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21 Stunning Wedding Invitations for Every Style

Unique Wedding Invitations for All Styles

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Planning your wedding and looking for the perfect invitation? Look no further! We’ve gathered 21 of the most unique and beautiful wedding invitations for every style, from classic to rustic to modern. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or a ceremony closer to home we have the perfect invitation for you. So take a look and find the perfect one for your special day!

Unique Wedding Invitations Whatever Your Aesthetic

Congratulations! Getting married is a time to celebrate and share your love for each other with family and friends on your Big Day.

It’s exciting but planning a wedding can also be overwhelming! There are so many choices to be made, starting with your wedding invitations, which will give your guest a first glimpse of what’s to come.

With so many styles and themes to choose from you might be struggling to find the perfect wedding invite that is the right fit for you. Don’t worry though, we have collected more than twenty gorgeous wedding invitations from different styles and aesthetics to help make life easier for you.

Our favorite designs cover all different layouts and styles so you are sure to find something that will fit the theme of your special day.

They’re all wedding invitation templates that have been created by independent artists and are available to purchase at the fraction of the cost it would be to hire someone yourself.

You can easily personalize the text and photos and order from Zazzle to be professionally printed and shipped to your door all ready to be mailed out to your guests!

Budget Eucalyptus Greenery Wedding Invitation

Eucalyptus is a favorite among brides this year and this modern wedding invitation with its bold ampersand is a great choice.

Elegant Monogram QR Code Photo Wedding Invitation

Photo wedding invitations are super popular this year. This trendy photo overlay wedding invitation has a chic monogram at the top showing your two initials entwined together. You can add another photo to the back as well as a QR code to direct guests to your wedding website so you don’t even need to worry about collecting response cards.

Budget Modern Photo QR Code Wedding Invitation

This modern design is the perfect choice if you want to include some of your engagement photos on your wedding invitation.

Modern Monogram QR Code Photo Wedding Invitation

This simple black-and-white monogram design can be personalized on the back with a favorite photograph. You can also link to your wedding website using the QR code which will save you money as you don’t need to include an RSVP card or enclosure cards.

Dusty Purple Floral Wedding Invitation

Elegant wedding invitations don’t have to be old-fashioned and boring. This beautiful watercolor invitation is dreamy and will set the romantic tone for your wedding celebrations.

Nothing Fancy Just Love Photo QR Code Wedding Invitation

Upload one of your favorite photos to this casual “nothing fancy just love” wedding invitation to let friends and family know that you are tying the knot. There is a QR code on the back to direct guests to your wedding website.

Nothing Fancy Just Love QR Code Wedding Invitation

The beautiful typography on this wedding invitation will bring an elegant touch as you invite friends and family to celebrate your marriage with you.

Emerald Green Photo Arch QR Code Wedding Invitation

Photo arches are very popular at the moment for wedding stationery and this emerald green color is simply stunning.

Coastal QR Code Destination Wedding Invitation

This coastal aesthetic wedding invitation is the perfect choice if you are planning a destination wedding so you can invite friends and family to join you on the beach.

Dusty Blue Floral Line Art Illustration Wedding Invitation

Dusty blue continues to be a trending color for weddings this year and this beautiful line art floral wreath will help your wedding invitation to stand out from the crowd.

Rustic String Lights Sunflower Wedding Invitation

If you have chosen a rustic aesthetic for your wedding theme this sunflower and eucalyptus design is the perfect choice for your invitations.

Simple Wildflower Wedding Invitation

This simple wedding invitation design is brought to life by the watercolor florals painted along the bottom. It’s perfect for a spring or summer ceremony.

Moody Purple Blooms Floral Wedding Invitation

If you’re looking for a wedding invitation with a gothic vibe this moody purple blooms design is a great option for you.

Simple Botanical Script Monogram Wedding Invitation

This simple monogram design has a hand-drawn botanical for an elegant touch.

Simple Elegance Boho Floral Wedding Invitation

Boho aesthetic is still a popular choice with brides and this simple elegant design is a great option for a spring or summer wedding ceremony.

Modern Elegant Script Two Photo Wedding Invitation

Choose two of your favorite photographs and upload them to Zazzle to easily personalize this wedding invitation with its trendy photo overlay.

Hand-Lettered Simple Black Wedding Invitation

This bold black and white design is great for a classic black tie wedding with a modern twist and will help your wedding invitation stand out.

Retro 70s Arch Rainbow Invitation

If you are looking to embrace the retro seventies aesthetic at your wedding you can give your guests a taste of what’s to come with this trendy rainbow invitation.

Modern Casual Watercolor Beach QR Code Wedding Invitation

If you’re planning a destination wedding this watercolor beach invitation can be personalized with a QR code to direct guests to your wedding website for all the important information.

Simple Botanical Line Art Wedding Invitation

This simple line art botanical design is understated which makes it all the more gorgeous!

Rustic Carved Heart Oak Tree Wedding Invitation

This carved heart in an oak tree design is the perfect choice for your rustic themed wedding.

Modern Boho Floral Wildflower Wedding Invitation

Wildflowers are a popular choice for brides this year and this pretty invitation is perfect for Spring and Summer weddings.

Unique Wedding Invitations for All Styles