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Bullet Journal Hacks {You won’t want to miss!}

Loving these bullet journal hacks and you'll want to try them all out today!

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You’re going to love these bullet journal hacks. Everything from saving time setting up your journal to DIY tricks to make it more organized!

Loving these bullet journal hacks and you'll want to try them all out today!

Bullet Journal Hacks

We’ve had lots of reader requests for bullet journal hacks so today that’s just what we’re sharing. We’ve got 31 genius hacks from three very talented BUJO YouTubers to help you make the most of your bullet journal!

Mariana’s Bullet Journal Hacks

bullet journal hacks from Mariana's Study Corner

Mariana from Mariana’s Study Corner shares 10 of her favourite bullet journal hacks.

If you’re always looking for an excuse to buy more Washi Tape you’re going to love hacks 3, 6, 8 and 10!

Hack 1: Turn your journal elastic into a pen loop
Hack 2: Make a foldable key using an index card and washi tape
Hack 3: Use Washi Tape to mark your most used pages
Hack 4: Print out banners on sticker paper so you don’t have to draw them yourself
Hack 5: Use your sticker paper to make a vision board for your journal
Hack 6: Make tabbed dividers using cardstock
Hack 7: Use post it notes for your brainstorming spread
Hack 8: Make a handy pocket using an envelope and Washi Tape
Hack 9: Use transparent sticky notes to mark and highlight entries
Hack 10: Make a page divider using Washi Tape

Ann Le’s DIY Bullet Journal Hacks to Help You Stay Organized

Ann Le's DIY Bullet Journal Hacks to Help You Stay Organized

Ann Le shares her favourite DIY hacks to help you organize your bullet journal. I love the colour coding trick as well as the “black label” to cover up mistakes!

Hack 1: Make an envelope slot for storing memorabilia or notes
Hack 2: Use Washi Tape to make your collections so you can find them easily
Hack 3: Use cut out marks to easily identify sections of your journal
Hack 4: Turn your elastic band into a pen holder
Hack 5: Create your own color index and colour code your journal
Hack 6: Make your own page marks using ribbons
Hack 7: Store your post its inside your journal!
Hack 8: Make a barn door to cover up your mistakes
Hack 9: Make a cover up if your ink bleeds through from the previous page
Hack 10: Create a flip out page so you can always access your key
Hack 11: Use a black label to cover up your mistakes

Noelle’s Hacks to Make Setting Up Your BUJO a Breeze

Noelle's Hacks to Make Setting Up Your BUJO a Breeze

If you’ve been put off setting up your bullet journal because it just feels too time consuming you need to watch Noelle’s set up hacks! She shows you how you can use stencils, stamps and fancy Washi Tape to make setting up your bujo a breeze!

Hack 1: Use a stencil
Hack 2: Use fancy Washi Tape as headers
Hack 3: Use a date stamp to fill in your dates quickly
Hack 4: Divide your dailies with Washi Tape instead of a ruler
Hack 5: Use stamps for your headers
Hack 6: Use pre-made checkbox Washi Tape for your task list
Hack 7: Use stickers to represent events
Hack 8: Stick squared paper into your journal to make your trackers
Hack 9: Use Wite-Out tape if you make a mistake!
Hack 10: Track your habits with stamps

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