This Plush Unicorn Baby Rug is Perfect for Your Little Girl’s Nursery

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Add a splash of magic to your nursery or playroom with this fabulous plush unicorn rug – and you don’t need a hook because this one is made using arm crochet!

Oh my! Did you ever see anything so magical as this unicorn rug? It's perfect for your nursery or play room - and it's a relaxing arm crochet project!

Plush Unicorn Rug Crochet Pattern

The other day when I was searching for those rainbow wallhanging patterns to share with you I stumbled across this plush unicorn rug and I have been itching to tell you all about it!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a magical rug in all my days. And it would be so perfect in a baby’s nursery or play room.

Heck my seven year old daughter would love one for her room, unicorns are not things little girls grow out of too quickly!

This unicorn rug will be a firm friend for your little girl - it's an arm crochet project you need to try!

This pattern was designed by the super talented Iris, who is well known for her amazing animal plush baby rugs.

Of course this project is slightly different to the crochet patterns I usually share… because this one doesn’t need a hook. It’s an arm crochet project!

This magical looking unicorn is perfect for your nursery and is made by arm crocheting!

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried arm crocheting before, the pattern is very detailed with lots of photographs.

There are videos too, which are in Russian, but you can use the clever captions settings on the video to read along in English.


The finished diameter of your rug will be about 74 cm not including the head or the feet, and about 1.1m from nose to toes.

It’s best worked up with puffy yarn, because the puffier the yarn the softer and more magical looking the finished unicorn!

You can get the pattern here.