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You Will Lose Your Mind Over These Creative Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

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You Will Lose Your Mind Over These Creative Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Bullet journal weekly spreads can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Let your creative side run free and be inspired by these weekly layouts!

Loving these bullet journal weeklies ideas! So many fun ways to organize your week in your BUJO. #bulletjournal

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

Last week I shared Bullet Journal tracking spreads to try this year as part of your Bullet Journal set up and that list has gone viral, so today I wanted to inspire you with some amazing bullet journal weekly spread ideas.

When I first started my Bullet Journal I followed the official instructions to get started and while I had a functional list of tasks it looked pretty boring.

And then I discovered a whole world of creative people who make their bullet journals much more engaging!

I headed over to Instagram and picked out some of my favourite weekly layouts to inspire you.

Whether you’re tying to decide between horizontal or vertical layouts, or whether you should include journaling, washi tape or even photographs let these ideas inspire you to switch you your own layout next week!

Bring your BUJO weekly spread to life with these creative ideas. Vertical and horizontal spread ideas for you to try #bulletjournal

Try a space theme

Try out a dutch door

Decorate your week number with a wreath

Try a vertical layout

Add some washi tape decorations

Add in illustration to your sidebar

Document the weather on your weekly spread

Washi tape your margins

Keep things simple with a weekly one page spread

Try a top half page layout like this to leave room for notes and tasks

Here’s another one page weekly spread with a lovely pop of color and doodles

This weekly layout leaves room for your calendar and this week’s events

Here’s another take on that layout

Here’s a clever way to incorporate your habit tracker into your weekly spread

Bring your weekly spread to life with an illustration!

This creative weekly spread has room for gratitude and journal notes too!

Make room on your weekly spread to track your self care goals and habits

Love this festive weekly for the Holiday season!

Combine your weekly spread with your running list

Here’s another idea for a creative weekly spread if you want to leave space to illustrate

Here’s a weekly that includes space for study goals

If you like a geometric style try this weekly

Here’s another layout style that leaves room for decorating and doodling

This one page spread uses gift boxes for each day

Leave room for an inspirational quote

This spread works if you don’t have lots of tasks each day

Or try this if you need lots of room to write things down!

Here’s another way to get the most out of a dutch door

Or try this free flowing style of layout

Embrace your doodles with your weekly spread

Leave room for some mixed media journaling in your weekly spread

Or try this boxed layout

Try this simple style of horizontal weekly spread

Or go crazy with the stickers!

You can combine the stickers with photos or pictures from magazines

Or try a doodle a day

Here’s another way to combine your weekly with your weather and habit trackers

Or make room for doodles, goals, notes and still have plenty of space for your weekly!

If floral is you’re thing you’ll love this weekly spread!

Or try this if you like to track the weather and the temperature!

Bullet Journal Dreamcatcher Weeklies

These dreamcatcher bullet journal weekly spread ideas are whimsical and boho and will hopefully inspire you to try one yourself

I love dream catchers. There’s just something about the design that is so whimsical and of course they help to weed out our bad dreams from the good.

The weekly spread ideas I’m sharing here are all beautiful and I hope they’ll inspire you to try something similar in your own journal.

1 | Vertical weekly spread with decorative header

Vertical weekly spread with decorative headerHave you ever tried a vertical weekly? I like how this one is laid out with the calendar box and then the pretty dreamcatcher beads and feathers as a decorative header.


Vertical weekly spread with decorative header by thuys.bujo

2 | One page weekly

One page weeklyThis single page weekly spread has a series of pretty dreamcatchers running down the middle


One page weekly by creativeplans1

3 | Dreamcatcher dates

Dreamcatcher datesIt takes some patience to draw this many dreamcatchers into a spread but they look so good as placeholders for the dates!


Dreamcatcher dates by bulletbycait

4 | Illustration that could double as a mood tracker

Illustration that could double as a mood trackerThis large dreamcatcher looks fabulous and would be a clever way to incorporate a mood or habit tracker into your weekly spread.


Illustration that could double as a mood tracker by myartsyplans

5 | Pretty watercolors

Pretty watercolorsI love the watercolors in this weekly, the purple on the feathers and the day of the week headers. Perfect reason to go and grab your tombows!


Pretty watercolors by sweet.sweet.journal

6 | Small dreamcatcher doodles

Small dreamcatcher doodlesIf you like a minimalist spread but are itching to add a splash of color to bring it to life try doing a small corner dreamcatcher doodle like this one!


Small dreamcatcher doodles by christina77star

7 | Dreamy falling feathers

Dreamy falling feathersHow dreamy is this design with the pastel colors and the falling feathers! I love the way that Kelly has also left space for a quote too. “Make big dreams and grow into them!”


