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12 Easy Family Camping Recipes You Need to Try

These camping recipes look delicious - thanks for sharing!

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8. Camping Quesadillas

Camping Quesadillas
“Finding meals to cook over the campfire can be fun but also challenging. One of our camping dinner favorites is a hot and cheesy Camping Quesadilla. They’re easy to make and taste so yummy! Just put the quesadillas together, place on tin foil and cover them up, and place them on the grate right over your campfire. And just like that dinner is done!” – Cupcake Diaries

7. 20 Alternatives to Traditional Smores

20 Alternatives to Traditional Smores
“We’re looking forward to some fun camping weekends this summer. And my favorite part of camping has always been the food; the homemade treats packed by my grandma, mountain pies of every filling, and of course… smores! But s’mores have come a long way since I was a kid. Here are some fun versions to try with your kids this summer whether you’re camping or not.” – B-Inspired Mama

6. Simple Turkey Fajitas Foil Packet Recipe

Simple Turkey Fajitas Foil Packet Recipe
“We’re always looking for easy recipes – with few ingredients, little to no dishes – that we can cook on the grill or over a fire while we’re camping. And foil packet recipes are perfect for that!” – B-Inspired Mama

5. Campfire Paellla and Tips for Cooking Over an Open Fire

Campfire Paellla and Tips for Cooking Over an Open Fire
“This is a super-easy one-pan dish absolutely incredible on a cold night by the fire. Not only does it work really well cooked on a campfire, the woodsmoke will add to the flavour.” – Y Travel Blog

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