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190+ Easy Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners in 2021

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190+ Easy Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners in 2021

The super fun part of your bujo is the trackers and collections! Choose from our HUGE list of bullet journal ideas 2021. So many things to track in your bullet journal you might not have thought of!

The super fun part of your bujo is the trackers and collections! Choose from our HUGE list of bullet journal ideas 2020. So many things to track in your bullet journal you might not have thought of!

Bullet Journal Ideas 2021

Whether you’re a beginner and new to the whole Bullet Journal craze or you’re just ready to take your journaling to the next level you will be totally inspired by these Bullet Journal idea.

So if you want bullet journal tracker ideas or inspiration on how to set up a collection (or 190) you’re in the right place.

What Can I Track in My Bullet Journal?

What can you track in your bullet journal? Oh anything and everything! Seriously we have such a long list of things to track you’re going to be spoiled for choice!

From tracking your sleep and your daily steps to monitoring your migraines and remembering when you last changed the oil in your car, there is a creative tracker layout here for everyone to use in your 2021 bullet journal!

Just try not to go overboard, otherwise you’ll have to go and buy another journal to put them all in!

We have a ton of tracking ideas right here in this post, and then if we had too many to squeeze in to a section you’ll find a link to another page with even more inspiration for you to drool over!

Just scroll down to check out the ideas and the eye candy.

So many fun bullet journal collections ideas in this list - I don't think I've ever seen so many all in one place! #bulletjournal #bujo

Health and Wellness Tracker Ideas

Your Bullet Journal is a great place to keep track of your health and overall wellness, here are some ideas for recording your sleep patterns, doctor’s appointments and monitoring your migraines.

Blood sugar tracker
Doctor appointments
Food diary
Foods to eat and avoid
Healthy snacks list
Journal prompts
Log of weight loss/gain
Medical history
Medication log
Migraine tracker
Pain tracker
Self care activities
Sleep tracker
Things to do instead of eating

Track your sleep

via Hannah Rau

Track your sleep

Sleep, it’s the one thing most of us want more of! And of course lack of sleep leads to irritability so its a good idea to track your sleep patterns and see how much you’re actually getting each night!

If you have children think about tracking their sleep patterns in your BUJO too. My son is a terrible sleeper and when he goes through a bad patch I whip up a sleep tracker spread to monitor what’s going on.

Check out these other Sleep Bullet Journal Ideas

Track your Doctor appointments

via Crafting is My Life

Track your doctor appointments

Keeping track of your family’s doctor appointments is also a good idea. I like how this layout covers several years on one page which is perfect if you don’t have to visit them too often. Tracking doctor and healthcare professional appointments is even more important if someone in your family has a health condition that requires regular monitoring or treatment, in which case you might want to dedicate a whole page per calendar year.

Monitor your migraines

via Buzzfeed

Track your migraines

This is an excellent tracker layout if you suffer from migraines and want to be able to track your symptoms and triggers. It will help you to make sure you take your medication properly too.

Want more ideas? Check out these health and wellness bullet journal ideas

Fitness Bullet Journal Ideas

What are your fitness goals for the coming year? Whether you want to track your fitness routine, up your daily step count or lose some weight these creative bullet journal layout ideas will help you get going!

Fitness diary
Fitness goals
Log of weight loss/gain
Step tracker
Tracking your measurements
Weight loss goals
Workout routine
Yoga poses

Track your fitness routine

via Pinterest

Track your fitness

Challenges are a great way to motivate you towards meeting a goal, and you can take part in an official challenge, join up with some friends or just go ahead and challenge yourself! This tracker is a simple way of monitoring your progress towards three fitness goals.

Track your steps

via @makingabujo

Track your steps

If you want to increase your daily step count try a layout like this step tracker. I like how they put their daily goal as a line down the middle but left room to exceed it for those days when you can walk more than usual.

Oh and I used to try and track my steps with my iPhone but I much prefer my Fitbit Charge 2. Seeing my step count every time I check the time is pretty motivating, and I love how it prompts me to get up and move once an hour.

Track your weight loss

via Productive and Pretty

Track your weight loss

I love this weight loss tracker spread with its built-in rewards to celebrate your progress along the way!

Don’t miss these other fitness bullet journal ideas

Meal Planner Bullet Journal Ideas

Here’s a set of Bullet Journal tracker ideas to help you organize mealtimes and make sure that you and your family are eating healthily.

Diet planner
Christmas cookie exchange recipes
Favorite recipes
Freezer inventory
Go to meals
Holiday menus
In-season produce
Meal plan/meal prep schedule
Pantry inventory
Recipes to try
Water tracker

Plan your diet

via Notey

Track your diet

This tracker was created as a diet plan, but don’t scroll past if you’re not “on a diet” right now. It’s also a really useful layout for a weekly meal plan whether you’re meal prepping, Keto-ing, Whole 30-ing, or just planning out what to feed your family this week!

Track your water intake

via House Beautiful

Track your water intake

If you need to drink more water it’s a good idea to track your daily intake on a water tracker spread like this one. I like how they included “10 ways to drink more water” to inspire them to build the habit!

