How to Make a Bookmark – Fun Kid’s Craft Ideas for Your Book Lover!

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If your kids are bored show them how to make a bookmark! These fun ideas make great gift ideas for book lovers too!

So many cute bookmark crafts for kids. They're perfect for back to school and make great gifts too!

How to Make a Bookmark

I don’t know what it is about bookmarks but they seem to disappear off to the land of odd socks and missing hairbands.

We can just never have too many of them.

Which is why today I was looking for some ideas to show my kiddos how to make a bookmark.

You know how much I love functional crafts for kids right?

And not only can our kids have fun making these bookmarks for keeping their place in their own books, school notebooks or binders, but they make great gifts too.

I’m sure their book loving grandma would love a custom made bookmark, and they make great teacher’s gifts too!

Ready to see all the fun bookmarks for kids to make?

Fun Bookmarks for Kids to Make