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Bullet Journal Setup Ideas {The layouts your BUJO might be missing!}

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Bullet Journal Setup Ideas You need to try
Take your bujo to the next level with these creative Bullet Journal setup ideas (that you can adopt at any time of the year!)

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Bullet Journal Setup Ideas

Bullet Journal Setup Ideas {The layouts your BUJO might be missing!}

Today let’s take a look at some Bullet Journal setup ideas, because there are some things your Bullet Journal needs to work efficiently, like an index or a key. But you’ll also want pages to keep track of your favorite title or header styles, which Washi tapes you have, or even a space to plan out your next Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal Setup Ideas You need to try

Dedicate a page to your favorite banner header styles

via planwithkyle

BUJO Headers

If you want to be creative with your Bullet Journal then you’ll want to add styled banners and headers to your layouts. It’s a good idea to dedicate a page to your favourite styles so you can refer back to it when you need to use one.

Write out your ten commandments of how you will use your Bullet Journal

via nerdy.teacher

BUJO Commandments

This commandments page made me smile and I think it’s a really good idea to include something similar in your own journal. The first point about embracing mistakes is oh so important otherwise you’ll find yourself gripped with fear that your bujo won’t look “perfect” and then you’ll never use it!

Try a doodle a day for a month

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BUJO Doodle a day

Sure you bullet journal is supposed to act like a planner to help you keep on track of your life, but it’s also supposed to be a “journal” and taking part in the doodle a day challenge is a good way to embrace your inner creativity!

Or just set aside a page for doodles that fit your month’s theme

via wood_bujo

BUJO Doodles

If you don’t want to do a doodle everyday try coming up with some doodles that fit your chosen theme instead.

Keep a note of the stuff you use in your Bullet Journal

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BUJO Essentials

It will take you some time to figure out your favourite kind of notebook, and the best pens to use so they don’t bleed right through the paper, so once you do write them down so you don’t forget (especially when someone asks what you’d like for Christmas and you can just take a photo and inbox them!)

Or your favourite doodle frames

via mimitsudoodles

BUJO Headers and Frames

Doodle frames are just as important as headers so leave room for figuring out the styles you like best.

Make sure you leave room for an index page

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BUJO Index

Oh yes, this one is a vital part of your Bullet Journal setup, because without it you won’t be able to find any of your spreads or collections!

There is of course a reason we hanker after a Leuchtturm1917 and that’s because not only is the index page already included (so you can’t accidentally forget to add one) but all the pages are pre-numbered too!

And a page or two for some journal questions

via Hayley from Home

BUJO Journal Questions

Remember I just said embrace the journal part of your Bullet Journal? Setting aside space to write out some journal questions to answer during 2019 is a good place to start!

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Bullet Journal Set Up Ideas 2019

Your key is really important and might develop as your use your journal

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There is of course an “official” Bullet Journal key, but you don’t HAVE to use that one. In fact i found it liberating to come up with a key that worked for me.

Leave a page to practice your lettering

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BUJO Lettering

I never really cared much about my hand writing before I started Bullet Journalling, and then I realised that text and typography can be as creative as the words you are actually writing! Oh and if you want to learn more about the art of hand lettering this is a great book (put it on your Christmas list!)!

And somewhere to plan out your next Bullet Journal!

via bujo_czechgirl

BUJO Planning

The thing I love most about the Bullet Journal concept is that you can make it your own, and you can try something new every month if you want. Over time of course you’ll figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, so leave a couple of pages to note those down ready for when you start your next Bullet Journal.

Or just next month’s layouts

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BUJO Layout Planning

This idea works as part of your monthly planning too, especially if you want to try a theme and make your layouts really cohesive.

Make room to practice your different title styles

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BUJO Titles Lettering

Ah yes more titles, you’ll want to leave a page to practice writing those out too!

Or try this cute way to keep track of your washi tape

via bgoodbujo

BUJO Washi Tape Collection

Oh my goodness Washi tape! How did I survive all of these years without it?? Of course it can get a little out of hand and you can never quite remember which patterns you have, so when you’re setting up your journal leave some space for a spread like this one!

Dedicate a double page spread to your word of the year

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BUJO Word of the Year Spread

Do you have a word of the year? If you do then leave room in your BUJO to write it out, and what you’re going to do about!

Track your pen tests

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Track your pen tests

And of course you’ll need a page or two set aside to test out your pens because one thing that bullet journalling will do is make you develop a “pen habit”!

I’m a little bit addicted to testing out my pens so here’s a whole collection of pen test spreads to inspire you!