Bullet Journal Fitness Trackers (Finally get fit in 2020!}

Everyone is loving these bullet journal fitness trackers. From C25K and BeachBody to yoga and weight loss it’s time to rock your goals!

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Rock your exercise goals with these bullet journal fitness trackers #bulletjournal

Bullet Journal Fitness Trackers

Today we’re all about getting fit with your BuJo! Whether you want to go all out with the Beachbody T25, ease in gently with the couch to 5k challenge or even limber up with some yoga poses we have some Bullet Journal fitness tracker ideas for everyone!

This post is of course part of our ever growing list of Bullet Journal Tracker layouts!

Beachbody T25 Tracker

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Bullet Journal Beachbody T25 Tracker

I love that this Beachbody T25 tracker includes a rewards list!

Calorie tracker

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Bullet Journal Calorie Tracker

Tracking your calories in your Bullet Journal instead of just on an app somehow makes them more real.

Couch to 5K (C25K) Tracker

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Bullet Journal Couch to 5K C25K

It’s time to get off your couch and on your feet as this exercise plan helps you reach that 5k!

Exercise Log

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Bullet Journal Exercise Tracker

Here’s a great way to track individual exercise reps in your fitness plan.


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Bullet Journal HIIT Log

Ih HIIT is your thing you need one of these tracking spreads in your Bullet Journal.

Running Miles Tracker

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Bullet Journal Running Miles Tracker

Keep track of how many miles you run each month with this super simple spread.

Step Tracker

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Bullet Journal Step Tracker

Tracking your steps on a layout like this will let you see which days you fall behind so you can do something about it!

Strength Training Log

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Bullet Journal Strength Training

If you’re strength training right now this is a great spread to help you track your reps.

Yoga Poses Tracker

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Bullet Journal Yoga Poses Log

Have fun doodling your favourite yoga poses!

Inches Lost Log

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Inches Lost Bullet Journal Tracker

One of the best ways to monitor whether your diet and fitness efforts are working is to track your inches lost.

Weight Loss Tracker

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Bullet Journal Weight Loss Tracker

I love the gamification feel to this weight loss tracker. And of course it has those all important reward milestones in it!