20+ Creative School Bullet Journal Layouts {to help you stay on top of your study game!}

These school Bullet Journal layouts will help you stay on track this semester! So many genius ideas even if you’re brand new to using a BuJo!

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These school bullet journal layouts are GENIUS! Just what you need to stay organized at college this semester! #studygram #studyblr #bulletjournal

School Bullet Journal Layouts

The thing I love most about using a Bullet Journal to stay organized is that you can set one up at any time of the year.

But there are two times of the year when we are MOST interested in getting our lives organized, January (to get the New Year off to a good start) and the summer when you’re keen to get organized for back to school!

If you’ve never used a Bullet Journal before don’t worry, it’s one of those things that you can learn about as you use it, and it shapes into a planner that is the perfect fit for you and your studies.

Today I’ve pulled together 25 different school Bullet Journal ideas to help you stay organized this semester including some YouTube videos just in case you learn better from watching other people get set up.

These college bullet journal spreads are just what you need to stay on top of studying in school this semester #studygram #bulletjournal

Make a “Before College Begins” checklist

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Before Class Bullet Journal Checklist

The first step of being organized is emptying your brain of all the things you need to remember to do before college starts. So start with getting them all down on paper into a checklist like this one.

Make sure you don’t forget anything with a college packing list

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Bullet Journal College Packing List

And of course you’ll need to keep track of all those items you need to pack for college.

Create a school weekly schedule spread

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School Schedule Timetable Weekly Spread

Make sure you know which classes take place each day by setting up a color coded weekly schedule like this one.

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Semester Log Bullet Journal

Or this one.

Use a weekly study plan spread

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Bullet Journal Study Plan Checklist

And because it’s sooo satisfying to be able to check things off make sure you set up a weekly study plan too.

A semester log lets you see important milestones as a glance

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Bullet Journal Semester Overview

Make sure you have a bird’s eye view of the big milestones each semester like assignment due dates or exams. You can use a semester log layout like this one.

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Bullet Journal Semester Log

Or this one.

Stay on top of your revision with an exam study plan tracker

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Bullet Journal exam study plan tracker

They say the easiest way to achieve anything is to break it down into smaller steps, and this exam study plan is a perfect example of how to do that!

Create a How to Study page

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How to Study Page

Speaking of study tips come up with your game plan of how you’re going to study this semester and write it down so you can keep referring back to it.

Take notes right there in your Bullet Journal

Don’t forget that your Bullet Journal is not just about task lists, checklists and tracking, you can actually take your study notes right in there too.

There has been a ton of research over the years extolling the virtues of note-taking, and some people argue that adding in colors and diagrams makes it even more effective.

If you want to know how to take your note taking to the next level just hop on over to Instagram and check out #studygram, there’s over 4.5 million results for you to browse through. Which is why I thought I’d save you some time and share my favorites right here!

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How to use your Bullet Journal to study videos

And if you need some help learning how to take effective study notes bullet journal style grab a drink and watch these videos.