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Easy Easter Egg Designs {that look AMAZING!}

It's time to pretty up your home decor for Spring with these fabulous Easter egg decorating ideas!

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You’ll love these easy Easter egg designs – they look fabulous but even the kids will be able to make them! Perfect ideas for an egg decorating party!

These egg decorating ideas are so creative - but so easy!

Easy Easter Egg Designs

I can’t believe that my kids are 6 this year and we’ve never decorated eggs! This year that’s going to change so I’ve been searching for easy Easter egg designs. I want something that we can use as part of our Easter decor but that’s simple enough for the kids to get involved with. And I found a ton of great ideas so as usual I’m sharing them with you too!

You can do most of these designs on regular blown eggs, but if you want to be able to put them out on display again next year use wooden ones!

1 | DIY Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

DIY Tissue Paper Easter EggsThis egg decorating idea is super easy but looks oh so fabulous! This is one that you can do with the kids, even toddlers!
DIY Tissue Paper Easter Eggs by Alice and Lois

2 | Easter Eggs Decorated with Confetti

Easter Eggs Decorated with ConfettiI love the look of these eggs with all the confetti dots but it sure does take a lot of patience! Good fine motor practice for kids though!
Easter Eggs Decorated with Confetti by Cafe Largo de Ideas

3 | DIY Gradient Easter Eggs

DIY Gradient Easter EggsOoooh how pretty are these?? I love the ombre gradient effect! This is another decorating craft the kids can get involved with.
DIY Gradient Easter Eggs by Club Crafted

4 | Stamped Easter Eggs

Stamped Easter EggsWell I never thought of using a stamp on eggs to decorate them before! I love the letters on this one but you could use any mini ink stamp I guess!
Stamped Easter Eggs by The 3Rs Blog

5 | Three Creative Ways to Decorate Eggs

Three Creative Ways to Decorate EggsI can’t decide which of these I like the best, the gold foil or the splattered paint. These are perfect if you want to add a bit of glitz and glam to your eggs this year!
Three Creative Ways to Decorate Eggs by Sharifa Creates

6 | Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Gold Leaf Easter EggsOh and here’s another one that uses gold leaf, with a really cool pen that I’ve never seen before and have now added to my wish list!
Gold Leaf Easter Eggs by Artful Days

7 | DIY Triangle Easter Eggs

DIY Triangle Easter EggsI spent a week last year painstakingly painting triangles all one one of my kitchen walls so I always love a bit of geometric pattern in my life! These eggs are FABULOUS and I can’t wait to make my own set!
DIY Triangle Easter Eggs by Motte

8 | No Sew Patchwork Fabric Easter Eggs

No Sew Patchwork Fabric Easter EggsIf you want a retro feel to your decorated Easter eggs this year try this patchwork DIY. How cool do they look with all the different patterns and colors? This is a brilliant fabric scrap buster project that’s for sure!
No Sew Patchwork Fabric Easter Eggs by Pillar Box Blue

9 | Non Toxic Egg Doodles

Non Toxic Egg DoodlesI love these doodle eggs. There’s something quite compelling about the simple white doodles against the natural eggshell.
Non Toxic Egg Doodles by We Can Make Anything

10 | DIY Japanese Ribbon Eggs

DIY Japanese Ribbon EggsCough. Hands up if you have a bit of a Washi tape addiction? If you can’t resist popping a reel in your basket every time you hit the craft store this is the egg decorating DIY for you!
DIY Japanese Ribbon Eggs by Up to Date Interiors

11 | Decoupage Eggs

Decoupage EggsOr if decoupage paper is your craft obsession then you definitely need to try making some decoupage eggs. They look so pretty!
Decoupage Eggs by Craft and Creativity

12 | Graffiti Art Easter Eggs

Graffiti Art Easter EggsOoh I love the gold and silver on these graffiti style decorated eggs. Very glam! These are super easy to make too.
Graffiti Art Easter Eggs by Paper & Stitch

13 | Decorated Easter Eggs

Decorated Easter EggsI’ve never seen decorated eggs like this before and I think they are beautiful. What a wonderful way to bring nature into your egg decorating! Such a simple alternative to dying eggs, and the perfect last minute DIY too!
Decorated Easter Eggs by A Daily Something

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