the one for you and they are surprisingly quick to make too. Cute idea for a party favor I think!

Monogram Key Chain by Little Lovelies by Allison

3 | Grandpa Announcement Keychain

Grandpa Announcement KeychainThis would be such a cute way to let your Dad know that he’s about to become a grandpa! Of course it would make a fabulous Father’s day gift too. If your dad is a car lover you can put a picture of his favorite car on the keychain, or how about a family photo, or a scan picture!

Grandpa Announcement Keychain by Nifty Mom

4 | Shrink Film Keepsake Keychains

Shrink Film Keepsake KeychainsOh how SWEET are these! The perfect way to capture the innocence of your child’s handwriting! They’d be a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or for a grandparent!

Shrink Film Keepsake Keychains by Simply Kinder

5 | Glitter Keychains with Monograms

Glitter Keychains with MonogramsDid someone say glitter? Oh yes! Add some sparkle to your keys with this fabulous DIY monogram keychain. They’re a good excuse to test out some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic too!

Glitter Keychains with Monograms by Amy Latta Creations

6 | Personalized Stamped Washer Keychains

Personalized Stamped Washer KeychainsOk this tutorial actually shows you how to make stamped washer necklaces, but all you have to do is attach a keychain instead of a pendant chain. I love these because you can personalize them any way you like. They’d make lovely graduation gifts I think, stamped with the year and their name, or the year and an inspirational word.

Personalized Stamped Washer Keychains by The 36th Avenue

7 | Stamped Leather Keychains

Stamped Leather KeychainsWow! These leather keychains look super stylish. Like something you’d buy from a store for sure. And if you’ve never worked with leather before this would be a good project to get you started, because it’s easier than you might think.

Stamped Leather Keychains by Lia Griffith

8 | How to Dye Wood Beads for an Awesome Keychain

How to Dye Wood Beads for an Awesome KeychainOoh if you’re looking for something stylish but whimsical then how about this beaded keychain with a tassle and a monogram letter! If you think it’s too bulky for your keys just use it as a bag charm instead!

https://liagriffith.com/stamped-diy-leather-keychains by Story Piece

9 | How to Stamp Silverware Tutorial

How to Stamp Silverware TutorialReady for a upcycling craft? I know how much y’all like to hang out at flea markets and repurpose stuff! I love this idea of taking some vintage silverware and giving it new life as a personalized keychain!

How to Stamp Silverware Tutorial by Kelly Elko

10 | DIY Stamped Keychain

DIY Stamped KeychainIf you like working with metal stamps then try this keychain tutorial. You can stamp on a name or a message for a fabulous gift idea!

DIY Stamped Keychain by Etsy

11 | Lucky Key Chain for Dad

Lucky Key Chain for DadWhile we’re on the subject of brass stamping, here’s another neat idea to make a lucky penny keychain for dad. This would make a wonderful Father’s Day gift, especially if you can find a penny from the year you were born!

Lucky Key Chain for Dad by Think Crafts

12 | DIY Wood Monogram Keychains

DIY Wood Monogram KeychainsHere’s a keychain craft that the kids can get involved with by painting the letters. It’s really simple to put together and looks super stylish!

DIY Wood Monogram Keychains by Damask Love

13 | Easy Monogram Tassel Keychains

Easy Monogram Tassel KeychainsOr how about this DIY keychain with the very trendy three initial curved monogram letters?

Easy Monogram Tassel Keychains by Damask Love

14 | DIY Tassel Keychains

DIY Tassel KeychainsLet’s stick with the tassels for a minute for this fabulous design which also includes beads and of course a monogram tag to personalize!

DIY Tassel Keychains by Kenarry

15 | DIY Embossed Heart Keychains

DIY Embossed Heart KeychainsOoh how about a clay project? I love these little heart keychains that use the short sayings from the Candy Hearts sweets!

DIY Embossed Heart Keychains by Club Crafted

16 | Personalized Resin Map Keychains

Personalized Resin Map KeychainsPersonalized keychains don’t have to have a name on them, how about these fabulous designs that include a map of somewhere that’s close to their heart. You could give this to your Dad on Father’s Day and include a map of his hometown. Or how about a map of the new city that you graduate is headed for on the next part of their life adventure!

Personalized Resin Map Keychains by Resin Crafts

17 | Name Keychains

Name KeychainsThis craft is kid friendly and fun for all ages! They’re perfect for preschoolers who are learning to spell their own names but older kids will have fun making them too. And of course they are very boy friendly!

Name Keychains by Moms and Crafters

18 | DIY Monogram Circle Keychains

DIY Monogram Circle KeychainsOh I like these monogram keychains! Simple, but stylish and perfect for using up those scrapbook paper scraps you’ve been keeping!

DIY Monogram Circle Keychains by Homemade Ginger

19 | Geometric DIY Leather Keychain

Geometric DIY Leather KeychainHere’s another leather keychain DIY for you but I just had to include it because I love how Rachel decided to use a triangle rather than the usual rectangle keyfob style. If you love your leather DIYs this is a great “scrap project” for you.

Geometric DIY Leather Keychain by The Crafted Life

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These personalized keychain crafts are fun for kids and grownups and make thoughtful gift ideas for all kinds of occasions