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A Kitchen Baking Station is a Must if You LOVE to Bake!

Put everything you need in one place by creating a kitchen baking station

Organizing your kitchen is not just about decluttering and throwing away the stuff you don’t really need. It’s about making the space really work for you which is why today we’re sharing some inspiration for a kitchen baking station.

If you LOVE to bake and you do it regularly then having everything you need in one place, from your stand mixer to your baking utensils your muffin tins and baking trays to your ingredients, just makes doing what you love a whole lot easier.

So as you organize your kitchen take some time to set up a specific baking station for yourself!

Ready to take a peek at some other people’s baking areas?

Make a kitchen baking cabinet with room to bake inside



We love how this kitchen baking cabinet has folding doors so you can work in the space and then close the doors when you’ve finished baking. They’re maximising the storage in the under counter area by using slide out wooden drawers.

 Pull out cabinet organizers maximise space Canisters store flour and other dry ingredients Stand mixer makes easy work of your cake mixing Stainless steel balloon whisks for whipping up sauces

Stow your mixer in a cabinet and lift it out when you need it

Traditional Kitchen With a Modern Twist


This baking station has a clever mix of wooden shelves and pull out cabinet organizers to maximise space. We love the lift up stand mixer shelf that puts your mixer just where you need it for baking then lowers into the cabinet when you’re done!

 Clever pull out shelf stores your mixer when not in use Pull out shelf maximises cabinet space Large jars for storing flour and dried ingredients Add storage space with wooden shelves

If you bake regularly create a large kitchen baking area



This is like baking station heaven! The marble top is the perfect place for rolling pastry, there’s room for a HUGE collection of books up there on that shelf, and the sunny yellow is sure to make you smile from ear to ear while you bake!

 Lazy Susan for organizing items on the countertop Under cabinet lighting so you can see what you’re doing Marble block for rolling perfect pastry Sunny yellow paint to make you smile while you bake

If space is limited create a moveable kitchen baking station



Don’t worry if you can’t dedicate a whole cabinet area for your baking supplies, you can create a moveable kitchen baking station instead. Use a sturdy trolley like this one and keep it in your pantry until you need it.

 Store your baking supplies and mixer on a rolling table like this one Storage baskets are perfect for lifting items out from the trolley Flour and sugar can be decanted into large glass bottles Use cute chalkboard labels like this to remember what’s in the jar!

And there you have it. Four different ways you can incorporate a baking station into your kitchen. I hope you’re brimming with ideas now!

Kitchen Baking Station | Inspiration | Organzing | Homemaking

Kitchen Baking Station | Inspiration | Organzing | Homemaking

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