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Boho Up Your Life with These Wonderful Macrame Projects

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Macrame is back in fashion and the projects you can make are totally amazing so we scoured the internet looking for the best macrame ideas we could find. We’ve got so many ideas for you to see as well as video tutorials to help you get started!

These easy macrame projects are gorgeous and would make really thoughtful handmade gifts!

If when you think macrame you think plant pot holders it’s time to think again. 

Sure you can make some fabulous hanging baskets, but there are so many other things you can make with macrame. Everything from watch straps to shower curtain trims for example!

That’s why today we’ve pulled together the most creative macrame projects we could find.

These crafts are a brilliant way to practice  mindfulness while making something beautiful for your home or to give as a handmade gift to a loved one. 

If you’re a macrame beginner, or it’s been so many years since you last made anything you’ve forgotten what to do, start out by watching this video from Hallmark.

Then keep on scrolling to see what projects you can make with macrame this weekend!

Macrame Ideas

46. Make a boho garland to hang over your fireplace

This DIY boho macrame garland will look fabulous over your fireplace

Found it here >> My Life Handmade

45. Make a layered feather wall hanging

Layered Feather Macrame Wallhanging

Found it here >> I Love Create Store

44. Make your own macrame rainbow

Make your own macrame rainbow

Found it here >> Woven Rainbow UK

43. Macrame a boho headboard for your bed

Macrame a boho headboard for your bed

Found it here >> Midknits

42. Give an old mirror a makeover

Give an old mirror a makeover

Found it here >> Tribal Home Macrame

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41. Make a boring lawn chair look fabulous with a macrame seat makeover.

Found it here >> Henhouse

40. Make a cheap boring shower curtain look luxuriously expensive by adding a macrame trim.

DIY Macrame Shower Curtain

Found it here >> A Beautiful Mess

39. Make a boho macrame play tent for your kids.

DIY Boho Macrame Play Tent

Found it here >> Pocket of Posies

38. Make yourself a comfortable place to sit and relax in a macrame hanging chair.

Found it here >> Classy Clutter

37. Make an ombre macrame wall hanging with a copper pipe heart.

Make an ombre macrame wall hanging with a copper pipe heart.

Found it here >> Nostalgicat

36. Make an ombre macrame plant hanger.

Orchid Dyed Macramé Planter

Found it here >> Vintage Revivals

35. Make a jewelled bracelet.


Found it here >> Hello Glow

34. Macrame a leather key chain. This would make a fabulous housewarming gift!

Macrame a leather key chain. This would make a fabulous housewarming gift!

Found it here >> Lebenlustiger

33. Make a simple but stunning bracelet.

Make a simple but stunning bracelet.

Found it here >> A Beautiful Mess

32. Add a macrame fringe to a table runner.

diy macrame fringe table runner

Found it here >> Driven by Decor

31. Make a macrame keychain.

30. Make a mini hanging macrame succulent garden.

Make a mini hanging macrame garden.

Found it here >> We Are Scout
Want more? We have loads more ideas that you are going to love in our ==> DIY Succulent Planters collection!

29. Make a Macrame Hanging Lamp

Make a Macrame Hanging Lamp

Found it here >> Rennes

28. Make a macrame heart by following this video tutorial.

27. Make a Scandinavian style knotted trivet.

Make a Scandinavian style knotted trivet

Found it here >> We Are Scout

26. Macrame a racer back for an old T-shirt.

25. Make a beautiful macrame bracelet.

DIY Macrame Bracelet

Found it here >> Honestly WTF

24. Bring an old top to life with a macrame fringe around the neckline.

DIY Macramé Fringe Top

Found it here >> Trash to Couture

23. Make a brightly coloured macrame watch strap.


Found it here >> Dream a Little Bigger

22. Make a barefoot sandal.

21. If you’re throwing a party make your balloons stand out from the crowd with these macrame hangers.

macrame balloons are my fave

Found it here >> You Are My Fave

20. Turn a bottle into a vase and use macrame to hang it in your window.


Found it here >> Crafting Fingers

19. Refashion a pair of slippers with macrame and sparkly rhinestones.


Found it here >> Minted Strawberry

18. Macrame a new strap for your bag

Macrame Strap Bag | DIY

Found it here >> Always Rooney

17. Make a strap for your yoga mat.

DIY Macramé Yoga Mat Strap

Found it here >> Free People

16. Make a fabulous necklace using parachute cord and macrame.

How to make a Parachute Cord, Macrame Necklace

Found it here >> Alonso Sobrino

15. Make your own plant pot and macrame plant hanger.

14. Make yourself a macrame hammock. Seriously. And it’s not difficult at all.

How to Make a Macrame Hammock

Found it here >> eHow
Want more? We have loads more ideas that you are going to love in our ==> Indoor Hammock collection!

13. Combine a spiral knot with some polymer clay flower beads to make a fabulous bracelet.

How to Make a Fantastic Spiral Knot Bracelet with Purple Polymer Clay Flower Beads

Found it here >> Learning Centre

12. Grab some brightly coloured thread and some beads and use your macrame skills to make a punch for your kindle or your smartphone.

Accessorize your modern toys with this retro craft.

Found it here >> Make

11. Use a square knot to make this beautiful string and hex nut bracelet.

{macramé: square knot} string & hexnut bracelet

Found it here >> Minnie Co

10. When you have so many bracelets there is no room left on your wrist there’s only one thing left to do. Macrame a headband!


Found it here >> How Did You Make This

9. This straight knot necklace is absolutely stunning.


Found it here >> Shirley’s Wardrobe

8. Make some trendy hanging pots in fabulous colours.

7. Make this fabulous macrame roped necklace.

DIY Roped Macrame Necklace

Found it here >> A Pair & a Spare

6. Make an oversized macrame dreamcatcher with brightly coloured tassels.

How to: Macrame Dreamer

Found it here >> A Pair & a Spare

5. Take friendship bracelets to a whole new level by making macrame wristbands for your watch from satin cords or thin leather.m

Make Your Own DIY Macramé Watchband

Found it here >> SMP Craft
Want more? You’ll find more fabulous ideas like this one in the ==> Macrame Pattern Book!

4. Make a cheap pair of sandals look fabulous by adding a macrame overlay.


Found it here >> My White Idea DIY

3. Use your macrame techniques to make a netted stone friendship bracelet or three.


Found it here >> Curly Made

2. Make a macrame beaded ring. This video tutorial is great for beginners.

1. Make a macrame hanging fish bowl. The perfect answer if you have small children or cats!

Macrame hanging Fish Bowl

Found it here >> Love Grows Wild
Loving these macrame ideas! Thanks for sharing!These macrame projects are totally amazing! Thanks for sharing!