These Disney autograph books are magical!

21 Fabulous Disney Autograph Book Ideas for Extra Magic!

If you are taking your kids to Disney you NEED to make an autograph book for extra pixie dust!

These Disney autograph books are magical!

If your Disney World vacation is fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about making a personalised autograph book for each of your children. Sure you can buy one when you get there but they’re pretty dull, and quite expensive, and trust us you get a whole lot more interaction from the characters when you hand over a book you’ve made yourself!

We’ve collected up the best autograph book ideas we could find, so all you have to do is browse through, find the one you like and then follow the directions! Most of them even have free printables!

Oh my goodness these Disney Autograph pages are ADORABLE! You HAVE to print some out before your trip!

The Disney Characters Love DIY Disney Autograph Books!

1. Disney Autograph Book from a Cereal Box

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“I recently took a trip to Disney World, and I just had to make an Autograph Book for my Niece and SIL( for all the characters we saw to sign) SO I thought I would share this with you today, It was so much fun to make…” – She’s a Sassy Lady

2. Disney Picture Autograph Books with Instant Photos

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“I had to tell the Disney characters where to sign because they didn’t quite know but everyone thought the pictures were really cool. My girls absolutely loved seeing the pictures right away and could draw their own little picture on the side if they wanted. It was really a great souvenier. When we got home my daughter showed all her friends her book and even took it to show and tell. What a hit!” – Grey Luster Girl

3. My Favorite Autograph Book idea

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“I must say, the Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters makes the best Autograph book ever! Every page is in color, it shows a picture of and gives a brief description for each character, and there’s plenty of space for the Disney Characters that you meet to sign their page!” – WDW Hints

4. Serenity Now: DIY Disney Autograph Album (Disney Craft)

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“My girls were most excited when I showed them the Disney Autograph Albums I made and explained what they were for. I was inspired by a desire to make my own and save some money. I wanted ours to have a princess/girly theme, and here’s what we came up with:” – Serintiy Now

5. DIY Disney Autograph book with Quotes and Free Printables!

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“I’m so excited to share these cute Disney Autograph books I made using Shutterfly Photo Books! This was one project I knew I had to make! Having made photo books and other projects with Shutterfly in the past, this was a no-brainer. I love the quality of their books & have been so happy with how they turn out!” – Randr Workshop

6. DIY Character Autograph Book

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“I found these index card books at Walmart for $3.47 each (awesome since park autograph books are anywhere from $10-$20). They were perfect. The cards inside are nice & thick so the Sharpies won’t bleed through (characters love using a good Sharpie…I think it’s easier to grip with gloves on!). Plus, if I want to add photos of the kids with characters later, these are a good size for that. ” – I Should be Mopping the Floor

7. Disney Autograph Book

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“This is a Disney autograph book that I created. Once we return from our trip, I plan to create a standard 12″x12″ scrapbook detailing our trip. The idea behind this project was to create a mini book that could easily be disassembled after our trip so that I could include the autographs I collected in my standard 12″x12″ layouts and keep everything in one scrapbook. ” – Faith Abigail Designs

8. Disney Autograph Cards

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“I wanted to make these autograph cards so the kids can get signatures and we can put them with pictures when we get back home. I have two sizes, half sheet or quarter sheet. My plan is to print these guys up, then have the characters sign them on a clipboard. We have had the issue before of making an autograph book, then not ever seeing some of the characters we had made pages for or needing to move things around. This time I am just going to keep the autographs on separate cards and deal with them when we get back from vacation :0)” – Sew Cake make

9. Make Your Own Personalized Disney Autograph Books!

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“When getting ready to go on a Disney trip, I love to make a lot of personalized, special items. Not going to lie, part of the reason is I love how proud I feel when other park guests say “That _____ is adorable! Where did you get it?” The main reason though, I like personal souvenirs and I like to craft to get me excited for the trip. Plus, when I can make something this durable and cute for cheaper than the standard Disney bought version, why not?” – WDW Hints

10. DIY Disney Autograph Book

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“One souvenir that was always a favorite when I was a kid was an autograph book. I can remember getting one each time my mom and I would go to Disney World. Standing in line with my book and pen in hand waiting to meet the characters was THE BEST! {of course, the rides were great, too!} I figured I would pass that tradition along to my kids. But, being the crafty gal that I am, I needed a DIY version of the autograph book. And, it needed to be personalized. Because, well, you know, everything is cuter when it’s adorned with your name!” – Jonah Bonah

11. Easy Autograph Book DIY

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“When you meet a character have them sign their own 3×4 card and take a picture with them, then rotate that card to the back of the stack. I loved that these were easy for my toddlers to hold, and they didn’t have to bother with turning pages etc.” – A Mom’s Take