Plan your meals

via Little Coffee Fox

Plan your meals

As Bullet Journal hacks go this meal planning one is pretty genius… build a recipe bank in your BUJO using colorful sticky notes!

If you love these tracker layouts check out our collection of Meal planner Bullet Journal Ideas

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

Don’t forget that your Bullet Journal can also be used as a diary and these are my favorite spreads and collections for keeping track of the things that are important to you right now.

Book reading challenge
Book reviews and quotes
Books already read
Books to read
Capsule wardrobe
Composers to know
Craft project tracker
Currently doing
Disney movie bucket list
Doodle a day
Essential oil recipes
Favorite TV shows
Favorite lyrics
Favorite movies
Favorite quotes
Favorite songs and artists
Hair color numbers
Handlettering practice
Header and banner doodles
Hobbies to try
Horoscope tracker
Inspirational quotes
Instagram / YouTube accounts you follow
Lunar cycle
Makeup expiration dates
Movie tracker
Movies to watch
Nail polish colors
New words to use
Pen tracker
Personal affirmations
Podcast tracker
Social media followers
TV Shows to watch
TV show tracker
Washi tape swatches

Try a monthly spread to keep track of what you’re currently doing

via my_blue_sky_design



Journal what's currently happening in your life in your Bullet Journal

This layout is actually a Bullet Journal printable and you can get a copy right here.

I love how this simple one page spread lets you journal what life looked like this month in 12 different areas.

Track the movies you watch

via endless_vegan



Track your movies

If you’re big on movies and you want to write out a bucket list, or just record them as you see them this cute movie tracker layout is a good way to do it.

Or track your tv shows

via Mom Spark



Track your TV shows

If you’re like me and can never remember which episodes you’ve seen of your favorite TV shows then try a TV tracker spread like this one.

Track your craft projects

If you’re a keen crafter you can use your Bullet Journal to note down the projects you are working on and track your progress. I like this two page layout because it has room for a picture.

Don’t miss our other Craft Bullet Journal Ideas

Track your Instagram follower numbers

via @explorejournaling

Bullet Journal Instagram Tracker Game

I love this Instagram tracker layout because it reminds me of PacMan!

Track the weather

via Mom Spark

Track the weather

This is a fun and easy way to track the weather by doodling right there alongside your daily log!

Mental Health Bullet Journal Ideas

Self-care seems to be a bit of a buzzword right now but it really is so important to look after our mental health as well as our physical health. The following spreads, collections and trackers are a great place to start.

22 things to do before 2022
5 Year plan
About me
Bucket list
Compliments and kindness received
Gratitude Log
Habit tracker
Health tracker
Level 10 life
Mood tracker
Pay it forward ideas
Personal goals
Wish list
Year in pixels

Track your mood

via Scrapbooking Life



Track your mood

Tracking your mood is important for emotional health and this simple layout is a good place to start.

Check out these other Mood Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas

Track your year in pixels

via thebujophase



Track your year in pixels

Or you could try a more minimalist layout like this one.

Track your memories and milestones

via Productive and Pretty



Track your memories

And it’s always a good idea to note down memories and milestones, however small, to keep your mind positive even on the bad days.

Travel Bullet Journal Ideas

If you’re a regular traveler you’ll probably want to start a standalone travel journal, but if your trips are less frequent you can plan and track them right there in your Bullet Journal.

Day trip ideas
Places you have been
Places you want to go
Saving money for travel
Shopping list for traveling items
Souvenirs to bring back
Travel itinerary
Trip planning
Vacation countdown

Countdown to your Disney vacation

via Liz

Track your Disney countdown

A countdown is always fun especially when you’re counting down to a Disney vacation!

Track your bucket list

via Pinterest

Track your bucket list

Or how about setting aside a page to write out your travel bucket list, and include those all-important boxes so you can check them off as you visit!

Finance Bullet Journal Ideas

Your Bullet Journal is also a useful place to monitor your budgets and expenses since you have it right there with you all day.

Big purchases
Bill payment tracker
Daily business expenses
Daily personal expenses
Debt tracker
Household finance info
Items to buy
Money savings challenges
No spend tracker
Online orders
Records for tax returns
Shopping list
Specific savings goals
Vacation fund tracker

Track your budgets and expenditure

via Pinterest

Track your budgeting

This set of tracker spreads is pretty all-encompassing when it comes to tracking budgets. You can see how you could set out spreads for monthly bills and subscriptions, no spend months and savings goals.

Track your savings goals

via Kathe Veganete

Track your savings goals

Speaking of savings goals, you might want to set aside a whole spread for those. I love this one with the picture of the mason jar that you fill up as you go through the year!

Track your debt payoff – Dave Ramsey style

via Debt Free Panda

Bullet Journal Debt Payoff

If you’re following the Dave Ramsey method to pay off your debts then try a tracker spread like this one to monitor your progress.

Home Bullet Journal Ideas

If you have trouble staying on top of your household chores it might be time to pop some goals and schedules into your Bullet Journal to remind you what you need to do!

