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Delicious Vegan Plant-Based Desserts for When You Need a Treat

Loving these vegan dessert recipes - they taste great and they're plant-based too

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Who says that eating plant-based is all salads and carrot sticks? These vegan plant-based desserts are decadent and tasty and no-one will know that they’re totally healthy!

Loving these vegan dessert recipes - they taste great and they're plant-based too

It doesn’t matter which food lifestyle you choose we all need a tasty dessert or a treat to look forward to from time to time.

And the same is true if you decide to go plant-based.

After all it’s about a healthy eating lifestyle not a restrictive diet.

Which is why today I’ve rounded up some delicious, decadent and totally healthy desserts that even your non-plant friends will love to eat.

If you’re living the whole foods, oil-free, sugar-free lifestyle don’t forget to tweak the recipes accordingly if needed: choose 100% pure maple syrup instead of agave or honey, switch oil for water or veggie broth and use grain-sweetened chocolate chips or cacao powder instead of chocolate.

And don’t forget that even healthy desserts and treats need to be eaten in moderation. Because unfortunately even plant-based desserts aren’t calorie free!

You don't have to miss out on treats - these dairy free plant-based desserts taste amazing!

Whole Food Plant-Based Desserts