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Best Mom Backpack for Disney World {And what to carry in it!}

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Today we’re sharing our thoughts on the best mom backpack for Disney World and perhaps more importantly, what you need to carry in your bag!

Wondering what's the best mom backpack for Disney World? We've got the answers - as well as the all important things you need to carry in your bag to the parks! #disneyworld

Best Mom Backpack for Disney World

Our insanely useful Disney packing list has been super popular with our readers and many of you have asked about our thoughts on the best mom backpack Disney World.

So today we’re going to let you know which bag we carry, and perhaps more importantly give you some ideas on what you should bring with you to the themeparks!

If you're wondering what's the best mom bag for Disney World and what you should carry in it - we've got the answers! #DisneyWorld

Tips for choosing the bag that’s right for you

When you pick out a bag to use at the parks make sure you can carry it on your back or across your body, you’ll want your hands free to experience the fun and take pictures rather than carry a purse.

You also want to make sure it’s not too big because you don’t want to feel like a pack horse carrying it about, and it needs to fit on the rides with you.

You can of course rent a locker but that’s pretty expensive and you’ll need to keep going back to the entrance of the park whenever you need something from your bag.

We like to save money on our Disney vacation by bringing our own picnic lunch to the parks so my husband carries this cooler backpack.

It’s insulated so it keeps our lunch and snacks nice and cool and there’s room inside for all the other bits and pieces we like to carry with us!

If you’re on the Dining Plan or just want to experience the restaurants rather than brown bag your lunch then you can just use a regular backpack.

Hands down the most popular backpack we saw mom’s carrying at Disney World on our most recent trip was this one because it’s light weight but roomy enough to carry all the bits and pieces you’ll want during the day.

The straps are nice and comfortable to carry and it has a handy handle on top too.

It’s also water and dirt resistant which is just what you need when carrying it around Disney World!

Oh and just to make sure you don’t spend the day in discomfort. The one type of bag we do NOT recommend you use is one of those drawstring backpacks (like these) because those string straps can really dig into your shoulders and get uncomfortable after a while!

What should you carry inside your mom bag?

Want to know the number one item our readers put in their Disney bag? It’s the one thing you’d never think of but will be totally grateful for!

There is a fine balance between bringing along the essentials you need to make sure everyone in your family enjoys the day and carrying everything but the kitchen sink – just in case.

The Disney World theme parks are huge, and you will do a lot of walking, not to mention unless you’re visiting in the winter months it will also be hot and humid, so the last thing you want to do is act like a pack horse!

  • Quart sized Ziplock bags – for keeping your smartphones and wallet safe from the rain or wet rides. They’re also useful for keeping the items coming up next organized inside your bag!
  • Hand sanitizer – use it regularly throughout the day and especially before eating.
  • Clorox wipes – Disney cast members are great at keeping places clean but if you snag a table in a quick service restaurant before they have a chance to bus it you might want to give the table a quick wipe over yourself! They’re handy for toilet seats too.
  • Tissues – because you never know when someone might get the sniffles, or just a little bit emotional!
  • Ponchos – you never know when you might get caught in a Florida shower (or want to stay dry on a wet ride)
  • Sunscreen – go for SPF 50+ even if you don’t usually wear any because the Florida sun is brutal.
  • Lip Balm with SPF – don’t forget about your lips either! This lip balm keeps them nice and soft but also protected from the sun.
  • Sunglasses – to protect your eyes from the glare .
  • Ziplock baggies filled with snacks – granola bars and trail mix are great choices as they give you a protein boost and won’t melt.
  • Lunch – if you are brown bagging don’t forget to pack your lunch!
  • Refillable water bottle – Bottled water is expensive to buy in the parks, and you will need to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. This one has a filter in just inc case you don’t like the taste of Florida water! You can refill it from a fountain or ask at any restaurant for a cup of ice water which is still free but tastes better.
  • Mini first aid kit – include Band-aids, Blister Band-aids and Tylenol in a ziplock to keep them altogether. Anything more serious than a scrape or a headache you can head to one of the First Aid centres. If you take medication for a specific medical need, like an inhaler or an Epipen, them make sure you bring those along too!
  • Ponytail holders – if you have long hair carry some ponytail holders with you, because even if you don’t generally wear your hair up you will be glad of the reprieve from the heat. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the back of your neck!
  • Camera – if you still use one – with extra batteries and memory cards. If you plan to use your smartphone then make sure you have plenty of space and backup your photos to the cloud every day!
  • Smartphone battery charger – to keep your phone fully juiced throughout the day because if you’re going to be taking photos and using the My Disney Experience App it will drain quickly. Don’t forget to carry your charging cord too!
  • Pocket blanket – these blankets are brilliant because they are waterproof and large enough for a couple of people to sit on, but fold up so small they’ll fit in a pocket! Perfect for keeping your bottom comfortable while waiting for a parade or fireworks spectacular!
  • Spray misting fan – these portable fans are a great way to cool off!
    Hat – to protect your head from the sun.
  • Body glide – to keep your skin protected from chafing when you get a little bit sweaty!
  • Gum – if you are a chewer you will need to bring your own gum as you cannot buy any at the Disney parks. Please dispose of it responsibly!
  • A light layer to wear in the evening or in a table service restaurant.
  • Visiting in the cold months? Bring a sweatshirt, hat and gloves to stay warm at the start and end of the day!
  • A printed copy of your reservation references, Fastpass + times and touring plan, just in case your phone battery runs out!
Don’t forget to check out our top picks of Disney shirt ideas to wear while you’re having fun at the parks!

