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11 Beautiful Handmade Christmas Stockings that You Can Personalize

Wow - these handmade Christmas stockings are just beautiful - and I love that you can customize them with people's names so Santa knows whose is whose!

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Be sure Santa knows whose stocking belongs to who with these beautiful handmade Christmas stockings that you can personalize with each family member’s name or initials.

These personalized handmade Christmas stockings are beautiful and we have found styles that are sure to match your Holiday decor!

Do you have matching family stockings to hang from the mantel on Christmas Eve?

If not this collection is for you!

I’ve been searching over at Etsy to pick out the most beautiful handmade Christmas stockings I could find.

And I’ve picked out lots of different styles so there is sure to be one that matches your decor.

Whether you want knitted stockings, applique designs or even a contemporary mudcloth these stockings will look fabulous and will be treasured for years to come!

Wow! So many beautiful handmade Christmas stockings that you can personalize with each family member's names. We found cute designs for dogs and cats too!

Personalized Knitted Christmas Stockings

Personalized Knitted Christmas StockingsLet’s start with these fabulous brightly colored knitted stockings. They are available in a number of Fair Isle Intarsia designs, I think my personal favorites are the green ones with the reindeer on! These stockings are long and large so they are just what you need if you like to go crazy with stocking stuffers! You can have the stocking personalized with a name at no extra cost.
Personalized Knitted Christmas Stockings by eugenie2

Handmade Grey Stockings

Handmade Grey StockingsIf you want something a little more contemporary to match your decor take a look at these sweet stockings. Each one is grey and white but you can choose from different patterns including reindeer faces, stags, polka dots or a Scandinavian design. You can opt to have them personalized but this time it’s via a sweet star that hangs from your stocking.
Handmade Grey Stockings by LottieAnnDesigns

Custom Jute Stockings

Custom Jute StockingsIf you want something cute and colorful you can’t go wrong with these fabulous just hessian stockings with their bright festive designs. Each stocking is fully lined and you can have them personalized with the thread color of your choice.
Custom Jute Stockings by NamableGifts

Farmhouse Christmas Stockings

Farmhouse Christmas StockingsAnd now we have the perfect choice for the Farmhouse fans among you! There are four different designs to chose from and you can select the font you want for the personalization. I love that grey and white buffalo check with the fur cuff!
Farmhouse Christmas Stockings by AllThroughtheHouseCo

Monogram Embroidered Christmas Stockings

Monogram Embroidered Christmas StockingsIf you’re looking for fun stockings for the kids then they are sure to love one of these! The red cuff is so striking against the stocking fabric, and you can opt to have them monogrammed or personalized so everyone knows whose stocking is whose!
Monogram Embroidered Christmas Stockings by SewWhatFun

Knitted Christmas Stockings

Knitted Christmas StockingsOh how fun! There are so many great snowflake designs to choose from with these knitted stockings, but you can even get a matching one for your dog or cat!
Knitted Christmas Stockings by eugenie2

Applique Christmas Stockings

Applique Christmas StockingsFor the ultimate luxury you can’t beat an applique stocking, and these beautiful designs can be personalized too. There are six designs to choose from and you can also pick out the color of the embroidery thread used to add the name.
Applique Christmas Stockings by AllThroughtheHouseCo

Gingham Christmas Stockings

Gingham Christmas StockingsIf you have a country chic feel to your Christmas decor take a look at these lovely gingham designs. The muted colors are lovely and you can choose to add a name tag if you want to personalize them.
Gingham Christmas Stockings by BurlapSeason

Hand Knit Wool Stockings

Hand Knit Wool StockingsThese traditional hand knit stockings are beautiful and sure to be treasured as family heirlooms for years to come. There are five designs to choose from so you can mix and match as a family.
Hand Knit Wool Stockings by CampKitschyKnits

Indigo Mudcloth Stocking

Indigo Mudcloth StockingIf you want to break from traditional designs take a look at these fabulous mudcloth stockings. They’re made from vintage African cotton and the repairs, patches and weave irregularities add to their charm. You can add a name tag or a fuzzy pompom to personsalize them for an extra charge.
Indigo Mudcloth Stocking by Habitation Boheme

Mini Mudcloth Pet Christmas Stockings

Mini Mudcloth Pet Christmas StockingsIf you loved the mudcloth designs I just shared and you have a cat or dog you’ll be pleased to know that they make smaller pet version too!
Mini Mudcloth Pet Christmas Stockings by HabitationBoheme