Dreamy falling feathers by bujokellyy

8 | Bring a spread to life with color

Bring a spread to life with colorI love how the blue in the dreamcatcher extends to the dates and the headings. This weekly has room for a meal plan which is always a good way to take the stress out of dinner!


Bring a spread to life with color by ashleyylawrence_

9 | One page weekly with sleep tracker

One page weekly with sleep trackerWell of course you can’t have a dreamcatcher themed weekly without leaving room for a sleep tracker right?


One page weekly with sleep tracker by this.ismynew.journal

10 | Elegant design

Elegant designI love this design, so simple yet so elegant. And I have got to figure out how to make me one of those macrame bookmarks! So much better than my boring piece of ribbon!


Elegant design by thats_pia

11 | Boho weekly

Boho weeklyThis spread has such a boho vibe to it. I love the dreamcatcher with all the coloured ribbons and flowers alongside the feathers! Oh and I love how this weekly has room for tracking self care goals!


Boho weekly by myartsyplans

Crystal Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

Totally want to steal these crystal bullet journal weekly spread ideas!

Recently I’ve seen a lot of Bujoers using crystals in their weeklies. They sure do make for a pretty spread which is why I thought I’d share some of the best crystal bullet journal weekly spread ideas I could find.

1 | How to Draw Crystals

How to Draw CrsytalsIf you really want to make a crystal inspired weekly spread but you have no ideas how to actually draw a crystal you need to check out this step by step tutorial. There’s a video too!


How to Draw Crsytals by Easy Drawing Guides

2 | Horizontal Crystal Weekly

Horizontal Crystal WeeklyHere’s a lovely idea for a horizontal weekly spread. I like how the crystals are used as the date headers, and the sparkle quote!


Horizontal Crystal Weekly by Pinterest

3 | Crystal Header

Crystal HeaderOh how pretty is this theme! I really love how the crystals form the header on this horizontal weekly spread. And how the pinks and yellows carry over to the highlighting in the actual day area.


Crystal Header by @journalbymir

4 | Crystal Doodle Header

Crystal Doodle HeaderIf you like to use minimalist spreads with just one illustration to add a pop of colour try a layout like this one.


Crystal Doodle Header by

5 | Doodle Stickers

Doodle StickersOf course if you want to scatter your weekly spread with crystals you can totally do that too! And here’s a clever idea if you don’t want to draw your own… use stickers! They have lots of lovely ones over on Etsy!


Doodle Stickers by @smallstepsbigplans

6 | Galaxy Inspired Crystal Spread

Galaxy Inspired Crystal SpreadHere’s another way you can use those stickers, by combining them with some watercolour art. Now you have a galaxy themed crystal spread!


Galaxy Inspired Crystal Spread by @planningwithkay

7 | Crystals and Lettering

Crystals and LetteringHere’s a really creative way to combine your crystal doodles with some neat hand lettering on the day initials that makes a fabulous weekly spread layout!


Crystals and Lettering by

8 | Crystal Sidebars

Crystal SidebarsHave you tried a weekly spread with a sidebar in your bullet journal yet? I really like how this layout lets you add your crystal doodles down the edges of the pages.


Crystal Sidebars by @thuys.bujo

9 | Using Crystal Photos

Using Crystal PhotosYou can also use photographs of crystals to bring you layouts to life. They have quite a few that are free to download over on Pixabay.


Using Crystal Photos by Kurori Studies

10 | Crystal Theme – Plan With Me Video
If you want to do a whole monthly theme around crystals check out this video from Amanda Rach Lee over on YouTube as she walks you through her monthly setup.


Crystal Theme – Plan With Me Video by Amanda Rach Lee

Flamingo Weekly Spread Ideas

Totally going to be stealing some of these flamingo weeklies for my bullet journal!

And now let’s embrace the pink and tropical vibe with some fabulous flamingo weekly spread ideas to inspire you!

1 | Zero Flocks Given!

Zero Flocks Given!This weekly spread has the day blocks along the top and then space for this week’s tasks, a shopping list and then notes for next week. The painted flamingos are beautiful, and I love how the watercolors have been used to tie in the headings too.


Zero Flocks Given! by @bujo_maniac

2 | Watercolor Flamingo with a Crown

Watercolor Flamingo with a CrownI really like this weekly spread with this gorgeous watercolor flamingo on the left hand side and the days on the right. Having an at a glance monthly calendar is always handy too!