Important items to carry in your wallet or on your arm

Check out these super cute Magicband decals for your trip!

And make sure you don’t forget these all important item which we decided to put in a separate list because technically they might not actually go in your bag!

  • MagicBand – if you are staying at a Disney Resort you will receive a complimentary MagicBand which acts as a key to your room. You can link your park passes and credit card to your band so that you can use it to enter the parks and use your Fastpasses and pay for food or souvenirs. If you’re staying in a non-Disney hotel you can still buy a Magicband to use in the themeparks so you don’t have to carry your tickets with you. Ooh and head over to Etsy to pick out a cute Magicband decal to decorate your band!
  • Photo ID and credit card – you can use your Magicband to pay for things in the parks but you should still carry your card card because sometimes the charging systems don’t work. Before you leave home empty everything else out of your wallet or treat yourself to a Disney one especially for your trip!
  • Smartphone – Download the My Disney Experience app before you leave home so you can keep track of your Fastpasses and dining reservations. I gave up carrying a camera to Disney years ago and just use my iPhone 6 to take pictures. If you want to use your phone just remember to make sure you have enough room for new photos and videos. It’s also a good idea to activate the daily backup to your cloud storage so you don’t lose any.
  • Fitbit – this one is entirely optional but we love seeing how many steps we take going around the parks! If you wear your Fitbit remember to switch off the bluetooth to save battery power on your phone.

Things to carry in your bag for the kids

Want to know the best mom bag for Disney World? We'll let you know what to carry in it too!
If you’re travelling with young children you’ll need an extra bag to carry all of their paraphernalia.

This Mickey Mouse inspired backpack is super cute and comes in three different designs!

And here’s a checklist of what to carry in your bag:

  • Wet wipes – to clean up spills and stickies
  • Autograph books and thick sharpie marker – to collect autographs from the characters you visit with.
  • Lanyard for trading pins – if you think your child would enjoy trading pins with cast members you might want to pre-fill the lanyard with low cost pins before you leave for your trip.
  • Two mini M&M tubes filled with quarters and pennies – for the penny press machines.
  • Glow toys and bracelets – when the lights go down the carts come out filled with glow toys, so save yourself some money by taking a stash with you! The glow bracelets are great for finding your stroller in the dark – just tie a couple to the handlebar. And they’re useful for helping kids feel braver on the dark rides! You can also use them as a nightlight in your hotel bathroom so you can find your way in the dark!
  • Change of clothes – in case they want to play in the fountains, don’t want to stay wet after riding Splash, get covered in ice cream or decide they don’t want to wear their princess dress or costume anymore!
  • Gallon ziplock bag – to hold the clothes they’re no longer wearing!
  • Colouring book and crayons – for restaurants or parade waiting
  • Popsicle holders – to catch the inevitable drips from those Mickey Ears ice creams!
  • Hat – to keep the sun off.

Extras for babies and toddlers

  • Diapers and wipes – you can use the changing facilities in the restrooms but there are also dedicated Baby Care Centres in each park where you can change bottoms, heat baby food and watch cartoons in the cool!
  • Baby food
  • Bottle and formula – we always used these bottles when our kids were babies as they were really easy to use at the parks.
  • Pacifier
  • Sun hat
  • Stroller fan – clip one of these to the side of your stroller to keep your little one cool in the heat.

What NOT to carry with you to the Disney parks

There are of course some things that you are not allowed to bring with you into the parks.

Selfie sticks for one! Yep, if you turn up at bag check with one of those you will not be allowed to take it in to the park with you.

Disney has also very recently changed their rules on strollers too. On our most recent visit we saw lots of kids riding in wagons which we thought was a brilliant idea, but as of 2019 they’re no longer allowed.

Before you travel make sure you check the official list of restricted personal items to see what other items you can’t take into the Magic Kingdom and other Disney parks.