44 Insanely Useful Things to Pack for Your Disney Vacation

If you’re heading out to Disney and wondering what to put in your luggage you’re going to love this insanely useful Disney packing list!

You have to see this Disney World packing list - so many things you'll never think to pack!

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The Insanely Useful Disney Packing List

We’re planning our next Disney vacation right now and as we review the items on our insanely useful Disney packing list it occurred to us that you might find these Disney hacks useful too!

This isn’t your regular packing list. We’re not going to remind you to pack your shorts or your swimsuit.

Oh no, this list is full of the things you’d (probably) never think of yourself. Things that will make life easier for you when you’re packing, and while you’re on vacation. And of course things you can bring from home that will save you money (so you can treat your family to more souvenirs or Mickey Bars). Oh and we have tips for souvenirs and Mickey Bars too!

You can print out this list by hitting the Control Button and P at the same time. And just in case you’re not sure what certain things are just hit the link to go to Amazon to take a closer look. That’s actually where we buy most of our vacation stuff anyway because we love the fast shipping!

Useful Things to Bring On Your Disney Vacation

  • Dried Snacks – All that walking and waiting makes you hungry so carry dried snacks or trail mix with you to the parks.
  • Bottled Water – Pop a couple of bottles in the freezer each evening then carry them with you to the parks so you’ll have ice cold water to cool you down when you get thirsty.

We’re flying in to Orlando so it’s easier to get these heavy items shipped directly to our Resort using the Amazon Prime Pantry service.

  • Glow Stick Bracelets – If your child is wary of the dark they can wear one on dark attractions to feel a bit braver.
  • Swimmer’s Towel– A great way to dry off after a rainstorm, or riding a wet ride.
  • Downy Wrinkle Releaser – To give your crumpled in the suitcase clothes the freshly ironed look!
  • Hanging Collapsible Shelf – Because there is never enough space for everyone’s clothes.
  • Disney Bandaids – Just in case.
  • Electronics Bag – To keep all of your charging cables, memory cards and other essentials together.
  • Over the door shoe pocket holder – for keeping your room neat and tidy.
  • Shout Wipes – to rescue clothes from ketchup and ice cream incidents.
  • Harness Backpack – if your child does not like holding hands you’re less likely to lose them in a crowd if you are holding onto them using one of these cute harnesses.
  • Battery Powered Nightlight– Pop it in the bathroom so you can find your way in the middle of the night.
  • Bag of Pipe Cleaners – To keep kids entertained while waiting, they can make all kinds of creations with them. Just be careful of sharp ends with little ones.
  • Packing Cubes – To make packing your luggage more efficient, and if you have a different cube for each family member to unpack all you do is take the cube out of your suitcase! if you’re arriving late then designate one to hold Pjs and other things you need for the night so you don’t have to unpack your case to find it.

  • Soap Bag – Pop your bar of hotel soap in it and hang it in the shower.
  • Water-bottle Mister Fan – to keep you cool.
  • Folding Potty Seat – For little ones who aren’t very confident.
  • Ziplock Bags in various sizes – For storing snacks, phones and cameras when it rains, autograph books, wet clothes, swimsuits etc.
  • Lightweight Duffle Bag – Bring it empty and use it as a laundry hamper during your stay. When it’s time to go home just zip it up, your clothes are now packed and you can fill your suitcase with the souvenirs you bought!
  • Cooler Backpack – Easiest way to carry your snacks and picnic into the parks without anything melting in the heat.
  • Carabiner Clips – For hanging hats and water bottles from your backpack.
  • Travel Dish Wipes – For cleaning our your refillable mug before switching drinks.
  • Ponchos – Cheaper than buying Disney ones and you won’t look the same as everyone else!
  • Bobble Water Bottles – They come with a built in filter so you’ll be able to refill at the fountains without the water tasting so bad.
  • Power Strip – Because there are never enough power outlets for all of your gadgets.
  • Thick Sharpies – to make signing autographs easier for Mickey and his Pals – don’t forget to check out our collection of DIY Autograph Books.
  • Collapsible Water Bottles – When you’ve finished your water you can fold them up so they’re easier to carry.

  • Brita Water Filter Jug – To make the water taste better. Pack your socks inside it to save room in your luggage.
  • Popup Hamper – for dirty laundry.
  • Collapsible Tupperware Containers – Pop your snacks or sandwiches in to stop them getting squashed.
  • Body Glide – to prevent chafing.
  • A Bright Scarf or Bandana – Attach it to your stroller handle so you can find it more easily.
  • Bag of Toys – Take a trip to the Dollar Store and pick up toys and bubbles to keep your children entertained while waiting for attractions.
  • Matching Disney Family Shirts – Matching vacation shirts are super cute, make it easier to find each other, and sometimes get you extra pixie dust from cast members and characters!
  • Cheap Flip Flops – Put them on before you hit the wet rides and you can leave your sneakers safe on dry land!
  • Chewing Gum – Especially if you’re a smoker.
  • Crystal Light – because Florida water doesn’t taste very nice!
  • Ear Plugs – If you have sensitive ears (or a sensitive child) they can be helpful for the loud attractions and fireworks.
  • Drip Free Popsicle Holder – pop the stick from your Mickey Bar through the hole and it catches all the drips.
  • Odd Socks – Pop your water bottles inside them to keep the water cooler longer, and to stop the condensation getting your bag contents wet!
  • Plastic Shower Curtain – Grab a cheap one from the Dollar Store. You can sit on it for a wet day parade, or use it as a rain cover for your stroller using clothespins.
  • Post-it Notes – If you’re travelling with a child who is afraid of the flush use them to cover the automatic flushers on the toilets.
  • Pre-printed Address Labels – for your postcards.
  • Small Fleece Blanket – You can sit on it while waiting for parades and shows, or use it as a pillow for little ones napping in a stroller.
  • Two Mini M&M Tubes – One filled with quarters and one filled with pennies, for the pressed penny machines.
  • Trunki Ride on SuitcaseFill it full of activities and games to keep the kids entertained on your journey to Disney World.

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I've never seen a Disney packing list like this one before - so many clever travel hacks!