12. DIY Autograph Books!

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“We purchased the Disney Autograph book and pen last time, but there really wasn’t a good way to add pictures and the book isn’t cheap. I decided this time I would make each of my kids a book that they could bring with them and fill with all of their favorite characters signatures and when we got home we could fill it with pictures of them and said characters.” – 733 Blog

13. Disney Autograph Books

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“I didn’t add a ton of ribbon on the wire so that it stayed easy to open. Inside the book I again left it very simple. On each page, I put a simple photo mat on one side and left the other side blank for the autograph. I purposely did not put any embellishments or make each page character specific because I knew that we would see tons of characters (which we did!) and I didn’t want the books to be limited to specific ones. Also, the more stuff you put inside the book, the lumpier it is and it makes it more difficult for the characters to sign the book.” – Me and My Scraps

14. Disney Custom Autograph Books

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“So, I started off knowing a few things – I knew I wanted one page per character per park – at least characters like Mickey, Minnie, etc. who are at every park, they’d each have a page for each park. I also knew that I wanted to create a scrapbook once we got home with the signature on one side and a picture of Reagan and the character on the other. So, I set to creating my pages. All 111 of them!!! ” – It’s a Muggle Life

15. Autograph book

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“Inside the front cover, I added something different this year. I took a picture of each child in their Mickey ears and then I asked them a few questions.” – Preschoolears

16. DIY Disney Autograph Book + Free Printable

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“Today I’m going to show you just how I used chipboard to create a Disney inspired autograph book for our Disney trip next week! We’re so excited and this is an easy project, thanks to the chipboard, with a FREE PRINT for all of you at the end to make your own autograph book.” – The Cards We Drew

17. Making Disney Memories – Washi Tape Disneyland Autograph Books

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“Today I’m sharing my first project for the trip, I made some washi tape autograph books for them to carry around the two parks in their pockets and as they meet characters they can have them sign there books. For some this isn’t a huge deal, but they are still at a totally fun age to do it and it will be perfect in their scrapbooks. ” – The Crafted Sparrow

18. DIY Disneyland Autograph Books

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“So I made my three older kids autograph books to take to Disneyland. I used the Cricut Cartridge Disney- “Mickey and Friends” to cut out everything I needed.” – Craft-o-matic

19. Disney Craft: Autograph Albums

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“Getting autographs is a big part of meeting Mickey, Donald, and even the Green Army Man, so every kid needs to have an autograph book. Sure you can buy the ones that they sell in all the gift shops, but why not make your own really cute {personalized} version for way less money!” – Serintiy Now

20. Meeting Disney Characters: An Autograph Tip

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“There’s a second reason that I’m a big fan of colorful Sharpie markers now, and it has nothing to do with how the autographs look…” – Real Life at Home

21. Disney Autograph Books

Disney Autograph Books | Custom | Personalized | DIY
“When we got home, I ordered prints of the best photos of each kid with each character they had met. I put the pictures opposite the autographs in each of their books. I filled the rest of the albums with other Disney pictures!” – Not in Jersey

Which Disney Characters Sign Autographs?

For an up to date list of which Disney World characters are currently signing autographs – and where – visit Capturing Magic.

Our experience with a personalized Disney Autograph Book!

When we travelled to Walt Disney World for our Disney Wedding and Honeymoon in 2005 I decided that I would like to collect some Disney autographs – but wanted something different to the standard book they sell in the parks.

I made a list of all of the Disney characters that appear in the parks and then settled down in front of the computer to design a customised page for each of the characters. I used pictures of each character and added quotes from their movies, or lyrics from songs to decorate the pages.

After creating a page for each Disney character I printed them out and glued them into a spiral notebook. I glued the images to the right hand pages of the book, leaving the left-hand pages empty to add photographs after the trip.

This worked really well; but I think if I were to make another Disney autograph book in the future I would keep the pages loose and use a clipboard to hold them together. That way you can leave signed pages in your hotel room so they won’t get ruined. You can then either slip the Disney autographs into a photo album with the photos or use them for scrap booking.

When I got to the parks I was quite shy lining up to have my photo taken amongst all of the children in the line – but the characters loved their pages! The page I made for Flik had a picture of Hopper on it and when Flik saw it he put his hands over his eyes in fear and pretended to run away!

Friends who printed out the pages to make autograph books for their trips had similar reactions from the characters, and the children all experienced great interactions because of the book.

Why not get together with your kids to make some personalised Disney autograph books of your own for your trip; they could draw pictures or their favourite characters, or decorate the pages with stickers. You could even print out some clip art from sites like: Disney Clips or Disney Sites to stick in your book.

If you want to see the pages I made you can download them here:

Feel free to use them to make your own book if you like them!

We need to make one of these DIY Disney autograph books for our trip! Thanks for sharing!