A Simple Way to Organize Your Rescued Junk Journal Supplies

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Check out this simple tip to keep your “rescued” junk organized so you don’t become a hoarder!

Rescuing papers and other bits of junk from the recycling can be fun - but we need to remember we're creators not collectors! Check out this easy tip to keep all of your stash organized!

I’ve only been junk journaling for a couple of months now and already our recycling bin is looking leaner because I keep “rescuing” scraps to use in my journals and collages.

The problem was that my rescued scraps were turning into piles of paper on the kitchen counter, my craft table and my desk!

If your rescued papers are getting out of control too you’ll love the simple tip I have for keeping them organized…

Zip lock bags!

I can’t take the credit for this genius idea. It’s a trick I learned from Lucie Duclos in her Collage class that I was watching over on Skillshare!

[By the way if you haven’t registered with Skillshare yet you’re missing out on a ton of creative classes – if you use my link to register you can get a 2 week free trial!]

As you can see I separated my stash into different bags so I can see when one particular item (like envelopes in my case) is getting out of control!

You might want to sort your collection by:

Office paper
Tissue paper
Kraft paper
Book pages
Greeting cards
Gift wrap
Found stuff

The key of course isn’t just to organize our stash but to USE it! We are after all supposed to be CREATORS not COLLECTORS.

That’s why at the end of each month in the Buy Nothing Junk Journal Facebook group we’re going to hold a “use it or lose it” challenge where we make something using some of the stash we have amassed during the month. If you’re not a member yet why not join us!