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100+ Easy Crochet Christmas Decorations {Make some cute ornaments for your home!}

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products that will add value for my readers.

Inside: Wondering “what can I crochet for Christmas?” We have more than 100 festive crochet Christmas decorations and ornament patterns to share with you today!

Crochet Christmas Decorations for You to Make

Before my children came along I collected Disney glass ornaments, and each year I loved decorating the Christmas tree with them.

One year, when my kiddos were small, I heard a huge crash and ran into the family room to find our 6-foot tree lying on the floor next to a very startled-looking boy.

As he was trying to get a closer look at my beloved ornaments he’d inadvertently pulled the tree over… and after it crashed to the floor I was left with half a dozen headless Disney characters.

As I wrapped up the ones that had survived and put them away for a future Christmas I started wondering where I could buy child-proof decorations for the tree.

Then it dawned on me that crochet Christmas decorations were just what we needed!

And oh my… there are so many ADORABLE Christmas ornament patterns out there!

Crochet Christmas tree ornaments and decorations are THE BEST because they’re:

  • Relaxing to make
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Fabulous stash busters
  • And your toddler (or cat) can’t break them!

Because they’re so small they hook up in no time so they make the perfect project for a wet and windy weekend (or any kind of weather weekend really!)

And when you’ve crocheted enough for your own tree why not whip up some more to give as homemade Christmas gifts?

They are sure to make your loved ones smile as they hang them on their own tree for years to come!

How do you crochet a ball ornament?

Have you ever wondered how to crochet a ball ornament or bauble? 

They’re not as tricky as you might first think, and they’re also a great way to upcycle baubles that no longer match your color scheme.

Watch the video tutorial below to see how easy it is. And then check out all of the cute crochet ornament patterns I found to see how many variations there are for a simple ball ornament!

Each picture has a number on it and you can see the list of links underneath.

Crochet Christmas Ornaments
  1. Free Crochet pattern from Gathered
  2. Crochet Bauble pattern from Hands Occupied
  3. Crochet Bauble pattern from Anna Boos House
  4. Crochet ball pattern from Annie Design Crochet
  5. Crochet ball pattern from Annie Design Crochet
  6. Granny square crochet ball pattern from The Patchwork Heart
  7. Spin crochet ball pattern from Ravelry
  8. Christmas pudding bauble pattern from A Conversation with Moo
  9. Granny square Christmas ball from Crafternoon Treats
  10. Pretty Christmas bauble from Thoresby Cottage
  11. Flat bauble pattern from Once Upon a Cheerio
  12. Christmas ball pattern from Ravelry
  13. BB-9 Christmas bauble pattern from Ravelry
  14. Christmas sweater bauble pattern from Ravelry
  15. Christmas pudding bauble from Arlie Craft
  16. Panda bauble pattern from All About Ami

Adorable Christmas elf patterns you can crochet

If you’ve never had an elf come and visit with your family for the holiday season this year is a very good year to start that tradition. 

If like me you find “that elf” that you buy from the store a little creepy looking you can make one of these instead!

These Christmas crochet patterns for elves come in all sizes so you can hook some up for your tree, or to sit on your mantle, or for the kiddos to play with!

Crochet Christmas Elf Patterns
  1. Cute Christmas elves from Kristi Tullus
  2. Christmas elves pattern from Etsy
  3. Cute Christmas elf quartet pattern from Etsy
  4. Adorable elf crochet pattern from Etsy
  5. Sweet elves from Loops and Love Crochet
  6. Shelf elf crochet pattern from Dapper Toad

How to crochet a Christmas angel

Here are some lovely angels you can crochet for your Christmas tree. 

You can hang them from a branch or use them as a tree topper.

I found so many wonderful angel crochet patterns that I made another collection for them that you can see here.

Crochet Christmas Decorations
  1. Easy angel pattern from Ravelry
  2. Sweet crochet angels from Double Treble Trinkets
  3. Vintage crochet angel pattern from Etsy
  4. Sweet angel crochet patterns from Etsy

These crochet snow globes are adorable

When I saw these snow globe ornaments I knew they’d be perfect for hanging on the tree and sitting on the mantelpiece.

Number 3 will make a great gift for grandparents with a cute picture of your kiddos inside!

Crochet Christmas Snowglobe Patterns
  1. Snowglobe ornament from Repeat Crafter Me
  2. 3D snowglobe crochet pattern from Golden Lucy Crafts
  3. Photo crochet snowglobe pattern from Blackstone Designs
  4. Snowman snowglobe crochet ornament from Patterns Central

Pretty crochet snowflakes you’ll want to hang on your tree

Snowflakes make classic tree ornaments and they hook up really quickly.

