10 Beautiful Afghan Block Crochet Patterns that Will Take Your Breath Away

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If you want to make a stunning afghan you can't go wrong with any one of these crochet starter blocks!

Are you an intermediate or advanced crocheter looking for a challenge? These stunning square block crochet patterns can be used to make blankets and afghans to be treasured.

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These crochet square block patterns are totally stunning and the perfect project for an advanced crocheter!

Beautiful Afghan Block Crochet Patterns

Square motifs make fabulous building blocks for everything from cushions to afghans.

You can use them as a frontispiece for a cushion or a tote, or the centerpiece for a large blanket.

Or you can work a few blocks together to make a gorgeous afghan or blanket.

I even saw a block used to create a hot water bottle cover!

Today I'm sharing some beautiful crochet block patterns so you can pick one out for your next project.

Challenge yourself with one of these crochet square patterns than can turn into stunning afghans or cushions that make thoughtful handmade gifts for loved ones!