Watercolor Flamingo with a Crown by @bujonelwie

3 | Flamingo Headers

Flamingo HeadersIf you like to draw out a square for each day on your weekly spread try this flamingo design, where each bird is a placeholder for the date. I like the leaves that give the page a tropical vibe!


Flamingo Headers by

4 | Minimalist Flamingo Spread

Minimalist Flamingo SpreadIf you prefer a more minimalist style to your bullet journal layouts try a weekly like this. Simple lined headers and then the gorgeous flamingo in the middle for a splash of color!


Minimalist Flamingo Spread by @northernplanner

5 | Vibrant Weekly with Dashboard

Vibrant Weekly with DashboardOoh I’ve never seen a weekly spread like this before. I love how the side of the page has been cut away to reveal a weekly routine! This is perfect if you have recurring events that happen on specific days so you don’t have to keep writing them out! I really like how the days are circles too.


Vibrant Weekly with Dashboard by @dotsndashs

6 | Weekly Spread with Meal Planner

Weekly Spread with Meal PlannerIf you’re a fan of weekly meal prep this spread would work really well for you. You can plan out your meals on the left and then make your daily notes on the right. And of course add a flamingo in the middle!


Weekly Spread with Meal Planner by @_prettylittledetails_

7 | Flamingo Reflection

Flamingo ReflectionThis spread is just so pretty with that mirror image flamingo reflection in the middle!


Flamingo Reflection by @haysjournal

8 | Illustrated Weekly Spread

Illustrated Weekly SpreadIf you love to draw or paint try a weekly spread like this one. I love how the falling feathers have been used to mark the area for each day’s entries.


Illustrated Weekly Spread by @elara_bullet

9 | Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons

Be a Flamingo in a Flock of PigeonsI think this is my favorite spread from this week’s flamingo weeklies collection! It’s so vibrant and colorful! I like the layout with the entries down the outer edges and the illustration in the middle. The quote is perfect “Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons”, and who can resist a tropical washi tape edge!


Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons by @lafondari

10 | Tropical Weekly Spread

Tropical Weekly SpreadLet your inner flamingo run wild with this fabulous spread! I like the use of hand lettering to create the daily headers and all the tropical leaves.


Tropical Weekly Spread by @notebook_therapy

11 | Pretty Pastel Flamingo Spread

Pretty Pastel Flamingo SpreadAnd here’s an idea for those of you who love pastel layouts! This weekly spread is very light and pretty but still has a tropical feel with the leaves and the flamingo. I really like the geometric triangles too!


Pretty Pastel Flamingo Spread by @marybubele

Disney Weekly Spreads

I’m counting down the days to our next Disney World vacation so it seemed like a good idea to bring you some Disney inspired weeklies!

From the Disney castle to your favorite ideas there are so many ideas here to inspire you!

LOVING these Disney bullet journal ideas!

1 | Disney Castle Weekly Spread

Disney Castle Weekly SpreadI love this two page weekly spread with the Disney castle illustration at the bottom.


Disney Castle Weekly Spread by bumblebujo

2 | Aladdin Inspired Weekly

Aladdin Inspired WeeklyHere’s a neat idea for a weekly spread using the Aladdin characters for each day. I love that Alice included a quote from Walt there too!


Aladdin Inspired Weekly by bujoalice

3 | Aladdin Weekly with Stickers

Aladdin Weekly with StickersYou know you don’t have to be able to draw to create a Disney themed weekly, just look at this one that uses stickers to add in the Aladdin characters! If you need stickers you can find a ton of cute ones over on Etsy.


Aladdin Weekly with Stickers by bujo.watermelon

4 | Genie Weekly

Genie WeeklyHere’s one more Aladdin themed weekly spread but this time it’s the Genie and Abu who feature! Oh and the magic carpet up there on the to do list too. So cute!


Genie Weekly by doodledaydarlings

5 | Pinocchio Bullet Journal Weekly

Pinocchio Bullet Journal WeeklyOr why not let your conscience be your guide with this neat Pinocchio inspired weekly spread!


Pinocchio Bullet Journal Weekly by doodledaydarlings

6 | Seven Dwarves Weekly Spread

Seven Dwarves Weekly SpreadWould you look at that. Seven dwarves for seven days! Just what you need for your weekly spread right?


Seven Dwarves Weekly Spread by doodledaydarlings

7 | Frozen Inspired Weekly Spread

Frozen Inspired Weekly SpreadDid you see the trailer for Frozen 2 yet? So excited about that one! In fact let me just insert the video here in case you haven’t seen it!
Right now back to the weekly spread! This one is obviously a Frozen themed layout. I need to start practicing drawing Anna and Elsa! I love the blue watercolor backgrounds to the labels too!