If it doesn’t snow very often where you live you could scatter them on the floor for the kids to play with!

Crochet Christmas Snowflake Patterns
  1. Pretty snowflake ornaments from Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart
  2. Hanging snowflake crochet pattern from Etsy

How do you crochet a Christmas snowman?

Do you want to crochet a snowman ornament?

Here are some super cute little fellows (complete with a scarf) that won’t melt and can be a part of your Christmas for years to come!

Remember, if you’re using buttons on your crocheted snowman ornament you need to sew them on real tight or keep the decorations away from little ones.

Crochet Christmas Snowman Patterns
  1. Cute snowman crochet pattern from 5 Little Monsters
  2. Sweet snowman crochet Christmas decoration from Repeat Crafter Me
  3. Free snowman crochet pattern from Grace and Yarn
  4. Olaf crochet pattern from 1 Dog Woof

How do you crochet a Santa ornament?

These Santa ornaments (complete with santa hat) are perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree and I’ve included some larger crochet dolls that you can use to decorate your mantle or give to the kids to play with.

Crochet Christmas Santa Ornaments
  1. Santa chocolate cover pattern from Ravelry
  2. Crocheted Santa pattern from 5 Little Monsters
  3. Crochet santa ornament from Knitted Patterns
  4. Sweet Santa Claus crochet pattern from Etsy
  5. Christmas gnome crochet pattern from Etsy

Adorable Christmas wreaths you can crochet this year

Fresh wreaths are lovely, until they start to wilt, so this year why not crochet a wreath that will last a lifetime with one of these easy-to-follow crochet patterns.

The elf legs wreath is sure to make your visitors smile and the snowman couple are a pair of cuties!

Crochet Christmas Wreath Patterns
  1. Elf Legs Wreath crochet pattern from Stringy Ding Ding
  2. Santa Claus whimsical crochet wreath pattern from Etsy
  3. Cute snowmen crochet wreath pattern from Etsy
  4. Nativity crochet wreath pattern from Etsy

How do you crochet a Christmas star?

Wondering how you crochet a Christmas star? They’re pretty simple when you have easy crochet Christmas ornaments patterns like these.

As well as crochet Christmas ornaments I also found a pattern for a potholder (a great handmade gift idea) and a gorgeous tree skirt!

Crochet Christmas Star Decorations
  1. Christmas tree crochet pattern from Etsy
  2. Starry dream hanging ornament pattern from Ravelry
  3. Hanging star ornament pattern from Etsy
  4. Cable star Christmas tree skirt pattern from Etsy
  5. Peppermint star pot holder chrochet pattern from Etsy

How to make a crochet Advent Calendar

I was in Costco the other day and my jaw dropped at the price of advent calendars!

Whether they’re filled with tiny toys for kids or alcohol and beauty products for adults it would soon add up to buy one for each family member.

These crochet advent calendar patterns can be filled with treats, small toys or even activities you can do as a family this year.

Best of all you can use the calendar for years to come so the advent calendar itself becomes part of your family holiday tradition.

Grab your crochet hooks and get started today!

Crochet Christmas Advent Calendar Patterns
  1. Hanging stockings crochet pattern from 5 Little Monsters
  2. Santa countdown pillow pattern from Etsy
  3. Christmas countdown crochet patter from Etsy
  4. Christmas stocking advent calendar crochet pattern from Etsy

Cute Christmas animal decorations you need to crochet

From cardinals and robins to sweet little mice pulling a sleigh you have to take a closer look at these adorable animal-themed crochet Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Crochet Christmas Animal Patterns
  1. Sweet mouse hanging Christmas ornament from Lucy Ravenscar
  2. Santa’s sleigh and mice crcohet pattern from Ravelry
  3. Cute birdie hanging ornament from Attic 24
  4. English robin crochet pattern from Furls Crochet
  5. Partridge and pear crochet pattern from Little Conkers
  6. Cute robin crochet Christmas decoration pattern Lucy Ravenscar

How do you crochet a reindeer Christmas decoration?

If you can’t have Christmas without Rudolph you need to check out these fun and fabulous reindeer crochet projects!

If you want to see more Rudolph patterns you can see them here!

