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Mermaid Gardens {Magical projects you can make in an afternoon!}

Check out these DIY mermaid garden ideas that you can make this weekend! #mermaid #diy #crafts

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These mermaid gardens are a whole new take on fairy gardens, and filled with mystical sea-based treasures. Make one for yourself or with your daughter!

Check out these DIY mermaid garden ideas that you can make this weekend! #mermaid #diy #crafts

You know we go weak at the knees crazy about fairy gardens around here but if you prefer your fairytales to be ocean based you are going to LOVE these mystical mermaid gardens instead!

Did you know that building a fairy garden is actually a great STEM project? If you’re a homeschooler and you want to know more check out this wonderful fairy garden workshop.

How clever are these mermaid gardens! These are fun DIY projects you can make at home this weekend #mermaid #diy #crafts

Mermaid Gardens

16. Broken Pot Mermaid Garden

Broken Pot Mermaid Garden

Found it here >> @the-potted-fairy

If you have a broken pot you’ve been meaning to throw away why not build a fairy garden inside it instead! Layer two more pots inside and fill with shells and succulents before adding your mermaid , her dolphin friend and the treasure chest she is protecting.

If you need a mermaid treasure chest you can get one here.

15. A Mermaid Party in a Planter

A Mermaid Party in a Planter

Found it here >> @maryengelbreit

This isn’t so much a mermaid garden as a mermaid party! It’s up to you whether you fill your planter with artificial plants or succulents, but be sure to fill it full of treasures and knick knacks for those mermaids to chat about!

You can easily get artificial aquarium plants here.

14. Sleeping Mermaid

Sleeping Mermaid

Found it here >> @TinkerTreasuresMinis

How beautiful is this sleeping mermaid with her shimmering tail? She’ll be the perfect centrepiece for your mermaid garden.

13. Succulent Mermaid Terrarium

Succulent Mermaid Terrarium

Found it here >> @pachira422

Take your terrarium an extra step by adding in a beautiful sleeping mermaid and some blue glass pebbles.

You can easily get blue glass pebbles here.

12. Terrarium DIY: How to Make a Miniature Garden

Found it here >> Grace Liebenow

If you’re not sure how to actually put your mermaid garden together take a moment to watch this video.

11. Mermaid Beach Terrarium Kit

Mermaid Beach Terrarium Kit

Found it here >> @BeachCottageBoutique

How adorable is this little mermaid curled up asleep by her clam shell. If you’re looking for a gift for a little girl this is the perfect mermaid garden kit to choose.

10. Whimsical Mermaid Garden

Whimsical Mermaid Garden

Found it here >> @jennallen138

You don’t always need to contain your mermaid garden in a pot or a planter, why not create her ocean world right in your garden instead?

You can get a copper teapot house here.

9. Captured Mermaid in a Garden

Captured Mermaid in a Garden

Found it here >> Mel’s Crazy Stuff

This mermaid garden idea is totally unique, what a fabulous idea to create a mermaid in a bottle instead!

8. Mermaid Bowl

Mermaid Bowl

Found it here >> @beverlyfabrics

There’s something quite magical about this mermaid bowl, it must be that sparkly blue sand!

You can get blue scenic sand here.

7. Mermaid Fairy Garden

Mermaid Fairy Garden

Found it here >> Marlia Lopez

This might just be the largest mermaid fairy garden in a container we found, which makes it great inspiration for a child’s small world play.

6. Succulent Mermaid Garden

Succulent Mermaid Garden

Found it here >> @greenwood_nurserymn

The turquoise sea glass really makes this mermaid garden, and we love the mix of succulents and artificial aquarium plants.

You can easily get glass cobbles here.

5. Mermaid Garden Chest

Mermaid Garden Chest

Found it here >> Farm and Foundry

Mermaid gardens don’t have to be built in a plant pot or container, we love this one that is made from an old toy chest! Give it a distressed paint job and then fill with treasures for your mermaid to watch over. The old fishing net and shells really add to the mermaid magic!

4. Miniature Mermaid Container Garden

Miniature Mermaid Container Garden

Found it here >> Robinwood Artisans

This is really an ocean themed container garden but its crying out for a mermaid to watch over those sailers!

Need miniature sea items for your garden? Get them here!

3. Mermaid in a Shell

Mermaid in a Shell

Found it here >> Donna Munday

Make sure you include somewhere in your sea fairy garden for your mermaid to curl up and take a nap. Like this over sized seashell.

2. Mermaid Water Fairy Garden

Mermaid Water Fairy Garden

Found it here >> Anna Day

If you don’t have little ones around and can safely have water in your mermaid garden then let this magical scene inspire you! We love the bejewelled starfish hiding at the bottom of the ocean.

If you need a miniature birdbath you can find a selection here.

1. Beach Themed Fairy Garden

 Beach Themed Fairy Garden

Found it here >> Hometalk

If you have a space on your front porch and you’d like to sit and daydream about the beach while you drink your morning coffee then this DIY project is the perfect one for you!

You can get a welcome to the beach sign here.

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