Track your life with these genius bullet journal spreads!

33 Genius Bullet Journal Tracking Spreads You Need to Try in 2018

Your bullet journal can be used for so much more than just keeping track of your to do list. Get inspired by these bullet journal spreads you need to try in 2018!

Track your life with these genius bullet journal spreads!

Bullet Journal Spreads for Tracking Your Life

Whether you’re new to the whole Bullet Journal movement or you’re ready to take your planning to the next level you will be totally inspired by these tracking spreads you can use in 2018! From tracking your sleep and your daily steps to monitoring your migraines and remembering when you last changed the oil in your car, there is a layout here for everyone!

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Track your sleep

Track your fitness routine

Track your steps

Track the books you read

Track your budgets and expenditure

Track the movies you watch

Track your savings goals

Track your TV shows

Track your mood

Track the weather

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Track your period

Track your weight loss

Track your chores

Track your mini goals

Plan your morning routine

Remind yourself of birthdays

Plan your meals

Track your debt payoff

Track your water intake

Plan your diet

Use the Dutch Door hack to track your week

Track your pen tests

Track your memories and milestones

Track your Christmas shopping

Countdown to your Disney vacation

Track your car maintenance

Monitor your migraines

Track your IVF cycle

Track your antenatal appointments

Track your breastfeeding

Track when you last…

Track your Doctor appointments

Track your bucket list

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Bullet Journal Tracking Spreads - So many brilliant spreads here from tracking weight loss and water to chores and car maintenance!

Bullet Journal Spreads - so many great ways to track everything from TV shows and books to water intake and weight loss!
Bullet Journal Spreads - Love these layouts - especially the sleep log!