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Gumball Mood Tracker {To track your emotions in your Bullet Journal}

Gumball Mood Tracker

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Track your emotions in a fun way using a gumball mood tracker in your Bullet Journal. You can draw your own or get a printable!

Gumball Mood Tracker

Gumball Mood Tracker

Is it gumball or gum ball? I’m never actually sure! Anyway since I shared a gumball mood tracker spread in our hugely popular mood tracker Bullet Journal collection readers have been asking how to draw a gumball machine, or where to get a printable to use. So that’s what we have today!

Gum ball machine mood tracker

via @_diythings._

Bullet Journal Gumball Machine Mood Tracker

First up here’s the gumball mood tracker that readers are talking about. I love the way they chose facial expressions and not just colours for the balls!

Gum ball habit tracker example

via happilyeveafter

Gumball Machine Habit Tracker Example

I love the simple design on this gum ball machine! It’s actually being used as a habit tracker but the concept is the same.

Gumball mood tracker spread

via the.kiki.b

Gumball Moods Tracker Instagram

And here’s Kiki’s twist on the gum ball machine. It looks so realistic doesn’t it! She hasn’t pre-drawn her gumballs but she has picked out her colours and made an emotions key.

How to draw a gumball machine

If you really want to make one of these trackers but you have no idea how to draw the machine take a look at this video tutorial where they walk you through it step-by-step!

Gumball mood tracker in a jar

via 9to5 Bullet Journal

Gumballs in a Jar Mood Tracker

Or you could start out with something more simple and store your emotional gum balls in a jar instead!

Gumball mood tracker printable

via Dallingtons

Gumball Mood Tracker Printable

Of course the other way to make one of these trackers in your Bullet Journal quickly and easily is to use a printable like this one.

GoodNotes digital planner version

via Lucro Design

Gumball Machine Digital Planner

And just in case you’re a digital planner kinda gal here’s a pre-drawn version that works well with GoodNotes.

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