These Unicorn Recipes are Guaranteed to Put a Little Magic Back in Your Day

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We’ve scoured the internet for the best unicorn recipes we could find and you are not going to be disappointed! All you need to do is decide which one to make first!

Wow! These unicorn snacks are so magical - perfect for summer snacks and parties!

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Cotton Candy Unicorn Party Parfaits

Cotton Candy Unicorn Parfaits

Cotton Candy Unicorn Parfaits | Homemade Hooplah

When Chrisy from Homemade Hooplah invited us to ride the rainbow craze with this amazing unicorn party dessert our first thought was where do we sign up!

Oh my goodness this unicorn themed dessert is a feast of cotton candy whipped cream, crushed golden ores and the yummiest Lucky Charms marshmallows!

This unicorn parfait is totally fun and so easy to put together.

It’s perfect for summer parties for kids and grownups, because who could possibly turn down a dessert that makes you grin from ear to ear just looking at it!

You know we can never stop at just one recipe right so we scoured our favourite blogs to come up with a stack more unicorn recipes to inspire you!

We’ve got everything from unicorn popsicles and energy balls to macarons and even unicorn nice cream!

Oh and whatever you do don’t miss the unicorn freak shakes!

As always be sure to scroll all the way to the end so you don’t miss any of the great treats. 

More Magical Unicorn Recipes to Inspire You

Unicorn Popsicles

Unicorn Popsicles | Cooking is My Therapy

Unicorn Energy Balls

Unicorn Energy Balls | A Whisk and Two Wands

Unicorn Coconut Ice

Unicorn Coconut Ice | Eighty 20 Nutrition

Click play above to watch the video tutorial then continue scrolling for more fabulous ideas!

Skinny Rainbow Unicorn Donuts

Skinny Rainbow Unicorn Donuts | The Skinny Fork

Superfood Unicorn Toast

Superfood Unicorn Toast | RD Licious

Unicorn Freakshakes

Unicorn Freakshakes | Amanda’s Cookin’

Unicorn Cake Roll

Unicorn Cake Roll | Crazy for Crust
Want more? You are going to fall in love with this
==> Unicorn Cake!

Unicorn Funfetti Cookie Bars

Unicorn Funfetti Cookie Bars | Sweetest Menu

Healthy No Bake Unicorn Cookies

Healthy No Bake Unicorn Cookies | The Big Man’s World

Unicorn Milkshakes

Unicorn Milkshakes | Sugar Hero

Unicorn Horns

Unicorn Horns | A Bajillion Recipes

Unicorn Toast with Hummus

Unicorn Toast with Hummus | Imma Eat That

Unicorn Pie with Sprinkle Crust

Unicorn Pie with Sprinkle Crust | The Sugar Sandbox

Vegan Copycat Unicorn Frappuccino

Vegan Copycat Unicorn Frappuccino | Feasting on Fruit

Unicorn Bait

Unicorn Bait | Imma Eat That

Rainbow Unicorn Tie Dye S'Mores

Rainbow Unicorn Tie Dye S’Mores | Studio DIY

Unicorn Macarons

Unicorn Macarons | Southern Fatty

Unicorn Baked Strawberry Donuts

Unicorn Baked Strawberry Donuts | Foodness Gracious

Unicorn Cereal Milk Freakshake

Unicorn Cereal Milk Freakshake | Plus Point

Unicorn Marshmallows

Unicorn Marshmallows | Leanne Bakes

Vanilla Unicorn Sugar Cookie Bars

Vanilla Unicorn Sugar Cookie Bars | Inside Bru Crew Life

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Unicorn Hot Chocolate | Yummy Clip

Unicorn Marshmallow Popcorn

Unicorn Marshmallow Popcorn | Jelly Toast

Vegan Unicorn Nice Cream

Vegan Unicorn Nice Cream | Feasting on Fruit

Loving these unicorn recipes! Thanks for sharing!These unicorn treats are amazing! Perfect for a party!Loving these unicorn treats - perfect for playdates and parties for my unicorn crazed kiddos!
We are totally in love with these unicorn snacks! You could eat magical snacks all day from breakfast toast to freakshakes!