camping activities for toddlers

14 Fun Camping Activities for Toddlers to Enjoy

Summer is here which means it’s time to pack up the tent and head out to the Great Outdoors for some much needed family time and relaxation. If this is your first trip with a small person you will need some fun camping activities for toddlers to keep them entertained and to help them make the most of the trip.

We’ve got some pretend play ideas for you to do at home, to help them understand what camping actually is, and then some toddler friendly activities to do both during the day and after dark so the whole family can have fun together!

10 Super Fun Ways to Help Your Toddler Learn Shapes

Learning the different shapes is really important for toddlers as they are key to pre-math and logic and pre-reading and writing skills. Check out these fun shape games for toddlers many of which will help put their excess energy to good use!