26 Easy Baby Sewing Projects that Will Save You Money

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Whether you want to save money by sewing crib sheets and diaper covers for your baby, or you’re looking for ideas for gorgeous baby shower gifts you can sew this collection of easy baby sewing projects is crammed full of ideas!

Easy Baby Sewing Projects

26. Easy Baby Burp Cloths

Easy Baby Burp Cloths

Found it here >> Crazy Little Projects

If you’re new to sewing and want a project to build your confidence start by making some of these adorable, easy and super useful burp cloths!

25. Diaper Covers with Ruffle Fabric

Diaper Covers with Ruffle Fabric

Found it here >> Make it Love it

The only thing more adorable than a baby in a diaper cover, is a baby in a diaper cover with ruffles!

24. Easy Baby Blanket Tutorial

Easy Baby Blanket Tutorial

Found it here >> Melissa Dark

Choose your favourite fabrics and make baby a comfy blanket to keep them snug and warm.

23. Lamb Hooded Baby Towel

Lamb Hooded Baby Towel

Found it here >> Crazy Little Projects

Hooded towels are crazy expensive, but they do make tots look so cute, which is why you need to make your own instead!

22. Sleep Sack Tutorial

Sleep Sack Tutorial

Found it here >> Running with Scissors

Sew up one of these sleep sacks and your baby will love even more adorable sleeping, and they’ll be cosy too.

21. Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper Pattern and Tutorial

Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper Pattern and Tutorial

Found it here >> Homespun Aesthetic

Clothe diapers are more environmentally friendly, cheaper and way cuter than disposables, and they’re actually pretty easy to make too even for a beginner!

20. Baby Butterfly Tutorial

Baby Butterfly Tutorial

Found it here >> Sew Mama Sew

These cute butterflies are perfect to entertain baby while she’s in her stroller, car seat or having her bottom changed.

19. How to Sew Baby Bloomers

How to Sew Baby Bloomers

Found it here >> DIY Network

Because every baby should have a pair or three!

18. Baby Changing Clutch Pattern

Baby Changing Clutch Pattern

Found it here >> So Sew Easy

A baby changing clutch is a must have so you have everything you need to change a dirty diaper, including a nice clean changing pad for baby to lie on.

17. Make a Stuffed Lovey

Make a Stuffed Lovey

Found it here >> Maybey She Made It

Stuffed loveies with a blanket are perfect for comforting babies and is something they will keep close as they grow older. This tutorial shows you how to make one with a stuffed animal of your choice and fabric. The tip to make two identical ones and switch them out to wash is a very wise one, because the loss of a lovey can be devastating for a child!

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