Car maintenance log
Chore list
Christmas decorations log
Daily cleaning to-do lists
Event planning
Garden projects
Home repairs to make
Inventory for insurance purposes
KonMarie schedule
Mileage log
Moving house checklist
Numbers of home repair contractors
Recurring tasks
Smoke alarm check schedule
Spring cleaning notes
Weekly cleaning to-do lists
When you last…

Track your chores

via Gurl

Track your chores

I like this master chore list spread so you can see at a glance which tasks need doing and how often.

Don’t miss our collection of Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedules to keep your home spick and span!

Track your KonMari organizing efforts

via @mariekondo

Track your car maintenance
If you are keen to organize your home Marie Kondo style you’ll need a KonMarie checklist and schedule like this one. The sub-categories is such a good idea!

Track your car maintenance

via @entropyemma

Track your car maintenance

Or how about a spread like this to remind you when you last changed your oil or check your tyre treads.

Track when you last…

via Buzzfeed

Track your when you last

And I think this “when did I last…” tracking spread is really useful for those random household tasks that need to happen at regular intervals like checking the smoke alarm or flipping your mattress.

Goal Planning Bullet Journal Ideas

Using your Bullet Journal to track your time and your goals is probably the most obvious so here are some creative ideas to help you decide how to do it.

Active projects
Brain dump
Bullet journal plans for next month
Business plan lists
Daily Schedule
Evening routine
Events and appointments
Future log
Goal setting
Mini goal tracker
Miracle morning
Monthly Schedule
Morning routine
My ideal day
Professional development
Skills to learn
Time block notes
Time tracking
To-do lists
Weekly Schedule

Track your mini goals

via @my_blue_sky_design

Track your mini goals

I LOVE this mini goal tracker! Create one at the start of each month and then pick out your mini goals that you want to track progress against!

Plan your morning routine

via Sublime Reflection

Track your morning routine

Having a morning routine is a good way to start your day positively and efficiently, and if you need to get into the habit of doing it right it makes sense to write your plans out in your journal.

Use the Dutch Door hack to track your week

via Christina 77 Star

Dutch Door Hack Bullet Journal

I haven’t tried the dutch door hack yet because I haven’t been brave enough to take a pair of scissors to my Bullet Journal! but it sure is a clever way to create extra space in a weekly layout.

Speaking of hacks and goal setting we have a whole collection of Bullet Journal goal tracker hacks if you need some more inspiration!

Fertility Bullet Journal Ideas

And now for the female health trackers. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, monitor your nursing schedule or just know when to expect your period these creative layouts should give you some ideas!

Antenatal appointments
Fertility tracker
Nursing tracker
Period tracker
Pregnancy tracker

Track your period

via @meyersmadness22

Track your period

A simple pixel grid style chart is one of the easiest ways to track “the return of aunt flow”!

Track your IVF cycle

via Pinterest

Track your IVF cycle

I wish I’d had a tracker like this when we were going through out IVF program because it sure was confusing keeping up with all the meds!

Track your antenatal appointments

via Decade Thirty

Track your antenatal appointments

And when you have a list of ante-natal appointments as long as your arm it makes sense to keep track of those in your Bullet Journal.

Track your breastfeeding

via Start a Mom Blog

Track your breastfeeding

Keeping track of your left and right side is important when you’re nursing, and this is a pretty humorous way to do it!

Family Bullet Journal Ideas

Your bullet journal is of course a great way to keep track of all the information you need as a parent. Here are some collection ideas:

Allergy/diet information
Baby names
Birthday and anniversary list
Carpool planner
Clothing checklist
Communication tracker AKA when you last called your mom
Date night ideas
Family game night ideas
Funny quotes from your kids
Important contact numbers
Insurance information
Party planning
Penpal tracker
Pet tracker/information
Places to go as a family
School shopping lists
Stocking stuffer ideas

Remind yourself of birthdays

via Samantha Jenkins

Track birthdays

It can be all to tempting to fill your year-at-a-glance or calendex spread up with birthdays and anniversaries (I know I did it) but it makes things so cluttered, I personally find it better to use a birthday tracker spread instead. And besides doing it this way lets you be more creative!

School Bullet Journal Ideas

Kids of all ages, and especially college students, can use the bullet journal method to keep track of their school life too!

Before college begins checklist
College packing list
Exam preparation
Grade tracker
Homework assignments
How to study page
Reading log
Semester log
Study notes
Timetable / Schedule
Weekly study plan

Create a school weekly schedule spread

via lauriewrites


School Schedule Timetable Weekly Spread

Make sure you know which classes take place each day by setting up a color coded weekly schedule like this one.

Bible Study Bullet Journal Ideas

Your bullet journal is a good place to keep track of your bible study and prayer requests too. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Answered prayers
Bible reading tracker
Inspirational bible verses
Prayer requests
SOAP Bible study

Track your bible reading progress

via Pinterest

Track your bible study
Create a bookshelf spread with each of the books of the bible and then color them in as you read them.

Track your prayer requests

via Pinterest

Track your prayer requests
Here’s an idea for how you can add prayer requests into your bullet journal.

All the bullet journal tracker ideas inspiration you could ever need in one place! #bulletjournal


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