Mason Jar Easter Crafts {They make thoughtful gifts!}

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These Easter Mason Jar Crafts make the cutest “baskets” to fill with treats for the kids {and grownups!} to enjoy. Don’t miss the AMAZING carrots at #2!

These easy Easter mason jar crafts make the cutest handmade treats for kids and grownups!

Mason Jar Crafts for Easter

Spring is in the air… I can just about smell it… which means it’s time to start thinking about bunnies, and eggs and chocolate!

Today I’ve pulled together some of the cutest mason jar Easter crafts that I could find.

So all you have to do is get your craft on!

Loving these mason jar Easter crafts!

14. If your kids love peeps you totally need to make these kabobs!

via Just Bright Ideas



Easter Marshmallow Peep Bunny Treats


13. Look at these adorable cute mini jars with bunny ears!

12. The Easter Bunny will be lured right in with these bunny bait jars!

11. Combining bunny ears and bunny tails makes for ADORABLE Easter baskets!

10. Sometimes the simplest of crafts turn out to be the CUTEST!

9. Did you forget about Easter? This craft is SUPER quick!

8. This is the PERFECT Easter craft for scrapbookers!

7. Mason Jars + Washi Tape = FABULOUS vases

6. Quick grab the Cricut these jars are SUPER CUTE!

5. The kids will LOVE these peep inside candy jars!

4. SUPER simple = SUPER cute!

via Lolly Jane



Easter Mason Jar Favors


3. Easter doesn’t have to be all bunnies and chicks!

2. When is a mason jar not a mason jar? When its a carrot!

via Cutefetti



Carrot Inspired Mason Jars


1. Mod Podge for the win!

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So many cute Easter mason jar crafts to make this weekend!