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How to Save up to $4500 to Pay for Your Disney Vacation in Just One Year!

How would you like $4500 to put towards your Disney World vacation? Check out our simple ways to save money so you can take your kids to Disney!

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So many simple ways to save money for Disney - maybe we can take the kids after all! Thanks for sharing!

Save Money to Pay for Your Disney Vacation

Disney World might be our favourite vacation destination, but it’s certainly not the cheapest. Which is why we do something every single day to contribute towards our Disney Fund. Here are four super simple ways you can save around $4500 to put towards your trip to Disney World.

1. Brown Bag your lunch…and save up to $3000 a year

A great way to save money to pay for your Disney vacation is to start brown bagging your lunch and making your own morning coffee.

If you currently buy a coffee on the way to work or eat lunch out with colleagues you’re probably spending about $10-15 a day.

If you make yourself a coffee every morning instead and take it in a refillable bug, and then whip yourself up a home-made lunch to take to work with you you’d probably only spend $1-3 a day.

That’s a saving of about $12 a day, every weekday, for 52 weeks, which adds up to an astonishing $3000!

You can see other ways you can make small changes to your day ad save money you can put towards your vacation over at The Simple Dollar.

2. Get a credit card that pays you to shop

We generally don’t use cash in our household, instead our groceries, gas and other purchases all get put on a credit card (which we pay off at the end of every month). We do this mainly to help with budgeting, and so we can account for all of our expenditure, but the bonus is that our credit card provider gives us cash back on the purchases we make.

As long as you pay the bill off in full each month (so that you don’t incur any interest) your credit card company is giving you free money to put towards your vacation.

Ask your bank if they offer a cash back credit card, or search Google for the ‘Best Cash back Credit Card Offers’ to see if there is one suitable for you.

And don’t forget that applying for a credit card shouldn’t be taken lightly, you need to use the card wisely and if you don’t pay it off in full each month then it’s costing you money not helping you save money.

3. Start a Disney savings jar

If cash is more your thing then think about starting a savings jar. Look in your kitchen cupboards for a large jar or bottle and start filling it with loose change.

You might want to just save five dollar bills, or quarters, or all of your loose change. Whenever you come home, empty your pockets, put your change in the jar and watch your savings grow.

4. Take the 52 Week Money Challenge… and save $1,378 in 12 months

The 52 Week Money Challenge is a surprisingly simple way to save $1,378 in just 12 months. Click the link to get our 52 Week Money Challenge Printable which shows you exactly how much money you need to save each week to reach that $1,378 target within just 12 months!

You’ll be taking your kids to visit Mickey Mouse before you know it.

Now I can see how easy it is to save money for Disney World we can take the kids! Thanks for sharing!