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Make Your Favourite Restaurant Meals at Home – 13 Copycat Recipes

Make Your Favourite Restaurant Meals at Home - 13 Copycat Recipes

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Is there a meal that you love to order in your favourite restaurant that you wish you could make at home?

I was browsing around Pinterest the other day and was surprised to see the number of copycat recipes that were being shared.

If you’re like me and you’re trying to be a little more frugal these days then you’ll love this round up of great copycat recipes that you can make at home.

Easy Copycat Recipes: Save money by making your favourite restaurant meals at home thanks to these super simple copycat recipes!

Copycat Appetizer Recipes

  • Don’t you just love the never-ending salad bowl at the Olive Garden, there’s just something about that dressing that makes it taste so good. Kimberley was going to treat herself to a bottle of that house dressing that they sell in the restaurant, but she decided to go home an make her own copycat recipe instead. Here’s her recipe for Olive Garden Salad Dressing which tastes as good as the real thing.
  • This copycat Red Lobster recipe will make your mouth water, but be careful because they are so easy to make (bisquik is the secret ingredient) that they could be dangerous!

Copycat Entree Recipes

  • When you eat out at PF Chang’s do you make a bee line for the Mongolian Beef? If that’s your favourite dish on the menu then you won’t want to miss this tasty recipe from Rhiannon.
  • There’s just something about an Applebee’s Clubhouse Grill Sandwich, I think it’s the applewood bacon with the Texas Toast that just makes it so yummy. If you’re a fan of this sandwich then check out Jenni’s copycat recipe.
  • Do you enjoy the Cracker Barrel grilled chicken tenderloins? Dana has figured out the secret to the yumminess and shared the recipe so you can make them at home too!
  • Anyone for a copycat Steak n Shake Garlic Cheeseburger? I really should try and make some of these because whenever I buy burgers from the store they’re always a let down!

Copycat Dessert Recipes

  • Were you a big fan of the TGI Friday’s Oreo Madness dessert? If you were then I bet you were gutted when they took it away and replaced it with something more mediocre [why do restaurants always do that ??]. Well today is your lucky day because Autumn got busy in her kitchen and created a copycat Oreo Madness recipe which she has shared over on her blog.
  • Do you look forward to the Girl Scout cookie drive just so you can stock up on more Thin Mints? If you just can’t get enough of those yummy cookies you need to run straight over to Beth’s blog where she shares a recipe for copycat Thin Mints
  • If you love Krispy Kreme donuts but don’t have a store nearby then Sarah has the perfect copycat recipe for you.
  • Can’t get enough of Taco Bell Caramel Empanadas? Well today is your lucky day because Ashton has created a copycat recipe that will make your mouth water!

Copycat Drink Recipes

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  • When it’s cold outside do you like to head over to Starbucks and grab a hot chocolate? Well now you can save yourself some pennies because Jilly has a copycat Starbucks Hot Chocolate recipe that she claims actually tastes better than the real thing!
  • Need an ice cold lemonade for a hot summer’s day? Gone are the days when you had to make a special trip to Chick-fil-A, because now you can just make your own lemonade at home.
  • If the Starbucks Passion Fruit Tea Lemonade is more your thing then you won’t want to miss this tasty recipe from Ashley.

Have fun cooking!

~Clare, currently pinning to Kid Friendly Recipes

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