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Your Children Will Learn A Lot About Seashells With This Free Printable Scavenger Hunt

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Whether you’re looking for an activity to do at home or on the beach these free seashell printables are sure to be a hit with your children whatever their age.

Even though it might seem like an eternity away, summer is rapidly approaching.

Now’s the perfect time to start planning for the days when your family can venture outside and take a sunny vacation.

If you’re planning to visit the beach to get a good dose of salty air and sandy toes, you may be looking for fun and affordable family activities.

So why not try seashell collecting?

Exploring the shore is a great way to make family memories and sneak in a little education in the process.

There are hundreds of thousands of sea creatures that make shells, from clams and cockles to scallops and snails.

Each shell is uniquely identifiable by its color, shape and pattern.

So if you’re planning a future beach getaway — or you’re just looking for a fun, DIY activity while you’re stuck inside — try these printable seashell identification flashcards.

Each card has an image of a shell on one side and information about the animal on the other.

Click here to get the seashell identification flashcards.

These flashcards are a perfect way to learn about seashells

Once your kids are comfortable identifying seashells, they’ll be able to easily identify them on your next beach trip.

Just remember the following seashell hunting best practices:

  • For best results, search the wrack line. This is the area where the tide deposited shells from the night before, and it’s a seashell jackpot.
  • Remember to never take home a seashell with a live animal still living inside.
  • Remember to wear plenty of sunscreen.
  • Bring a fine mesh bag with you to allow excess water to drip from any shells you decide to collect.

To give your seashell hunting session a competitive edge, try a seashell scavenger hunt.

The first one to find three shells from this checklist wins!

Click here to get the seashell scavenger hunt checklist.

Try this fun seashell scavenger hunt next time you're on the beach

Once you’ve amassed a sizeable seashell collection, it’s time to ensure your treasures last.

Follow these easy steps to ensure the longevity of your shells:

  1. Soak your shells in water for up to a week, refreshing every couple of days.
  2. Scrub away any debris and sand using a toothbrush and dry your shells thoroughly.
  3. Shine your shells by buffing in a food-safe mineral oil to bring out their natural vibrance.

Marine life is mysterious and diverse.

Seashell hunting is a great way to keep your kids active and curious about learning.

Plus, any treasures you take home are souvenirs that last a lifetime.

Whether you're heading to the beach or looking for a fun activity to do at home these free seashell scavenger hunt and flash card printables are fun for all ages.