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Budget Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas {Get control of your spending in 2020!}

If you want to get out of debt in 2020 try one of these budget tracker Bullet Journal ideas to help you stay in control of your expenses!

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Get a handle on your finances with these Bullet Journal budget spreads to help you track your spending!

Budget Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas

Ever since we published our super popular Bullet Journal tracker collection our readers have been asking for more budget tracker Bullet Journal ideas to help them manage their finances. So that’s why we have today!

Since you have your Bullet Journal with you all day every day it makes perfect sense to track your expenses and keep an eye on your budget with it. And there are so many creative layouts for you to try out for yourself.

Have a browse through the ones we’ve picked out for you, think about your budgeting goals and what you want to keep track of and then put something together that will work for you!

Always running out of money before the end of the month? Try one of these budget tracker bullet journal spreads to help you manage your money!

Spending log

via bobbie_bujo

Spending Log

Keep track of your spending with a simple log layout like this one. If you spend on a combination of credit card and cash it’s a good idea to have a separate column for each.

YNAB tracker

via bujoncoffee

YNAB Tracker for your Bullet Journal

I love using YNAB to balance my budgets and this is such a clever idea to have a layout in your Bullet Journal so you can keep track of the times things don’t quite add up right.

Budget dashboard spread

via plusbizarre

Budget Dashboard Bullet Journal

I love this layout because it’s like a budget dashboard for your Bullet Journal with your monthly bills and savings goals all on one page.

Online earnings

via shellyosborne

Online Earnings Bullet Journal

If you have a side hustle making money online with Pinterest or eBay then this online tracker is a nice way to keep track of your earnings and motivate yourself to keep putting in the effort!

Monthly bills tracker for utilities

via my_sky_blue_design

Utility Bills Tracker Bullet Journal

Oh I LOVE the idea of keeping track of utility bills over the course of the year with a little graph so you can see high your usage goes up and down! This is a way you can see where you can save money on your utility bills not just how much they cost.

Budget tracker spread

via profplans

Budget Goals Chart Bullet Journal

And speaking of charts, here’s another way to incorporate one into your financial Bullet Journal spreads. This time the chart will show you which months you were over budget and which months you were under.

Monthly budget list

via minimal_almanac

Bullet Journal Monthly Bills Budget List

If you like to break your budget down into sections then try a simple grid layout like this one so you can see at a glance how many dollars you have assigned to each category each month.

Simple expenses tracker

via keletters

Budget Tracker for Bullet Journal

If all you want to do is keep a running list of the amount of money you spend each month try a simple layout like this one. I LOVE that colourful header!

Budget graph

via eat.sleep.stayweird

Monthly Expenses Tracker

Here’s the layout you need if you follow the Dave Ramsey strategy to reduce your debts. I really like the budget graph page.

Monthly budget spread

via cardigansandchamomile

Monthly Budget with Piggy Bank

This spread jumped out at me because of that cute little piggy bank doodle, but on closer inspection I realised that this was a really well thought out budget dashboard spread. There’s space for keeping track of monthly expenses and savings goals as well as a budget v actual table to help you get an overall picture of your spending each month.

No spend tracker

via bulletjournal.yeay

No Spending Tracker

This isn’t really a budget tracker, but if you’re trying to save money by having no spend days you should think about making a layout like this one to help you build the habit and track your progress!

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Bullet Journal Tracker

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If 2020 is the year you're going to get a handle on your finances you NEED one of these budget trackers in your Bullet Journal!