Crochet Christmas Reindeer Patterns
Christmas Crochet Reindeer Patterns
  1. Reindeers pulling a sleigh crochet pattern from Etsy
  2. Sven the reindeer pattern from Ravelry
  3. Rudolph the Reindeer crochet Christmas ornament from Knots Thoughts
  4. Reindeer pattern from etsy
  5. Rudolph hanging ornament from Spin a Yarn Crochet
  6. Cute moose pattern from The Friendly Red Fox
  7. Sweet reindeer crochet pattern from Spin a Yarn Crochet

Adorable matching crochet Christmas ornaments you need for your tree

If you like your decorations to follow a theme, you will love these sets of matching Christmas ornament crochet patterns that you can buy from super-talented crochet pattern designers on Etsy.

I love the amigurumi ornaments as they’re so cute and some of the flatter designs would work great as gift tags too!

Matching Crochet Christmas Decorations
  1. Sweet animals Christmas crochet decorations from Etsy
  2. Christmas cupcake patterns from Etsy
  3. Mickey head Christmas ornaments from Etsy
  4. Kawaii style Christmas ornaments from Etsy
  5. Cute Christmer crochet decorations from Etsy

How to crochet a Christmas tree decoration

These Christmas tree ornaments are easy to hook up and will look fabulous hanging from your tree.

I found so many cute Christmas tree decorations that I had to make a whole other collection to put them in! You can see the other patterns here.

Crochet Christmas Tree Decorations
  1. Christmas tree crochet pattern from Hands Occupied
  2. Layered Christmas tree pattern from Little Woolie
  3. Christmas tree decoration from etsy
  4. Ribbon crochet Christmas tree from Poppy and Bliss
  5. Triangle Christmas tree ornaments from My Poppet

Simple Christmas crochet bell patterns

Add some jingle bells to these crochet bells sp that they make a noise when they hang on your tree.

Crochet Christmas Bell Patterns
  1. Christmas bell ornament pattern from Crochet for You
  2. Crochet Christmas bell ornament from Ravelry
  3. Crochet Christmas bell pattern from Etsy
  4. Vintage Christmas bell crochet pattern from Etsy

Cute Christmas pudding crochet patterns

How cute are these Christmas pudding crochet patterns? I know that hats aren’t really decorations but they were too fabulous not to share with you!

Crochet Christmas Pudding Patterns
  1. Christmas pudding crochet pattern from Crafty Cruella
  2. Christmas pudding crochet hat pattern from Dora Does
  3. Cute Christmas pudding doll crochet pattern from Etsy
  4. Christmas pudding orange cover crochet pattern from Etsy

Gingerbread decorations you can crochet this Christmas

Making a gingerbread house is one of our family traditions for the Holidays. The great thing about making a gingerbread house as one of your crochet Christmas decorations is that it lasts forever.

Crochet Christmas Gingerbread Ornaments
  1. Gingerbread heart pattern from Gathered
  2. Cute gingerbread doll pattern from Repeat Crafter Me
  3. Gingerbread Christmas tree crochet pattern from Carolyn Christmas Designs
  4. Gingerbread dolls crochet pattern from Etsy
  5. Christmas gingerbread man crochet pattern from Yum Yarn

How to crochet Christmas stockings

These crochet Christmas stockings will look fabulous hanging from your mantelpiece, and you can work them up in colors to match you Christmas decor.

Crochet Christmas Stocking Patterns
  1. Christmas stocking crochet pattern from Yarnspirations
  2. Reindeer Christmas stocking crochet pattern from Etsy
  3. Crochet Christmas stocking pattern from Etsy

Easy crochet Christmas blankets you need to make

When you think of crochet Christmas decorations don’t limit your imagination to just ornaments or Holiday decor. If your family loves to hang out watching Christmas movies together you will also need a huge crochet blanket (or two) to snuggle up in!

Crochet Christmas Blanket Patterns
  1. Christmas craracter blanket crochet pattern from Repeat Crafter Me
  2. Peppermint swirl crochet pattern from Yarnspirations
  3. Santa Claus blanket crochet pattern from Etsy
  4. Christmas tree blanket crochet pattern from Etsy

Easy festive bunting you can crochet

You can never have too many Christmas garlands because you can use them to decorate your mantelpiece, your staircase, your windows and even hang them on your tree!

If you love garlands we have a whole collection of crochet patterns here.

Crochet Christmas Bunting Pattern
  1. JOY banner crochet pattern from Thoresby Cottage
  2. Cute mittens crochet pattern from Caught on a Whim
  3. Mitten garland Christmas crochet decorations from Spin a Yarn Crochet
  4. Christmas lights garland crochet pattern from Sewrella
  5. Christmas lights crochet pattern from Tuts Plus
Crochet Christmas Decorations Pin