Rudolph Crochet Patterns {Get in the Christmas spirit with these reindeer!}

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You can’t have Christmas without Santa’s most important reindeer so we have the cutest Rudolph crochet patterns for you today!

Rudolph Crochet Patterns

It’s time to embrace the Holiday spirit with one of these adorable Rudolph crochet patterns!

I’ve searched high and low for the cutest reindeer projects I could find and I’ve got cuddly toys in all shapes and sizes and the cutest hat you need to see!

1 | Cuddle Me Reindeer Crochet Pattern

Cuddle Me Crochet Reindeer Free Pattern

Let’s kick things off with this adorable little guy with his green and red striped scarf! He’s the perfect size for little ones to cuddle, but would also make a fabulous Secret Santa gift for a friend or coworker!

This is a free pattern that’s best for intermediate crocheters.

Cuddle Me Reindeer Crochet Pattern by Amigurumi Today

2 | Christmas Reindeer Frankie

Christmas Reindeer Frankie

Or how about this ADORABLE little reindeer stuffie who is all dressed for Christmas with his baubles and his wooly hat!

Christmas Reindeer Frankie by VendulkaM

3 | Rudy the Reindeer

Rody, the Reindeer Amigurumi Free Pattern

Or sweet little Rudy, who is made with sock weight yarn and stands at just 4.5 inches tall! If you know how to make a magic ring then this little amigurumi reindeer should come together super quick making him a perfect weekend project.

Rudy the Reindeer by Tales of Twisted Fibres

4 | Rudolph the Reindeer Amigurumi

Rudolph Bear Reindeer Crochet Pattern

I LOVE the patterns written by DIYFluffies because not only are they super easy to follow but the toys that you make are so stinking cute! And they have a whole menagerie of animal friends to choose from that all have the same look.

Rudolph the Reindeer Amigurumi by DIYFluffies

5 | Amigurumi Reindeer – A Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Reindeer - A Free Crochet Pattern

Ooooh isn’t he just the cutest! And so big and cuddly too! This free pattern is super easy to follow and includes lots of photos too to help you make this fabulous Amigurumi reindeer.

Amigurumi Reindeer – A Free Crochet Pattern by Grace and Yarn

6 | Crochet Rudolph the Reindeer Hat Pattern

Rudolph the Reindeer Hat Free Crochet pattern

Ok so that’s five different Rudolph stuffies for you to choose from, but what if you want to make something else… like a hat… oh my goodness this hat will only look cuter when it is on a little one’s head!

Crochet Rudolph the Reindeer Hat Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

7 | Oh Deer! Crochet Reindeer Baby Booties

Rudolph the Reindeer Crochet Booties Free Pattern

Oh my goodness… these baby booties… so stinking ADORABLE! If you are looking for gift ideas for a December baby shower you HAVE TO MAKE THESE!!!

Oh Deer! Crochet Reindeer Baby Booties by Croby Patterns

Ooh speaking of baby shower gifts, we have a whole collection of crochet baby toys you should check out!

8 | Reindeer Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

Rudolph Reindeer Crochet Pattern Christmas Ornament

I totally missed this cute little ornament when I was rounding up crochet Christmas decorations the other day (<<– definitely click and check those out!)!


You need to know how to magic ring but these little reindeer whip up really quickly making them perfect for hanging on your tree, stringing into a Rudolph garland or even using as gift tags!

Reindeer Ornament Free Crochet Pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet

What do you think? Seriously cute Rudolphs all of them, but which one will you make? You can leave us a comment to let us know or even better share a picture once you’ve made something! We’d love to see!

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Super cute Rudolph crochet patterns for you to make this Holiday season!