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10 Super Fun Ideas for Making Books with Kids

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10 Super Fun Ideas for Making Books with Kids
Making books with kids is a wonderful way to develop a love for books and reading. We have some wonderful ideas to inspire you.

Making Books with Kids

Making books with kids

1. Over at Growing Book by Book Jodie has shared a number of different ideas for making books with kids inspired by Aliki’s How a Book is Made.

2. At Mini Monets and Mommies Erica is celebrating Back to School season with a little tutorial on how to make a Letter B, Back to School Book. I love how she actually made that book into a letter B!

3. Our Blogger of the Week Susen, from Dabbling Momma, shared a number of ways for storing and displaying your child’s artwork, and as you might of guessed one of the suggestions was to turn them into a book!

4. Finally Janine from Encourage Play has been trying to put a Pinterest project into real life by helping her children make a travel journal. I love how they used a map of Toronto as their book cover and marked on where they stayed.

5. Do your kids like 3D movies? Well here’s a wonderful tutorial for making a 3D book with Sharpie markers!

6. Over at What Do We Do All Day? Erica has shared a really simple way to make pop up books.

7. Allison from No Time for Flashcards made a DIY Eye-Spy Book which I am so in love with I’m going to make one for my kiddos.

8. Krissy from B-Inspired Mama made a brilliant emotions book and gameby taking photos of her children making lots of different emotion faces.

9. I love this experience book from fellow twin mum Stephanie over at Twodaloo. She took photos of her kids enjoying the farm and then turned them into a book to help their language development.

10. Let’s finish up with this handmade accordion book from Jean over at The Artful Parent. I love how she used one of her daughter’s paintings to make the book and then they wrote a story on the pages.

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Antionette Blake

Wednesday 3rd of September 2014

Thanks for sharing these at the #WWParty.


Monday 1st of September 2014

These are great tips for making books! Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!


Friday 29th of August 2014

What a great idea! Not only would this be so much fun, but these would make great gifts for grandparents! My oldest loved to write stories and illustrate them, my youngest detests story writing and really doesn't like to draw. He never really has. He'd rather blow something up in the kitchen lol This might change his mind though, especially if we make it a project we do together.

Susen @ Dabbling Momma

Friday 29th of August 2014

Love, love, love this post, Clare! Great ideas all around! Thanks for including our ideas too!

Sheila @ BrainPowerBoy

Friday 29th of August 2014

We love books and making them has always been a part of our activities. My son makes a lot of comic books! I love the idea from Dabbling Mama on turning your kids artwork into books--super! Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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