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Supermoms Aren't Perfect Moms

Are you a busy mom who is struggling to justify taking time to do the things you know will keep you healthy and happy?

Do you go through every single day dying to find some time for yourself, hoping that one day you will be able to eat a little better, and lose those last 10 pounds?

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to balance taking care of your kids with staying on top of the laundry and the dishes and trying to still be the great wife that you were before you became a mother?

I’ve been there too (in fact I still go there some days) but with a little help from some fellow supermoms I’m finding my feet, and regaining that balance. And I’m here to help you do the same.

Around here we keep it real – you’ll never find me talking about how to get back into your size 0 jeans a week after giving birth, heck I haven’t been able to fit in size 0 jeans since… well ever!

Nope, I’m all about getting through the day with the fewest number of tantrums as possible (and that applies to me as well as the kids), making sure those little brains are stimulated while having a whole heap of (easy to set up) fun, and filling everyone’s tummies with tasty (but easy to cook) meals.

And because these things are going to help you regain your sanity and get back on track they’re going to help you save some time too. Time you can spend with your husband, or even just time to actually go take a shower!

But I’m Not a Supermom

The definition of a Supermom
I don’t think you need to be a perfect mom to be a supermom. Because if you would throw yourself in front of a speeding train to keep your child from harm then you are a supermom.

Even if your shirt happens to be covered in oatmeal and you haven’t had time to get your roots done for months…

Never forget that not all superheroes wear capes.

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