Frozen Inspired Weekly Spread by hayleyremdeart

8 | Frozen Weekly Spread

Frozen Weekly SpreadAnd just because I love to show that no two spreads have to be the same even if they have the same inspiration. Here’s another Frozen one! Love the watercolor on the dresses. So beautiful!


Frozen Weekly Spread by bumblebujo

9 | Lion King Bullet Journal Spread

Lion King Bullet Journal SpreadOh and while we’re on the subject of Disney movie trailers… you’ve seen the one for the live action Lion King right?
Here’s another great Disney spread from doodledaydarlings, she has such creative ideas! This is the perfect Lion King weekly encouraging you to always Look Inside Yourself!


Lion King Bullet Journal Spread by doodledaydarlings

Comic Book Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

You need to try these comic book bullet journal weekly spread ideas!

If you’ve got a tough week ahead why not bring your inner superhero to the party with these fabulous comic book bullet journal weekly spread ideas!

1 | Wonder Woman Weekly Spread

Wonder Woman Weekly SpreadIf you’re expecting a busy week ahead it’s time to channel your inner Wonder Woman to get the job done!


Wonder Woman Weekly Spread by @plan.crush.repeat

2 | Star Wars Spread

Star Wars SpreadIf Star Wars is more your thing tr to a colorful weekly spread.


Star Wars Spread by @mrsk_plans

3 | Comic Book Themed Hand Lettering

Comic Book Themed Hand LetteringIf one of your goals this year is to get creative with your hand lettering you totally need to try a comic book style!


Comic Book Themed Hand Lettering by @myinner.creative

4 | Pastel Retro Comic Book Weekly Spread

Pastel Retro Comic Book Weekly SpreadWhen I shared the collection of pastel bullet journal ideas y’all loved them so when I saw this retro comic book weekly spread with it’s pretty pastels I knew I had to share it with you!


Pastel Retro Comic Book Weekly Spread by @rozmakesplans

5 | Comic Book Headings

Comic Book HeadingsI love this layout because the headings have been comic book styled. And it’s a good example to show your days don’t have to come in order if you want to make the use of space on the page!


Comic Book Headings by @fenkesjournal

6 | Vintage Comic Book Spread

Vintage Comic Book SpreadLove this vintage spread with its fifties feel. Especially the girl in the corner proclaiming that it’s time to go back to work!


Vintage Comic Book Spread by @littlemissrose

7 | Comic Book weekly Spread Printable

Comic Book weekly Spread PrintableIf you really want a comic book feel to your weekly spread but don’t have the time or confidence to draw it out yourself then you can use a printable like this one!


Comic Book weekly Spread Printable by Day One Planners

Peacock Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

I totally need to do a peacock themed weekly spread in my bullet journal next week!

Next week why not go all jewel tones and feathers in your weekly spread?

I’ve found 7 super creative spreads to inspire you, with a mix of doodles, illustrations, watercolors and of course good old stickers and washi tape!

1 | Create a peacock banner

Create a peacock bannerWow! The peacock illustrations in this banner are stunning! So much color and the perfect way to brighten up your weekly spread!


Create a peacock banner by @isabelhoops

2 | Add some peacocks feathers as accents

Add some peacocks feathers as accentsFor something a little more subtle try adding some watercolor feathers as accents to your weekly spread.


Add some peacocks feathers as accents by @journalbymir

3 | Add peacock flags to each day

Add peacock flags to each dayOr how about adding some peacock “flags” to each day of the week. You could draw them, use your tombows to add watercolor, or use some peacock washi tape!


Add peacock flags to each day by @dutch_dots

4 | Add a heart peacock doodle

Add a heart peacock doodleHow sweet is this little doodle peacock with her heart shaped tail feathers!


Add a heart peacock doodle by @thenorthernplanner

5 | Embrace black and white

Embrace black and whiteWhen we think peacock we think gorgeous jewel colors, but actually this spread is even more striking because it’s in black and white!


Embrace black and white by @deluxe_journaling

6 | Paint a peacock feather

Paint a peacock featherI think this weekly spread is my favorite, I just love the simplicity of that beautiful watercolor feather.


Paint a peacock feather by @dutch_dots

7 | Use stickers and washi tapes

Use stickers and washi tapesYou don’t have to draw or paint to create a stunning peacock weekly spread in your journal. You could use stickers or washi tape featuring peacocks or jewel colours like this spread.


Use stickers and washi tapes by Blushing Noir


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So many creative bullet journal weekly spread ideas here - there's enough ideas for almost two years! #bulletjournal #weeklyspread

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