500+ Easy Family Meal Ideas That Are Kid Friendly and Taste Great!

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Eating together is so important which is why we have over 500 easy family meals that have been kid approved for you to enjoy together. They’re easy to make and budget friendly too!

Adding these easy family meal ideas to our meal plan for sure!

Easy Family Meal Ideas

If you’re looking for kid friendly recipes that grownups will also enjoy you’re in the right place! We have over 500 easy family meals for you to try, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course snacks and treats!

Easy Breakfast Ideas

Get the day off to a great start with one of these easy breakfast ideas that are perfect for kids and grownups. And if you’re feeding a crowd this weekend be sure to check out our super popular collection of make ahead breakfast casseroles!

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Easy Lunch Ideas

These easy lunch ideas are just what you need whether you’re eating at home or you need something for school or work. Readers can’t get enough of our meal prep lunch ideas!

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Easy Family Dinner Ideas

With these easy family dinner ideas you can say goodbye to late afternoon stress. We have ideas to suit all tastebuds and if you’re short on time make sure you check out our easy midweek meals that you can have on the table in under 30 minutes!

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Easy Dessert Ideas

We’re all for healthy eating but we also believe that treats and desserts still have a place on your family meal plan. Everything in moderation right?

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Easy Drinks Ideas

From pregnancy smoothies to help beat the nausea and delicious drinks the kids will enjoy there’s something here for all seasons!

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Why are family meals so important?

Isn’t it ironic that most of the families we see on tv shows enjoy their meals together, yet the television often takes the place of a family meal in our own homes?

Here’s a few reasons to convince you why family meals are so important and why you need to make time to eat together at least once a week (though more is better!)

1. Eating together strengthens family bonds

Spending time together as a family leads to better relationships. This is true for little ones who like to feel like they belong, as well as for older kids who get a chance to talk about their day.

2. Family meals improve academic performance

If you’re worried about your kid’s grades get them around the table for a regular family meal.

A study by CASAColumbia showed that teens who eat dinner with their families five times or more each week were more likely to get top grades in school.

3. Kids are more likely to eat more fruit and veggies

Children who eat with their family are more likely to make healthy food choices, and to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Most kids learn best through real life experiences so family mealtimes give you the chance to talk about which foods are healthy and which foods are not.

4. Kids are more likely to try new foods

Children sometimes need to be a exposed to a new food up to 15 times before they will be confident enough to eat it.

Family mealtimes are the perfect time to explore something new like broccoli or baked salmon. Add a little to their plate each and every time and just leave it up to them how much or how little of it they want to eat.

5. Homemade portions are more realistic

Make sure that the majority of your family meals are actually served at home and not in a restaurant.

Restaurant portions are generally larger and contain a lot more calories than your home cooked equivalent.

Use your family dinners to show your kids what a healthy portion looks like!

6. It costs less to eat at home

If you’re on a tight budget eating your meals together at home can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year!

7. You have the chance to get your kids in the kitchen

Home cooked meals are also the perfect opportunity to get your kids in the kitchen and teach them some really important life skills.

Don’t stop at the cooking either. If youmeal plan as a family your children will learn vital organization skills as they figure out the week’s menu, and budgeting skills as they go to the store with you to help pick out the ingredients.

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