22 Cute Ideas for Repurposed Soda Crates You Need to See

These repurposed soda crate ideas are beyond genius so head out to the flea market and stock up on vintage Coca Cola crates!

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These repurposed coke crate ideas are beyond genius! I LOVE the idea of using a soda crate as a table centerpiece, and for storing essential oils too!

Repurposed Soda Crates

If you’ve often seen vintage Coca Cola crates at the flea market and wondered what on earth you could do with them we’re about to open your eyes to so many new possibilities!

You can pretty much use repurposed soda crates to organize anything in your home.

And if you love farmhouse fixer upper style home decor you are sure to love these ideas!

Oh wow! So many cute ideas for repurposed soda crates I need to run to the flea market to pick up some for the weekend!

Cute Ideas for Repurposed Soda Crates


Vintage Soda Crate to Washi Tape Storage

Photo Credit: www.happinessishomemade.net

Calling all Washi tape fans... this is the makeover you need for your soda crate right? How cute will all your tapes look stacked up in here?

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Indoor Herb Garden

Photo Credit: www.stonegableblog.com

Or how about turning a crate into an indoor herb garden? This would look great if you have a rustic farmhouse look in your kitchen!

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Old Soda Crate Succulent Garden

Photo Credit: www.remodelandolacasa.com

Speaking of plants, a soda crate is a fabulous way to set up a succulent garden in your house too!

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Chalkboard Sign & An Old Crate

Photo Credit: www.beyondthepicket-fence.com

Or how about painting the inside with chalkboard paint so you can create all the fixer upper inspired signs your heart desires! You could hang this in your coffee nook, or your home command center!

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Soda Crate Jewelry Organizer

Photo Credit: salvagedliving.com

If you have a thing for jewellery but you can never find the piece you actually want to wear you should totally pick up a soda crate and turn it into a jewelry organizer like this!

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Christmas Ornament Stand in a Vintage Wooden Crate

Photo Credit: www.sadieseasongoods.com

What a clever way to display your favorite Christmas ornaments! And when the holidays are over they're all ready to be stored in the attic for next year!

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Wheeled Coke Crate Organizer

Photo Credit: fromvictoryroad.com

Add some wheels to your crate and you've got yourself a rolling organizer that's just perfect for craft supplies.

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DIY Vintage Soda Crate Chest

Photo Credit: lavenderandlinen.blogspot.com

If you can find a handful of crates you can make yourself a vintage look dresser!

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Coke Crate Tie Holder

Photo Credit: rainonatinroof.com

If your husband has a large tie collection you can use a coke crate to keep them nicely organized. It works for belts and scarves too!

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Vintage Crate and Wire Basket Shelves

Photo Credit: www.hometalk.com

If you're looking for some vintage lookg story for your country chic kitchen try combining soda crates with wire baskets to make some unique shelving displays.

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DIY Vintage Soda Crate Advent Calendar

Photo Credit: www.mysocalledcraftylife.com

Here's another totally fabulous Christmas decor idea. Take your flea market coke crate find and turn it into a super cute advent calendar!

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Soda Crate Hot Cocoa Station

Photo Credit: robbrestyle.com

If you've always wanted a coffee station in your kitchen but don't have a lot fo space you can make one using a soda tray. And of course in the Holiday season you can use it as a hot cocoa station too!

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Homemade Fairy Garden Ideas: Vintage Soda Crate Fairy Garden - Darice

Photo Credit: blog.darice.com

Here's an idea for a weekend project you can do with the kids. Take your vintage soda crate and turn it into a magical fairy garden!

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Coca Cola Crate Repurposed

Photo Credit: refreshrestyle.com

Here's a fun idea to take a Coca Cola crate and repurpose it into a side table for your porch. Add a cooler and you can enjoy ice cold coke all summer long!

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Vintage Coca-Cola Crate Spice Rack – BROhaha

Photo Credit: www.bro-haha.com

I often have readers ask me about the best spice rack storage for their kitchen. Well how about this? A super simple way to take that old soda crate and turn it into useful kitchen storage!

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Soda Crate Footstool

Photo Credit: cottage4c.com

I guess when we think crate the first thing that comes to mind is storage. But with a little creative thinking you can repurpose that soda crate into a fabulously padded footstool!

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Soda Crate Book Shelf

Photo Credit: www.justfollowingjesus.com

If your house is overflowing with books like mine is then you should definitely turn an old coke crate into book storage. This would be so useful for keeping the term's homeschool books altogether right?

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Essential Oils Storage

Photo Credit: sondralynathome.com

I love this idea for keeping all of my essential oils and accessories together. And of course the bottles are so pretty it's only right to put them on display (out of direct sunlight of course!)

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DIY Soda Crate Bracelet Holder

Photo Credit: www.downredbuddrive.com

Oh this is clever! Put some soda bottles in the upturned soda crate to create some clever bracelet storage!

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Soda Crate Flowers

Photo Credit: www.instagram.com

Here's a cute idea for a table centerpiece. Take a soda crate and fill it with mason jars and bottles filled with flowers. So pretty!

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Vintage Soda Crate Repurpose

Photo Credit: robbrestyle.com

If your dog has trouble eating because his bowl keeps moving around the floor it's time to make one of these clever bowl stands!

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How to Make Wooden Soda Crates

Photo Credit: www.ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

If you are inspired by these ideas but can't find any vintage soda crates don't worry! Head over to I Should Be Mopping the Floor to find out how to turn some new wooden wine boxes into vintage looking soda crates!

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