Document What Your Life Looks Like Now with These Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

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These Bullet Journal tracker ideas will help you to use your bujo as a journal. From books you read to the movies you watched.

You are going to love these bullet journal tracker layouts - so many great ideas for keeping track of your favorite albums, childhood books, what you're reading now and so much more!

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas 

Today as part of our super popular Bullet Journal Tracker series I thought we’d put the “journal” into Bullet Journal with these tracker ideas for spreads like books you’ve read this year or movies you’ve enjoyed.

These are the collections you can look back at in the future to see what you were doing in 2020.
Bullet Journal Life Trackers

Record your To Be Read book list as well as tracking your reading challenge progress

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Track your reading challenge in your Bullet Journal

If you’re an avid reader you’re bound to have a bookshelf (or bookcase) full of books you need to read, so use a spread like this to write them out so you can check them off as you. If you’re going to take part in the 52 books in a year challenge in 2019 then this is a good way of keeping track of your progress too!

Or try a book layout like this one

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Track your reading

Or try a layout like this if you like to award a star rating to your book and keep track of when you read them. I like to record the start and end dates of the books that I’ve read just so I can see at a glance which ones were so good I tore through them in no time!

Keep track of your bible reading

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Track your bible reading

If 2019 is the year you want to be more faithful to your bible reading then a tracker layout like this will help you see your progress.

Or your board game wins

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Track your board game wins in your Bullet Journal

And if board games are your thing you’ll definitely want to track who won which games during the year!

Try a monthly spread to keep track of what you’re currently doing

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Journal what's currently happening in your life in your Bullet Journal

This layout is actually a Bullet Journal printable and you can get a copy right here.

I love this spread because you can see at a glance what you were doing in different areas of your life each month!

Track the movies you watch or the books you’ve read

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Track your movies

I love this “films to watch” tracker that has a movie reel feel to it, and if you want to track the books you’ve read (or plan to read) this book shelf spread is a popular layout.

Or track your tv shows

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Track your TV shows

If TV shows are more your thing then try a simple grid layout like this one to check off each episode so you make sure you don’t miss one!

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Bullet Journal Life Tracker Ideas

Track your Disney movie bucket list

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Track your Disney movie bucket list in your bujo

Have you seen all of the Disney movies? If not a tracker spread like this will help you check off your bucket list!

Try keeping a lunar calendar

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Track the luna calendar

We’ve just been learning about the phases of the moon during home school so this lunar tracker jumped out at me and I had to include it in this collection!

Track your favorite podcasts

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Keep track of the podcasts you listen to in your Bullet Journal

If you want a reminder for posterity of the podcasts you like listening to then this minimalist layout is a good option. I’m hopeless at remembering which episodes I’ve actually heard though so I think I’m going to add in the check box ideas from the TV series tracker to my layout!

Journal your favorite song lyrics

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Journal your favorite lyrics

I love this idea for journalling your favorite song lyrics!

Or your favorite songs and albums

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And this spread takes it a step farther by adding in the album covers!

Keep track of your current faves playlist

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This playlist tracker is going to come in handy because I tend to ask Alexa to pick out my playlists for me on my Echo, and can never remember the actual names of the ones I really like listening to!

Or your favorite summer tunes!

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Or your summer tunes playlist

Or you could try this “retro cassette tape” style layout to journal your favourite songs of the season!

Journal your favorite books from your childhood (or your own children’s current favorites)

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Journal your favourite childhood books in your Bullet Journal

Here’s another book shelf layout, I wanted to add this one in too because it’s not about the books you’re reading right now, but the ones you used to love as a child!


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