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Bullet Journal Migraine Tracker {Severity, Symptoms and Triggers}

Looking for a bullet journal migraine tracker? Here's some great ideas for you to try.

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These bullet journal migraine tracker spreads will help you keep track of your severity, symptoms and triggers. We’ve got a printable for you too.

Looking for a bullet journal migraine tracker? Here's some great ideas for you to try.

Bullet Journal Migraine Tracker

Our collection of bullet journal trackers is still the most popular of our BUJO posts by far, and we’ve had reader requests for more bullet journal migraine tracker ideas. So that’s exactly what we have for you today.

Migraines suck and if you need a little help figuring out what is triggering yours, or how effective your medication is then a simple tracker in your bullet journal is a good place to start.

1 | Year at a Glance Migraine Tracker

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Year Long Migraine Tracker

When you’re tracking migraines it can help to see the whole year at a glance. It can help you see whether you’re headaches vary by season and how close together they are.

2 | A Year in Pixels Migraine Tracker

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A Year in Pixels Migraine Tracker

Here’s another year at a glance spread but this time it’s a year in pixels style. I like how the key is split so that crosslines is for a headache and a bold block is for a migraine, making it easy to “upgrade” a headache to a migraine if you need to.

3 | Migraine Tracker

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Migraine Tracker

Alternatively you can use two color blocks within the day to show whether your pain level progressed.

4 | Migraine Tracker with Triggers and Symptoms

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Migraine Tracker Triggers Symptoms

While your 12 month tracker lets you see patterns having a monthly tracker for your migraines gives you a chance to record more granular information such as when you took your medication, your symptoms and the possible triggers.

5 | Migraine Tracker Graph

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Migraine Tracker Graph
Migraines Tracker Severity

This monthly spread is two pages and allows you to track the duration and severity of your migraines in graph form at the top. You use a line graph for the severity and a bar graph for the length of time. Then underneath you can record symptoms, remedies and triggers.

6 | Migraine Tracker Printable

Migraine Tracker Printable

If you prefer to use printables in your bullet journal or you need a migraine tracker for your planner this one allows you to track when they happen, the severity, which meds you took and how effective they were.

Migraine Tracker Printable by PrintableMagnolia

7 | Migraine Trigger Tracker

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Migraine Trigger Tracker

If you don’t suffer migraines every day then a minimalist one page spread like this is a good way to track your triggers on the day that you have them.

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